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    Quarantine Costs for SBT in Sydney

    Hi Darren I can help you in regard to the quarantine costs. I brought my two Staffords with me almost a year ago (July 2009). The cost then was $773.40 for one and $652.40 for the other. Reason for different costs was because both of them were in the same pen to begin with at Eastern Creek, but I then asked for them to be separated (simply because I was concered about any possible scraps over food, etc particularly as they were in new and unusual surroundings). The cost per day was $17.55 plus (whilst sharing) an extra $12.00 for the 2nd dog. The total costs I've put above included the veterinary exam upon arrival, quarantine entry, airline handling charge that was paid by AQIS on owners behalf, Frontline treatment and conveyance of cats/dogs. I then organised they're transfer from Sydney to Brisbane with Dogtainers. I used Jet4Pets for the UK - Australia leg of the journey.
  2. the randalls

    What is it like for dogs to fly to oz??help

    I think you might be right! lol Remembering how mad our house was before we left, the dogs probably are better off being out of it all! Best of luck to you and hurry on over :biggrin:
  3. the randalls

    What is it like for dogs to fly to oz??help

    aww bless you, it will seem a long 24 hours, but I'm sure Dudley will be just fine. He'll have a good old sleep I reckon because of the motion of the plane and before you know it he will have touched down and will be getting lots and lots of fuss. Are you following far behind?
  4. the randalls

    shipping advice

    We too used John Masons, and found them to be really helpful and professional. We also had quotes from a few other companies too, and once we'd weighed up which company we liked the look of, we actually played the two of them off each other and got the quote reduced by a couple of hundred £'s. All but one of our belonging's escaped unscathed. One dvd player was broken (the front loading bit) where I think it had been so tightly packed into one of the boxes. We're fairly certain it was done at the UK end, but to be honest, it wasn't such a big deal to us. Everything else, and I have some very delicate bits and pieces that came with us, was fine. If you search shipping agents here on the forum, you'll find lots of useful info. You'll also see many mixed experiences too, but ultimately the choice is yours. I think it's probably one of things we did correctly, getting in lots of agents and quotes. There are 'extra's' to be aware of as well when getting quotes in - such as the container cleaning charges at quarantine (I think!), marine insurance for the belongings you're taking with you - we used Letton Percival I believe, and it worked out slightly cheaper than getting the insurance through the shippers. There are a couple more extra's I think to be aware of, but can't remember them all off the top of my head, will come back if I think of more! lol HTH
  5. the randalls

    What is it like for dogs to fly to oz??help

    Hi Dee Dont worry it will be fine. We have 2 staffs and flew them over in June. My wife worried herself for weeks before they went because one doesnt like noises and the other cant be away from her side for more than a minute. We gave them some toys and blankets and they arrived safe and sound, the hardest part for my wife was the visiting in Sydney when she had to leave them after each visit . Four months on and no problems as both just as mad and still following her around.:arghh: Hope this helps, and good luck with the move.
  6. the randalls

    Aussie food

    we tried all makes of gravy, all crap..we gave in and had jars and jars of bisto gravy and mayo shipped over with a few other things..expensive i know but worth every penny.. now just to find some tasty sausages.
  7. the randalls

    what a difference a year can make

    Glad you have all settled in so well.. We have been here on the Goldcoast for 3 months and it has seemed like ages..but in a good way..we too lost a lot of money with house price drop and currency rate at 30 year low and poor redundancy package..but not looked back as i go to work each day and come home and dont feel stressed in anyway at all. Add to that the sun and laid back attitude , its makes me glad that we still did it even though so much was going against us. Good luck to all.
  8. Let you have that one as cant be greedy after taking back the ASHES..:laugh:
  9. Just thought id add that we arrived on the Goldcoast in June and have settled into the easy going life quite well, even starting to sound like the locals as wishing for rain lol.. Do miss certain things from England, but not living there .. Everyone has their own thoughts, but we are glad we took the chance and came.. Good luck to all thinking of migrating, i would say give it a go..:cute:
  10. the randalls

    Pacific Pines Get-together?

    We're on Pac Pines too, so you're more than welcom to give us a shout and we'll get together for a coffee/wine/beer? We've been here a couple of months only, but know Pac Pines pretty well if you need anything give us a shout. There are quite a few Brits here too!
  11. the randalls

    Goodbye for now!

    Oh best of luck!!!! Hope all goes smoothly!
  12. the randalls

    ever so lonely!!

    do u know the name of the park? we're stilling having bbq fry up, but might still pop along to say hello!
  13. No worries Joanna, I just seem to be losing a few brain cells at the moment, nothing's staying in! lol Thanks for letting me know though. Looking forward to it! Tracey
  14. being the daft one, not sure if I've missed it somewhere!! But where is it we're meeting on the 20th?
  15. Hi all, I'd like to come please, so count me in too :-)