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  1. <p>Congratulations on the visa guys and im glad you enjoyed Adelaide. I will try to help with whatever you need so just yell if you need any advice ,, good luck with everything x</p>


    <p>Hi cal, don't think you will remember me, I live in Edenfield near where your uncle works, I just wanted to let you know that we got our visa in July for Adelaide. We've just been on a reccie and loved it! Can't wait now to get out there. Also just found a long lst friend who's moved to Queensland june this year. Trying now to make friends before we go. If you have any advice on the move over, that would be great. </p>

    <p>Thanks april</p>


  3. april.will

    Visa Approved

  4. april.will

    How long for visa grant 176 after meds&PC

    our CO was from team 4 - absolutely brilliant! good luck april
  5. april.will

    How long for visa grant 176 after meds&PC

    sorry very tired misread it we put in our visa app 0ct 2008 had to jump through many hoops and goal posts moved alot so it took a while as you can see april
  6. april.will

    How long for visa grant 176 after meds&PC

    Hi, sorry only just turned on the internet been busy. We got our CO at the end of april, wverything went fast, we had 70 days to get meds etc so we waited as long as we could to give us more time to validate. april
  7. april.will

    How long for visa grant 176 after meds&PC

    Hi, we had our meds on wednesday 29th june, they were all received on monday 4th july and finalised by thursday 7th july. Got email on 7th july stating visa granted. so you may not have long to wait april:jiggy:
  8. april.will

    Whoo-Hoo Visa Granted 7th July!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we got our visa grant this morning too, where are you going to? we are going to adelaide on a 176 april
  9. WE GOT OUR EMAIL THIS MORNING SAYING '' VISA GRANTED'' gog its not sunk in yet, I cant believe it. waited nearly 3 years jumped through so many hoops for DIAC, got there in the end I just want to say thank you to everyone on PIO you are all fantastic and have really helped us do this all by ourselves just want to say to everyone else out there dont give up you will get there in the end A BIG THANK YOU timeline - 175 app 0ct 2008, wa SS 176 granted may 20010, not on wa smp dec 2010 (gutted ), applied sa SS march 2010, granted sa ss may 2010, CO april 2011, pcc 28/06/2011, meds 29/06/2011,176 visa granted 7th july 2011 yippee!!!!!!!!!!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  10. april.will

    Paper based medicals - how long?

    Hi TT, we have SS from SA so adelaide but if we get issued a 175 ideally perth which was our first choice. april
  11. april.will

    Paper based medicals - how long?

    Hi TT, thanks for that I have just emailed them to find out what the timeline is, will wait until end of week to see if they respond good luck with your visa where are you looking at going to? april
  12. april.will

    Paper based medicals - how long?

    Hi we had our medicals last week, on line application, except we had to do our sons as a paper application because I couldnt download his form. Now the medical arrived in sydney on monday and wondered if anyone knew how long it takes to get to your CO or anyone been in similar situation? Any help would be very grateful as we are desperate to know the outcome, been on the visa laddder for nearly 3 years and just want to know move to OZ or move on. thanks in advance april :huh:
  13. april.will

    pcs and meds question

    hi, just wondered which diac use as your date for validating visa, pcs or meds? can i send off for pcs before meds appointment? does anone know how long it takes for pcs to come through? thanks alot april:jiggy::jiggy::jiggy:
  14. april.will

    We got it !!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are you looking at going to? april:jiggy:
  15. april.will

    OMG!!!!!!! Letter from CO

    couldnt really tell you, just glad its going up again april