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  1. o'connors

    Are you moving to Australia in 2015?

    Me 41plumbing & heating wife 40 critical care nurse & three boys 9,8 & 2 moving from Birmingham to the Gold Coast mid March fingers crossed on permanent residency. We'll be staying in a unit on Sunny Coast for a few weeks before we get a rental on the Gold Coast
  2. o'connors

    Hi all, here's my two month in Oz update!

    great post, heading out to the gold coast with hubbie and 3 boys, 9, 8 and 2 in the new year so will have similar experiences. Thanks for sharing !!
  3. o'connors

    Almost 4 months in and we've been busy!!!

    thanks for the update, heading out in the new year with hubbie and 3 boys so really interesting to hear how you sorted everything out.
  4. o'connors

    URGENT SALE: 2x Tom Tom Sat Nav devices - gold coast qld

    Hi Lee, Moving there this year, early next pending on house sale. Family there now if you can factor in delivery to Gold Coast address we can pay via Paypal or direct (I think if you can do a transfer from UK bank account to Aus). pm me and I'll sort it. Regards Christian
  5. o'connors

    190 Visa -- March 2014 Gang

    Oh that makes sense cheers Gidza
  6. o'connors

    190 Visa -- March 2014 Gang

    Thanks everyone, we have to be in Australia by may 17th 2015 which tells me it was processed May 17th 2014 and has been sitting on somebody's desk until the new allocation for the new financial year was released. So those that have not received theirs it should not be too long as I would say many have already been processed. I'm not too sure on timelines as the wife did most of the sorting out and our agent (Go Matilda) I know we started last august with the IELTS test. Just need to sort out what's going on at AHPRA as its a right mess at the moment with U.K. nurses getting their skills assessed. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
  7. o'connors

    190 Visa -- March 2014 Gang

    We are now permanent residents of Australia visa granted we have until May next year to arrive
  8. o'connors

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    Hi lisaoh do you have a diploma ?
  9. o'connors

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    hi, has any body had any success since 2013 with a UK diploma in adult nursing after reading some posts I'm really worried cheers
  10. o'connors

    Anyone moving to Brisbane in 2014???

    All being well me 40 my wife 39 and three boys 9,7 & 2 will be leaving late 2014 early 2015 worst case heading to Brisbane area. would be good to meet up at one of the get togethers see you then
  11. o'connors

    190 Visa -- March 2014 Gang

    Submitted visa application 7 march case officer allocated 7 may we did the medicals on Friday and police checks were sent off last week good luck
  12. o'connors

    migration agent

    We tried to do it alone but found it far too complicated and time consuming. We both work and have three young kids and found that with an agent we still had a fair bit of work to do in getting paperwork together etc. so if like us you are unable to spend every minute checking that you are going in the correct direction and filling out forms I would invest in an agent to hold your hand. We've just had had our case officer allocated and are doing our medicals on Friday if we never had an agent we wouldn't be anywhere near that. good luck
  13. o'connors

    190 Visa -- March 2014 Gang

    Case officer allocated today from a team located in Adelaide. We will book medicals tomorrow can anybody recommend somewhere cheap and close to Birmingham
  14. o'connors

    190 Visa -- March 2014 Gang

    That's police checks and not two lots of medicals
  15. o'connors

    190 Visa -- March 2014 Gang

    Hello everyone 190 visa for QLD applied for on 7/3/14 still waiting for case officer 7wks tomorrow but who's counting no meds or medicals yet waiting for case officer. My wife is main applicant critical care nurse I'm plumbing and heating and three boys 9,7 & nearly 2