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  1. Hi Guys Send me a copy of the lists that they have given you and i will try and shed some light on it for you.If i can i will find out from this end. I have a similar qualification but i also have a Diploma of which i transfered over here.
  2. marknhelen

    We are back on here.

    Ha Ha, cal very funny. i dont think i will be getting a horse thats for sure, unless they have horses the size of elephants,lol. Give me a motorcross bike any day..... or just give me a workshop and i will be in it all day making something. Also Cal, if you know anyone who wants a house built i have my Medium Builders Licence, so i know alot of people in the trade. Mark
  3. marknhelen

    We are back on here.

    Hi, yeh i think we are moving to Cal's neck of the woods, Jimboomba. We had a look last week-end and thought it was lovely...We want something a bit Rural and with a bit of land. Our Helen and chloe want a horse or pony and a few chooks....All i want is peace , so if that is what i have to do to get it then so be it,lol. Hope ur ok.
  4. marknhelen

    Help needed!!!!

    Hi Guys, the best thing you could do for the time being is look outside of Perth for the first couple of weeks untill you find ur feet. i dont mean like 10minutes away, i mean like an hr away. So that you have a base to use just to get started....Perth is quite expensive now.....im sure there are holiday rentals further afield... Let me know how you get on, i will have a look if i can for you. If you need me to that is. mark (marknhelen)
  5. marknhelen

    We are back on here.

    hi karen, yeh time does fly...loving life now tho which is good...the future looks good.... The kids love it here now aswell so that is a big bonus for us,, cos that part was really hard for a couple of yrs to go through. The main thing is we went through it and made it out the other side...x
  6. marknhelen

    Homesickness going

    I read all these threads about being homesick.....Its family you miss and friends....the reason why most of us are here is because we want a better life, and the future did not look that good in the UK when we applied....The heart strings was all ways going to be the hardest one to get over, and that will never go away. This country has so much to offer, you have just got to look in the right place for it and you will find what you came here for...Your family and friends cant give you good life thats why you looked elsewhere to start a fresh......you just have to learn how to cope...DONT FORGET MOST OF THEM ARE AT THE END OF A TELEPHONE OR COMPUTER, so having conversations with your family and friends is allways possible...
  7. marknhelen

    We are back on here.

    Hi to all.....Well its been a couple of yrs since we were on here. So a BIG HELLO TO ALL THOSE who know us...Its been a rocky road , but we got through it and yes we still miss family.....Do we miss the uk, i dont think so.... Even the kids dont want to go back. I think for us it was the best move ever, and trust me when we stepped off the plane i did think to my self what a great place...That was the Holiday mode, and then the reality set in and for a while i though what the Hell have i done...All i had to do was think what we had in the uk and was the future bright,,,,,That soon set my mind at rest on why we were in Sunny Queensland...There was no Bright Future in the UK, and Helens Health and the kids future was top of my list as to why we moved here..... It was Hard at first, but we got there...... life is looking good and now we want to move to another area. I see that a few people on here have become Moderators, WELL DONE to you guys.....I remember some of you, and your issues as junior members, lol.... So if any one needs any help in areas that they are having problems with, just give me a shout. I will help if i can. marknhelen (mark)
  8. marknhelen

    Help! Robina or Pacific Pines???

    Hi Guys Well we live at Palm Beach which is a 5min walk for us to the Beach, we love it here. You have got Tugun and Coolangatta south of us which is a short drive and then north of us you have Burleigh heads , mermaid waters, and then of ourse Surfers Paradise which is a 15-20 min drive . But they are all easy access to shops and cafes and there are quite a few schools and private schools around us that are all a short drive . I agree with Ozzipom about Robina and Pack Pines, we had a drive around there and they are packed in there like sardines, just like typical housing estate in the uk, which is ok if you like that sort of thing. As Ozzipom has said you are far better to get booked into some tempary apartment and have a look around for your self. Good Luck guys, if u need any help with anything before or when you get here give us a shout.
  9. Hi We notified Centre-link straight away, also when you speak to them tell them you didnt earn anything in the last year before you got here, you should get the full whack. mark
  10. Hi to all of you that are on your way here. This is just a little useful note for you to know, everyone in Australia is required to lodge a tax return by law. So if you work for a company and you are on a salary they will issue you at the end of the year a Group Certificate of which you handover to your accountant who in turn looks at all your receipts that you will have saved , and then will forward it onto the Tax Man. So please make sure from the moment you arrive in Australia you save ALL your receipts, you will be pleasantly surprised at the Tax rebate you get back. This will also help you when you claim for family assistance and rent assistance. We have been here now for just over two and a half years , and trust me it is good to get a Rebate at the end of the year. To all those that go Self-Employed make sure that you put your tax money aside for the end of year aswell. Regards Mark (marknhelen) :wink::yes:
  11. Hi There, the quickest way is to go to your nearest police station and they can sign and certify any document. They did all mine in about 10mins , didnt cost me a thing. Regards marknhelen
  12. marknhelen

    Which migration company to use?

    We didnt use an agent ,due to the fact that we still had to get all the information together and fill in the forms . All the agent wanted was money to look at the forms we had completed and send it on, yeh rite as if im gonna do that. I think that anyone can do there own application , there is enough people on here that have done it on there own that they can offer advise. Me personally applied 3 times due to issues with helens health, but we got there with a lot of help from others on here. So if you are wanting to do it on ur own and u need some help. email me . marknhelen
  13. marknhelen

    Medicals - post kidney transplant for 457 visa

    Hi Sian Prescriptions for her tablets are pretty expensive, about $270 a month and that is just for the basic tablets, consultant fees a month are $120 . There are some tablets that you would get on the NHS that are not prescribed here , so you have to buy them over the counter. All tests,like bone density you have to pay for , thats about $350 each time. Medical insurance just in case her transplant fails is $305 a month, but that is the top cover. The insurance does cover other things, like the dentist. We moved to an area where we know that there is a Big Kidney Transplant Unit, just for peace of mind aswell. Where is Albury, havnt heared of that place. We live in a place called palm beach,qld. Warm weather is another reason we chose hear. Speak soon Sian. Oh helen does Zumba Fitness which really helps her aswell,lol well helps me , gets her out of my hair for an hr,lol.
  14. marknhelen

    Medicals - post kidney transplant for 457 visa

    Hi AlburyAhoy My better half had a Kidney Transplant 7yrs ago, we have been here nearly 3 yrs now. Helen is on her second transplant and before we got here we went through hell to get here. It turns out that Helen is also the first transplant patient from the uk i beleive.The MOC declined the application from the set go,and after many letters to the director of the MOC , he finally gave her the all clear for us to emeigrate. Any more info needed just send me an email and i will help as much as i can, markv13@btinternet.com marknhelen