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  1. Apart from having a white card I was told that most tradies "not including sparkies and plumbers" don't need licences to work in WA though from memory painters need to be registered with a governing body of some sort "but don't quote me on that" this is all I know about WA im afraid... Neil.
  2. No Problem, Just pm me if you need more info... Neil
  3. Hi Kev, Hope I can be of some assistance, As you already know you will need a blue card now called a white card, to get one of these you can either go online and use bluedog training or do it via a classroom it takes around 4 hours and there are several training organisations dotted around the Sunshine coast that can help, the cost ranges from $50 up to $100. On the licence side of things there are a range of RPL (Recognition Of Prior Learning) assesors out there that will assist in turning your City & Guilds or NVQ's into a Cert III in Carpentry, you will need this qualification in order to get your BSA licence, two of the main assesors are Masterbuilders and HIA. You will also need to do a business management course takes around 2 days in the classroom, this is all about doing accounts and how to run a business. Now I looked at using one of the assesors above but then chose to go with a different RPL, there called ST Construction and the guy who runs it is called Andrew Kelly, give him a call, this company is a small outfit based in Aspley, North Brisbane but they do the same job as the other two and for a lot less money I'm told. Another thing new arrivals may or may not realise is that there are many grant subsidies out there on completion of your chosen course, one government body that can assist in grants of up to $1000 are Skilling Solutions give them a call and book yourself an appointment, this is exactly what I did and it was they who recommended ST Construction for assesment. Another thing is ST Construction also offer subsidies so if you decide to go with them ask about any grants on offer. For example I was assesed for a Builders Low Rise Licence the total cost was $2500 but I was entitled to a subsidy on completion of the course, 2 weeks after I passed I received a cheque for $1250 or 50% back "result" if ST aren't offering grants then Skilling Solutions are your next best bet. On completion of the course you then pop down to the local BSA with photocopies of all your paperwork and fill in a form, hand over some cash and once approved 4 to 8 weeks later you should recieve your BSA licence number and your card will soon follow. Now on the workfront I would suggest visiting the same building sites at least 2 to 3 times a week especially Friday and Monday morning and call tradies in the Yellow Pages. It's also worth buying the Courier Mail on a Saturday as this is when most job adverts are placed. If still no joy then I suggest that once you have a licence get some business cards printed up and drop them off in builder and timber yards this is what I done and within 1 hour secured a job, it's also worth putting some cards on your local community board and lastly and by far the most costliest is to place an advert in the local paper. Oh! and I nearly forgot between the Summer months the heat can be a killer just before Xmas it was 31 degrees all week and can feel a lot hotter, so drink lots of water, wear a hat, slap on the cream and take shade every hour or so... I think that's enough rambling from me...All the Best, Neil.
  4. Some good news for tradies who do not currently have a licence to work in Queensland the B.S.A. (Queensland Building Authority) have decided that from the 1st December there will be changes to licence regulations. Most work valued at $3,300 or less is now exempt from BSA’s licensing requirements, the previous threshold was just $1,100 which included labour and materials, for more info download the pdf form the BSA website. This is no doubt great news for chippies, painters, spreads, tilers and cowboys...:wink:
  5. aussiedreamz

    Watching UK TV in Oz

    Tried this setup a couple of months back but it only worked for a month or so and now it doesn't work with Windows at all, so I gave up using it. If anyone can get all the channels working on Windows then feel free to post how you did it, I'd love to know?
  6. aussiedreamz

    Should I take my router?

    Mine is around 2 to 3 years old so you shouldn't have a problem.
  7. aussiedreamz

    Should I take my router?

    I brought my Netgear wireless modem/router with me and it works fine, to get it up and running I just changed the country settings on the router from UK to Australia and entered the email address supplied by my internet provider and the modem instantly made the connection, as long as you can change country settings then I shouldn't see you having a problem.
  8. aussiedreamz

    Cheating french footballer henry.

    Received this in my inbox last week about a diplomatic row between the French and Irish over the upcoming game, unfortunately the last part of the correspondance didn't quite go according to plan 2009 « Irish Soccer Insider
  9. aussiedreamz

    Digital boxes and digital tuners within TVs

    Try changing the language set up settings on your TV to Germany or Finland as I believe they use the same PAL system as Australia. If you have no success with this then HD digiboxes can be picked up for around $80.
  10. aussiedreamz

    Locksmiths - urgent advice needed, please

    2 days before we flew out to OZ our safe malfunctioned and it had all our passports, cash and flight itenary and being a total numb I put the spare key in the safe as I didn't want to lose it (big mistake) as we were shipping the safe to OZ. Luckily for me (or unluckily, dependant on how you view it) I had unbolted the safe from the floor enabling me to take the safe to our local locksmith, it took them over an hour to get the door open and they only charged me £45 so £55 to come to your house seems a fair and honest rate to me...
  11. aussiedreamz

    modems/wireless routers

    I'l answer this while Les and Wanderer argue over kite marks and standards...Your internet security software will work fine so no need to un-install it. Though you may need to check whether it has an Australian seal of approval....:biglaugh:
  12. aussiedreamz

    BBC iPlayer

    It doesn't matter whether you stream or download TV &Radio you are going to get ripped off either way while living in OZ, don't you just love their monthly quota system....NOT!!!!
  13. aussiedreamz

    modems/wireless routers

    Approval seal? Sounds like an Aussie scam to buy in Australia me thinks, I use a Netgear wireless modem bought in UK shipped it to Aus, switched region from UK to Australia as country of residence put in my new email address and bingo, works fine. I even told my isp company the modem was from UK and they didn't even ask if it had an approval seal they just said Netgear will work fine...