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  1. jojimaca

    Meet in Redlands/Cleveland Area

    Sounds great, everyone else up for this? say when and where and we will be there!
  2. jojimaca

    Meet in Redlands/Cleveland Area

    Well we finally got here!! We have been here for four weeks now and things are just starting to settle. So, we were just wondering if anyone meets in the Redland/Cleveland area. Would love to meet new friends who are either as new as we are to Australia or who have been here ages and would like to share there wisdom! Jill, Mark, and kids (11 & 17)
  3. jojimaca

    whos leaving this month?

    We are going four weeks tomorrow! Living it up at my mums at the moment, furniture going on Friday, flying with Singapore and stopping there for 4 days, arrive in Brisbane 26th July, start my job 2nd August. Things going sooooooo fast now, too scary for words but exciting at the same time. Anyone else??
  4. Hi, Our furniture is to be shipped this week but does anyone know how much customs charges are at the other end if they decide to 'strip' our stuff? We have asked our shippers and they have emailed Australia and are waiting for a reply. But aparently this a charge made by customs if the decide to strip the consignment. The shippers have said its not usual for customs to strip it but they sometimes do and we have to be aware of this. Our stuff has been packed by our shippers not us. We are using Pickfords. Anyone else got any experience with this. Just dont want to get there and have to pay a lot of money the other end.
  5. jojimaca

    1 week to go...

    Hey Sarah, We are in the same boat and your nerves sound very familiar! We have four weeks to go before we fly. My husband is packing the last few boxes as week speak before we take them to the removal firm this afternoon - eeekkk! We too are off to Brisbane, around the Greenslopes area. Unfortunately my children are a little older than yours (17 and 11 years), but we are all having the same nerves, doubts, anxieties, excitement. It is a once in a lifetime move. I describe it as taking a leap off a platform and hope you land on the other side alright! I have a job out there (nurse) my husband is a prison officer and would be looking for a job out there soon after we land. Anyway, good luck for your move, keep in touch and let us know how your getting on. Jill
  6. jojimaca

    Unhappy teenagers!

    We too are in the same boat, eldest is 17 and youngest 11. Having had our visa for a couple of years but being unable to sell our house until recently, this move has been part of our lives for what seems like forever. We went to Brisbane in 2008 and we all loved the place, although my eldest informed me 'that it wasnt her best holiday and it would have been better if she hadnt known we were moving there'! However she seemed to fully enjoy herself at the time. We are now due to fly out permanently mid July. My 11yr old, no problem, would go tomorrow. The 17year old is another matter, she is coming with us at least, albeit reluctantly. She says she wants to travel the world in a year or two, so this is her first step. She is leaving her boyfriend of 8months and all her really close friends. I do feel for her as she is in the middle of her A levels and may have to go back a year in Australia or go down the TAFE route. I do know what its like, having moved all over as a teenager myself, the last move I made with my family was when I was 19years old. I too had a long term boyfriend and lots of friends but I found the move ok once it was done, it was the actual build up which was worse. I do think teenagers are feeling just like we do. One minute their ok (well never fully ok) and the next scared to death, its just that we concentrate on their feelings more and this turns in to our own guilt as to whether or not we are doing the best for them. I think thats part of being a good parent. One minute my eldest is talking as if she cant wait and the next its like the end of the world. But I too feel like that, its a big scary decision. At the end of the day they have their whole lives ahead of them and can make their own decisions once we have put them through the education they need. I hope that we all settle in Australia, I am not going with any misconceptions it will be better than the UK, just different. My reasons for going is simply because we can, my husband and I are able to carry on our careers in Australia and why not. Lets go as a family and sample life in another culture, you only live once. If we all hate it we'll come back. The UK will still be there in a couple of years, so will their friends, probably talking about the same things in the same places.
  7. jojimaca

    Brisbane suburbs

    At last flights are booked and we are finally moving to Brisbane, due to fly out 20th July and cant wait! Can anyone help on suburbs surrounding the Greenslopes area. I have been looking all over for acommodation, for when we first arrive and then long term rental after that but I dont know which suburb to choose. I would ideally like to travel either north or south from Greenslopes but approx half an hour max distance by car on the eastern side as its closer to the beach. We are a family of 2+2, kids 17 & 11 years so will need schools not far away. Any suggestions?
  8. jojimaca

    Prison officers!

