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    Working Holiday Visa Peeps :)

    Hi everyone sorry to but into this thread, but just a quick question if anyone can help. How long does this WHF take to apply to granted. Oh and another question did anyone have to take a medical? Just unsure as immi website does say you may have to have a medical??? thanks Amanda
  2. amandak

    Ohhh myyyy gggggoddddddd!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations and best wishes for the big move. What a feeling. Amanda
  3. amandak

    medical & police checks MET

    Dan NikiI looked this morning at my online status and we have had approval of our visa. I did phone dr Million and asked if the medicals had been sent, they replied with yes sent on 26.09.08 and recieved on 29.09.08. so hopefully you should here very soon.Amanda
  4. amandak

    I got it

    To everyone Just to say I GOT MY VISA, it finally over. Thank you to PIO, this site has helped me cope and understand the whole process. Even though I had an agent I feel I have benefited from everyone here on PIO.:notworthy: Thank you and Good Luck to everyone else who are waiting, just starting and travelling. Thank You Amanda :jiggy:
  5. amandak

    medical & police checks MET

    Dan Niki We had our medicals done in Manchester on St John Street. Dr has sent them on within 10 days of meds being done they were sent 26.09.08, and recieved 29.09.08,then MET on 20.09.08 hope this helps and thank you for your support Amanda
  6. amandak

    medical & police checks MET

    I have just looked on my online status, and meds and police checks are recieved and MET, but other documents say recieved. The only things asked for by my CO was meds and police checks. Does anyone know how long it may take from this point?Amanda
  7. amandak

    We'e got our visas!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your visagood luck and best wishesAmanda
  8. amandak

    Omg!!!!!! We have it!!!

    Well done guys Congratulations and best wishes on your visa Amanda
  9. amandak

    Vetassess and Pay Slips info

    Jamzjust to let you know that I only sent off my P60's x 4 for each year they required. This was for the visa, not for vetassess stage, but hope this helps Amanda
  10. amandak

    We got it !!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations get celabrating. good luck and best wishes. Amanda
  11. amandak

    Its magical!!! We got our visas!!!

    giggles A BIG congratulations to you and your family. Enjoy your hangover best wishes amanda
  12. erinfay I had a phone from a money exchange today and hetold me what a good day to change your money. eg. if I had £100,000 and exchanged today I would have gotten $247,000. As I decided to start the visa process I was offered $2.00 to the £1.00. so today Iwould have made $47,000 extra. God I wish I could have got hold of my money today. Lets hope it stays like this, and does not drop too much. Amanda
  13. amandak

    We got it! We got it!

    CONGRATULATIONS and good luck with everthing best wishes Amanda
  14. amandak

    Oz here we come visa granted today

    CONGRATULATIONS on your visa best wishes Amanda
  15. Congratulations on your CO,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I got mine on Monday its so exciting. Best wishes and good luck Amanda