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  1. beastmaster2452

    Marriage VISA

    Can anyone please tell how long it takes to get a Marraige VISA for UK Citizen to get married in Australia.
  2. beastmaster2452

    1 Year Visitors VISA

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible still to get 2 years stay out of 1 year Vistors VISA? :smile:
  3. beastmaster2452

    Flights to the uk

    G-Day everyone, Does anyone know of any deals or cheap flights back to the UK from either Brisbane or Sydney as my family and I would like to get for a funeral ASAP. Any help would be appreciated. Matt :no:
  4. beastmaster2452


    Can anyone help, I'm trying to find a company that lets you pay of your flights monthly. Anyone know? Matt :daydreaming: (Townsville, Queensland)
  5. beastmaster2452

    Brother in-laws daughter

    SRP, Thank you, and yes his misses is a Australian Citizen (born in OZ). Matt
  6. beastmaster2452

    Brother in-laws daughter

    G-Day POMSINOZ, Well, my family and I have been in OZ (Wagga Wagga NSW) for 18 months now and we are still living the dream, we may be moving to Townsville in January 2011 (OZ Army and we can only hope). My question is that my brother in-law came to OZ October 09 on a 12 month tourist visa to live with his partner (be together since January 09). Then had a baby daughter March this year and I was wondering what type of visa he could apply for having been with his misses for more than 12 months and having a daughter born in OZ with his surname on the birth certificate. Any help would be very much appreciated. Hope you all had a great easter and you are enjoying the bank holiday. Matt & family :cool:
  7. beastmaster2452

    Itv television

    G-Day Everyone, Can anyone tell me if they know how to watch ITV on the internet here in Australia, the only reason I ask is that Southampton FC are playing Portsmouth FC on Sat 13 Feb 10 and being a Saints Fan I can't miss this for the world, if I was rich I would be booking flight back to the UK for 24 hours just to watch this game? Any advice would be appreciated. Regards Matt :spinny: SAINTS FAN FOREVER
  8. beastmaster2452


    G-Day PIO, Has anyone suffered from hayfever in the UK as a child but as they got older grew out of it, then moved the Aus and started to suffer again. This is my first spring here in Aus (Wagga Wagga / country life) and my eyes are killing me, I'm going to the chemist today but I was just wondering if anyone else had or has the same problem? Matt :arghh:
  9. beastmaster2452

    676 tourist visa

    G-Day POMSINOZ, Can anyone advise me on the following, my inlaws have been granted there 12 month 676 tourist visa (details in blue & red below). Where I have high lighted in red, does this mean that my inlaws could come over in XMAS 2009 (as planned), stay at my house then go to New Zealand in August 2010 for 2 weeks then return before 11 Sep 2010 to OZ and stay for a further 12 months. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Matt :biggrin: Immigration and Citizenship Date: 11 September 2009 I refer to the application for a Class TR (Tourist) visa for ...MR BLOGS.................................. I am pleased to advise that ..MR BLOGS.......................... has been granted a Subclass 676 Tourist visa. This letter contains important information about the period for which the Subclass 676 Tourist visa is in effect and conditions that attach to that visa. As the visa holder, ........MR.......BLOGS........................................ should carefully read and understand the information provided in this letter. If the visa holder has any concerns or questions about the information provided in this letter, they should contact the office that granted the visa before travelling to Australia. It is recommended that the visa holder keeps a copy of this letter for their personal records and should also carry this letter with them when they are in Australia. If the visa holder is travelling to Australia with members of their immediate family who also applied for a Tourist visa over the Internet, they also must have received a letter advising them of a visa grant. VISA INFORMATION As this Subclass 676 Tourist visa has been granted electronically, the visa holder will not have a visa label placed in their passport. The visa and passport details are electronically recorded on the Australian Entry System for visitors. When the visa holder arrives at an airport to check-in on a flight to Australia, the airline check-in staff can electronically confirm that the visa holder has authority to travel to, enter and remain in Australia. Visa grant number: The visa grant number is a unique number that was assigned to this Subclass 676 Tourist visa when it was granted.. The visa holder should keep this number with them as they may have to provide it to an officer of the Department while they are in Australia. The visa grant number/s associated with this application is/are: Period for which the visa is to remain in effect The Subclass 676 Tourist visa allows the visa holder to travel to and enter Australia on more than 1 occasion until 11 September 2010. The visa holder is permitted to remain in Australia, after each entry, for a period of 12 Months. Please note that in some circumstances the number of occasions the visa holder is permitted to travel to and enter Australia and/or the period within which the visa holder is permitted to remain in Australia, will differ from what was requested by the visa holder in his/her Class TR visa application. The number of occasions the visa applicant is permitted to travel to and enter Australia and/or the period within which the visa holder is permitted to remain in Australia cannot be changed once the visa has been granted. It is important that the visa holder does not remain in Australia after their Subclass 676 Tourist visa ceases. If they do so, they will become an unlawful non-citizen and must be detained and removed from Australia (unless they make a valid application for, and are granted, a visa of another class). Visa Conditions: The Subclass 676 Tourist visa has been granted with the following conditions. NO WORK - 8101 You must not engage in work in Australia. "Work" means an activity that, in Australia, normally attracts remuneration. MAXIMUM 3 MONTHS STUDY - 8201 While in Australia you must not engage in any studies or training for more than 3 months. X-RAY IF INTEND TO STUDY - 8205 If you are at least 11 years of age and you intend to study in a class-room environment for a period greater than 4 weeks, you must, before commencing that study, pass a chest X-ray examination carried out by a medical practitioner who is qualified as a radiologist. NO FURTHER STAY - 8503 You will not be entitled to be granted a substantive visa other than a Protection visa, while you remain in Australia. It is very important that the visa holder understands and abides by their visa conditions. If the visa holder does not abide by their visa conditions, their visa may be cancelled and they will become an unlawful non-citizen and must be detained and removed from Australia (unless they make a valid application for, and are granted, a visa of another class). If the visa holder has any questions or concerns about when their visa is in effect and/or their visa conditions, they should e-mail the Helpdesk at eVisa.676.Helpdesk@immi.gov.au or contact an office of the Department. For contact details go to Contact Us - Department of Immigration and Citizenship
  10. beastmaster2452

