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    Plumber skills asses on 187 visa

    http://www.mpaskills.com.au/Advanced-Training/Migrant-Gap.aspx Hi Guys...have a look here...this should help...A
  2. Baldyin38

    Painter and decorator work

    Hi Tracey..if you look at the Builders Registration web site...it will give you all the details for becoming a registered painter. Follow this link. https://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/building-commission/painters
  3. Baldyin38

    Painter and decorator work

    hi Claire. just to let you know that there are plenty painters in Perth looking for good painters...they seem to be little of them going about. If your hubby is looking to work for himself then he needs to get his registration. This means he will need to sit a few tests. Ive been here over 6 years now and started as a painter so know quite a few companies now. It depends on what area you are moving into also. E mail me if you want more info on working for your self... Good luck
  4. Baldyin38

    life in OZ! 5 positives and 5 negatives

    Good Nice weather Nice beaches Nice weather NIce beaches Nice weather Bad Inadequate unproffesional unethucal business Expensive housing for crap built houses 15 to 20 years behind normal social behaviour Labour market corupt Oz's ineptabillity to socialise internationaly
  5. Baldyin38

    Any Doonhamers

    Sounds good...give us a shout when your on yur way...you will love it here...Paisley...i know peeps there!!:biggrin:
  6. Baldyin38

    Any Doonhamers

    Any one from the dumfries region in the Mandurah region? Would be ggod to see how many of us there are!!
  7. Baldyin38

    9 months living in mandurah.

    Hello megmor...kow exactly what your going through...been there...still there...but hopefully getting better. It is hard , difficult and doesnt help when kids dont settle. But dont make the same mistake we did just a wee while ago and go back...it took us to land at Glasgow airport before we realised we had done the wrong thing. We have a 17 year old son who swore by scotland. He is now more settled and starting school again. I have worked for my self as well and it is difficult. BUt hang in there and i'm sure it will work out. Encourage the family to visit or even take a holiday home (wait till the snow goes) and you will remember why you left in the first place. We have been back in oz since June and wish we had took a holiday to the uk instead of moving lock stock and barrel ..in fact our furniture hadnt even landed in the uk before we had phoned and told them to take it back. Hope it all works out for you all and dont hesitate to get in touch if any questions. A & A
  8. Baldyin38

    WA construction blue card

    Hey Dave...good luck on your move.. I have done the blue card..its much easier than the CSCS...you do it online and as some else said, you keep on doing it till its passed. Painters registration is a different matter. Not to be confused with Skills recognition. WA demands that if your going to be working for your self and will be making more than $200 dollars a job then you need to register with the Painters Registration Board. Good idea for the state ...crap for us as it means you have to tre do your skills recognition really and pay again...about $200 per year.. But when its done its done. Depending on exoerience, you either have to do a practical test and a written test or just a written test. Both are done at Thornlie college, now known as Polytechnic west. The written test is not a breeze but there atre classes you can attend before it. Contact Neville Eastabrook at the college and he can explain more. As for work for painters here...there is plenty...i'm in the Mandurah region...plenty big houses for redecs if you like that or plenty new builds if you prefer. If i can help more please dont hesitate to get in touch...good luck with it all and get over before the winter comes..lol AC
  9. Baldyin38

    transferring money

    Hi folks...just letting you know we use them and just used them 2 days ago. Makes moving money very simple and they only cost something like £5 each time. or so they say. They make moving money easy compared with the rigmarole the bank have. Just keep an eye on the exchange rate at reuters and you will know when to send. Sometimes though you need to regardless of what the rates like...good to have them charge very little. A and A
  10. Baldyin38

    Any Rangers fans in Perth?

    would love to help you...but being brought up in fife meant i was an east fife supporter..so dont really know what foot ball in about
  11. If you can travel from the South side .. try emi-great.com. They helped us and are well within your budget A
  12. Baldyin38

    Can I just say..

    This is better...i stupidly reversed into my rental garage door because it changes it mind as to how quick it should open. The cost of repair is $800. I called Alianz insurance who we are with and they informed me that because i am inexperienced to driving in WA i have to pay another $500 dollar excess on top of the $300 excess we have. When i explained that in UK wer drive on same side of road and that all rules are the same and that we usually drive thru hail, rain , snow and sleet in one trip...they still wouldnt repent and said i would have to pay $800 dollars...another wee scam on the visitors i think!!!
  13. Baldyin38

    painting in perth

    Hello Dave, I'm one of those that eves talking about. Painting jobs will be easy to get here. Dont worry about finding work. The local papers have them listed as well. There is a company called 'Hays'. They act as agents for companies looking for workers in construction and mining. They contacted me today. They are looking for painter FIFO that is fly in fly out. They fly you out north to Caratha and pay you $38 per hour. You work 12 hour shifts on a 2 weeks on and 1 week off basis. If your looking for an easier time...wait till you get over here and you will get a job no bother. BE WARNED!. Even after filling in your TRA, when you get here and you want to work for your self you will have to get the Painters Registration. It cost money again and it just copies the process for TRA. Pain in the butt but its what they want. They dont recognise any certification unless you get a letter from the queen swearing she loves you...lol..it does get a bit frustrating. You will still get a job without it. Most companies want you to be ABN, stands for Australian Business Number...just means self employed...is good though as tax benefits are much better. You can get it on line no problem. You will also need your Blue Card, which is the same as CSCS card at home but easier to get. You can also do this online at a cost.. Good to have before you get here though. You will find that most painters here have a ...how do i say it...limited skills...alot of them are brush hands. You should manage to get between $30 and $40 per hour with decent companies. Let them kow your abilities and that you have completed an apprenticeship in brittain. We have a good rep over here as tradesmen. Good luck with it all. If you want any more info just e mail me Baldyin38@aol.com Cheers
  14. Baldyin38

    TRA? Whats it for?

    Hi folks..My own trade is a Painter and Decorator..but i am also a lecturer in the trade and in Health and safety. The later 2 they will not recognise the british certification which basically means i have to redo the training. Mainly the cert 4 and H&S under the Diploma. They were recognised by TRA which allowed the Perth Government to sponsor me...but not recognised by industry over here. Frustrating!
  15. Baldyin38

    Eat Skippy to save the planet

    You canny whack a Hamster sany..lol...yummy yummy