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  1. Headstart Homestay

    New mates

    I know what you mean , we did it for 5 years , the project definitely had a limited shelf life. Good luck with your new career. I change from plumber to train driver, no more sewer blockages for me. All the best
  2. Headstart Homestay

    New mates

    Hi Cal, Thanx for that, it's been a strange year that is for sure. Hope the business is still ticking over for you. All the Best Dale
  3. Headstart Homestay

    New mates

    I was a regular on this site when emigrating, I separated at new year after 19 years and am back on the single circuit. Most of my mates are married or have Kids at home with them . Looking for a new circle of friends, I love live music, competed in tough mudder, spartan and stampede and a half marathon this year. So fitness and anything adrenalin pumping keeps me ticking. Also enjoy travel. I'm a 39 year old forest supporter COYR. ? Be good to here from you , Dale __________________ Quality Short Term Accommodation in Brisbane
  4. Headstart Homestay

    In the next life would you come back as a Man or a Woman?

    Neither. I'd return as a dog. You can sleep around anywhere, your meals served with a smile, you wash the dishes with your tongue, you can lay by the pool all day, go for walks, beach or bush. And your family return home from a grueling night shift and give you a cuddle for doing bugger all all day.
  5. Headstart Homestay

    An Idiot Abroad

    If I have time to watch tv. It has to be British I'm afraid. Spent $100 with amazon.co.uk. Loaded up with Peter Kay, Gavin and Stacey, al Murray, Benidorm and idiot abroad. (Downton Abby for the wife). Unfortunately too many American shows here. A few decent Australian . Don't miss much, but good British tv is a must.
  6. Headstart Homestay

    Teaspoons etc etc

    Hi there, We shipped our stuff a few weeks before we moved so it would have been here when we arrived and begged and borrowed small bits n pieces from family in uk & slept on air beds for a few week - we weren't taking fridge so that was ok & took washing to my mums. Camping chairs came in useful too.
  7. Headstart Homestay

    Plumber/Pipefitter looking for work

    We had a guy offer to work the first week for free. To show the boss what he could do . He got a Job out of it. Just call your local plumbers. Dale ( x plumber)
  8. Headstart Homestay

    Swimming Pool Comparissons

    Cheers Rudi . Had good recommendations about crown pools. So taking the plunge. It's not these guys your friend built with I hope. Hope ur keeping well. Dale
  9. Headstart Homestay

    Swimming Pool Comparissons

    Thanks cal. Getting quotes on both. Concrete seems to be winning the race apart from price. Dale
  10. Headstart Homestay

    Swimming Pool Comparissons

    Thinking of installing a pool, anyone who could offer advice on personel experiance when choosing. 1 - A good reputable installation company. 2 - Concrete or fibreglass 3 - Pump sizes 4 - Filter systems And at a fair price, any advice would be appriciated. And has anyone used Narellan Pools Many Thanks Dale
  11. Headstart Homestay

    Schools in Brisbane and North Lakes

    The big easy driving range on beams rd mate. Cheap and cheerful.
  12. Headstart Homestay

    Anyone from Derby, UK?

    Auyp me duck is used more than owzit goan mate when we get together. The greeting lives on. By the way the illson mob don't behave much. All the best --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=-27.245955,153.036316
  13. Headstart Homestay

    Info on kurwongbah and Petrie schools

    Hi Ginny, I was speaking with a colleague the other day whose eldest daughter had been to Petrie and now had huge problems with basic maths as at the time, they had gone through something like 6 teachers in 18 months and now is so behind that she struggles with vocational maths as she never had the building blocks. Her youngest daughter however went to Kuwongbah and she can't speak highly enough of the school. The eldest is 16 now so its a long time ago, but even so, I think better to have historical background than not. Cheers Francine
  14. Headstart Homestay

    short term rental, cleveland area

    Hi there, Try Auspitality Homestay - they have lovely quality furnished short term accommodation in Thornlands (really close to Cleveland). Their website is http://www.auspitality.com.au Cheers Francine
  15. Headstart Homestay

    Good suburb and school- not more than 400k

    Have you had a look at northside suburbs? Mango Hill is lovely, close to North Lakes and its facilities, numerous choices of good schools, private and state and the train to the CBD is 30 mins from Bald Hills or 37 mins from Petrie.