    Tourist visa 676 help

    Hi All, Don't know where to start, my inlaws are coming over on the 26 Dec 09 and are wanting to stay for 1 year (2 years would be nice). I have spoken to DIAC in Sydney and they advised my to complete the 676 Toursit Visa (Application Form 48R) with a letter of invite. Having looked at this application form, question 1 asked for your date of entry and date of departure. If this is the case how could they stay in Aus for up to 2 years on this Visa of which I have seen on PIO threads. Application form 48 (676 Toursit Visa) however does not have question 1, whats the difference between the two Vias's. Additional Info: 1. Inlaws have got 3 pensions between them (1 Army & 2 State). 2. Aged 64 and 62 3. Savings 4. Staying at my house rent free 5. My wife & I both PR (I will be a Aus Citizen in a few weeks) 6. My Family and I have been PR's for 1 year (I'm Aus Army thats why I have Aus Citizanship early) 7. Inlaws Visting grand children and us. 8. English passport holders. 9. No medical conditions. Any advice would be mostly appreciated. Matt :arghh:
  11. beastmaster2452

    Anyone used Pickfords to move??

    Hi Sydneysomewhere, We used Pickfords and they were briiliant, I have not got a bad thing to say about them. They were very friendly and they pack are stuff very well. I only had one item broken and that was on old picture not worth anything but it could of been broken in customs who knows. Hope this helps. Matt
  12. beastmaster2452

    Luggage Allowance

    Hi, I thought that it depends on the airline you fly with, not your VISA you are allocated. Be aware that you will get around 30kgs per person, thats all good and well but if you have to use domestics flights in Australia you will only be allowed 20Kgs per person then it's around $20 per Kilo over, you work out the maths. Hope this helps. Matt
  13. beastmaster2452

    Christmas is nearly here!!!!!

    Hi All My family and I arrived in Aus (Wagga Wagga NSW) on the 7 November 08, we had to wait till 18 December 08 till are container arrived, we had a mad Christmas trying to get everything unpacked get bed put together etc, and get presents for 3 kids, we also thought are decorations and tree wouldn't here but all was well. Can't wait for Christmas this year we are a lot more organised special as all are close family are coming over from the UK on holiday and spending Christams with us. Matt
  14. beastmaster2452

    Which part of the UK did you come from?

    Hi Wallace, Where abouts did you come from in Southampton, I came from Eastleigh, my family still leave there (parents etc) Regards Matt PS Are you a Saints supporter?
  15. beastmaster2452

    Long term tourist visa

    Hi Gill, My inlaws are 64 and 62 years of age. Matt