    Hi are there any prison officers who have found it difficult to get work in Australia as its not currently an in demand profession on the skills list. My OH is a prison officer and really wants to keep in the same trade when we move to Australia later in the year.
  9. jojimaca

    Dog to Aus!

    Hi, we are moving to Australia in the near future and we are taking our dog, has anyone had negative stories taking there dogs over to australia, especially in relation to their health, ie; a friends dog died recently after moving over there and I would hate for this to happen. :wideeyed:
  10. jojimaca

    Cost of Living in Sydney

    Hi Guys, We are moving to Sydney in a few weeks and I am really worried about the cost of living. My wages will be about $1100 pw without night duty allowance, my OH will have to find work when we are over there. The cost of houses are around $700 per week. We have minimal savings to take over. How much tax will I pay and will we, a family of 4 live on this wage. We are thinking of living in the Eastern suburbs? would appreciate any advice.
  11. jojimaca

    Selling the car...how did you manage?

    HI, is that £900 per car to ship to Australia from the UK? Whos your shipping company? would be very interested?:cute:
  12. jojimaca

    1 year today!!

    Your post has given me some of the inspiration I need. Due to move out to Sydney in 7 weeks and I am really dragging my heels thinking it may not been the best move for us. Then I read your post and as you are the same ages as me and my hubby it has really made me think that perhaps this may work. So thank you for taking the time to write and I hope I can post something similar this time next year. Heres to the next year!
  13. jojimaca


    This is really really getting to me now guys and I cant even think straight, what are we doing??? Its make or break time this week as we have to put our notice's in at work on Friday if we are to go. I am a registered nurse and have a job to go to in Sydney, my OH doesnt have ajob to go to and we need both wages coming in. Yes, we are taking our entire life savings with us, a grand total of £20k! Which we will def be eating into as my OH isnt working when we get there. Out of that we also have to pay: Flights, a bond on rental, cheap car to get around, ship the dog out, pay for our furniture to arrive. So before you know it the whole lot will have whittled down to nothing. THEN if we dont like it, we come back home with NOTHING! We are both the wrong side of 40 (42 & 47) two children 17 & 11 years. Trying to decide to take this leap when we have come so far is absolutely terrifying. We both loved Australia when we came out two years ago and got our permanent residency visa soon after, but is it really worth all of these sleepless nights wondering if Iam doing the right thing for everyone. Sorry for the rant but I am so scared x:arghh:
  14. jojimaca

    How do I tell my 12-year-old?

    What about kids of 17 and 11 years, its a nightmare! We started the process 2 years ago, at which point my then 9 year old was happy to come, my then 15 year old, still reluctant but willing. Two years later (due to delays in selling the house, jobs etc.,) My now 11 year old would rather stay in the UK and my just turned 17 year old feels sick and cries each time Australia is mentioned! We still, as parents, feel it would be the best move for all of us and not just to scratch our own itch for adventure! As parents you have a responsibility to determine whats best for your family, my 17 year old has admitted its largely because she now has a boyfriend (of 4 months)! Do I really put off moving to Oz for a 4month old relationship. There is no question of her staying behind and she doesnt want that either, but I feel she is coming reluctantly and will prob make the worst of everything when we get there. I do however feel if we dont make this move she will look back and say 'i wish we had gone and you should have made me'. It still doesnt stop me questioning myself about this move. My 11 year old is largely influenced by his sister so if she doesnt want to come, ...etc. Its sooooooo difficult!
  15. jojimaca

    Am I getting carried away?

    I completely agree, I cant even remember why I started the whole process. We had a comfortable life here, (house now sold and due to fly in 7 weeks) but the way I am trying to look at it is, we only get one shot at this life and to look back and say you have lived and experienced life in another country must be an achievement. On the other foot we could say we had a comfortable life, nice house, cars and holidays, but wheres the fun and adventure in that!:biggrin: