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  1. Not sure about your reasons for keeping him from school. My kids have attended a school in the UK, Victoria and are about to start in WA. All three schools taught phonics. All three had different methods/models of teaching. Can't comment on the third school as we are yet to experience it but I can wholeheartedly say, my daughter who moved from the UK when she had completed 9 months of reception in the UK and then continued in Victoria has flourished. Her 9 months in the UK meant she was way ahead of her classmates and very confident and went from strength to strength. I cannot see any good reason for hindering education in children, especially not for three years. These formative years are very important to their social skills as much as anything else. Hope you manage to come to a decision and I am sorry if I have been a little too opinionated. It isn't like me, but I am quite passionate about the development of children as a whole and equally as passionate about phonics. Why teach a child a name of a letter? It doesn't help them to read. If parents we're encouraged (and educated) to only teach their children the sound of the letter, then their children would have a far more pleasurable time learning to read. Anyway, I went a very long way around the houses to say, send your child to school, they adapt very quickly to new methods, providing they get the basics and you can do that with them. :-)
  2. racht

    Adelaide or Perth?

    Hi Paul, I would recommend, if at all possible, you visit both and see them for yourself. Think about what lifestyle suits your family. Do you want to be able to walk places, have a community around you, do you want to be near a beach? I wouldn't let the proximity to Melbourne & Sydney affect your decision. The flight you would be doing every few weeks would outweight the occasional holiday you might take. Good luck with it all.
  3. racht

    Was it worth the move?

    Personally, we spent 2 1/2 years in Melbourne and while we loved the city it never felt like we could retire there. We have just moved over to Perth and already I can imagine myself being here in my old age. What I am trying to say is, it is all subjective. What works for us, doesn't for others. The cities in Australia are all so different and hopefully there would be a city to suit you. Back to your question, for me, no regrets. As for schooling it depends upon which state you go to and when their birthdays fall. For instance, our daughter is about to go into Year 3 here but she had only just finished Year 1 in Victoria. Good luck in making your decision. x
  4. racht

    Australia Day 2012 Fireworks

    Hop you have a great Australia Day too, thanks again.
  5. racht

    Australia Day 2012 Fireworks

    I am guessing you wont be able to see the Freo ones from NOR. Taking the train might be a good option. Thanks for your reply, appreciate it :-)
  6. I can see that you can view the Perth City fireworks from Kings Park and the river foreshore but wondered if anyone knew if there was anywhere by the beach you can watch any fireworks from? Aussie Day looks like it will be a scorcher so the beach would be good for cooling down! I thought I had seen photos fireworks by the sea but can't seem to find anything online. Thanks Rach :rolleyes:
  7. racht

    Schools in Mentone - help please

    Hi, only just saw this thread, so I assume you have more info by now, but I think Mentone Primary School is zoned (they were talking about it this time last year). So basically it will depend upon which side of the Nepean Hwy you live on as to which school you fall into the catchment of.
  8. racht

    What's Melbourne like compared to Sydney?

    We live 5 minutes away from Seaford and my husband commutes to the CBD. In an ideal world we'd live closer to the CBD as it does impact on lifestyle with the commute. So, like Petals said, if you were going to have a job in Seaford and your OH in CBD, somewhere if the middle would make the most sense. I know plenty of runners and cyclists here and it seems more popular than the UK. Although I have only been to Sydney once the first thing I noticed was the difference in the weather. 21 degrees in Sydney felt much warmer than 21 in Melbourne (must have been more humid). I would say if you are looking for all year round warm weather, forget Melbourne. For me it's too unpredictable and the summer doesn't last long enough. Others love the 4 seasons. Personal preference I suppose. There are lots of fabulous places to travel to in and around Melbourne. You could never be bored, that's for sure. There's no end of things to do outside. Can't help on the childcare front I'm afraid. Good luck with your decision.
  9. racht

    Help and Advice Needed on Speeding Tickets

    The very same thing happened to my hubby when we arrived. We wrote a letter stating every reference number of each ticket. We explained that he was used to driving at 70 mph in Uk and that he drove as much by feel of speed as spedometer as it would be unsafe to check spedo every few minutes. 70mph is 112 kph. We said he did not intentionally break the law etc. Also we said that the purpose of crime nd punishment is that you are deterred from doing it again but that by the time he got his first notice he had already committed all the others (2 weeks). We put it to them that he would accept the points and fine for the first one but asked that they waive the others. Basically they waived them all apart from one where he was over 110 kpm which I thought was very good (actually I was amazed) of them. Just shows, if you dont ask, you dont get. My advice, write a letter, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Like the others have said though, we do not speed at all now. Lesson well and truly learned. Good luck. :-)
  10. racht

    The 'Apple Mac Lovers' Thread

    Well you know what they say.... Once you go Mac, you never go back. I'd never have a PC again. Lurve it. :-)
  11. Hi Diane Thanks for the reply. I think we will narrow it down to about 2 or 3 suburbs/schools and then just visit them all when we arrive, then choose a house in that suburb. Really appreciate everyone's input. Certainly makes it easier to focus on certain areas. Thanks everyone. Rach x
  12. Thank you so much for this info jojo68. Very helpful. When I spoke to Sorrento they said they usually feed to Duncraig High School but that they were about the zone it and so they were all a bit up in the air. Hillarys said they usually feed to Padbury but they are closing so they thought it would be Duncraig (although if it is going to be zoned I guess they wont be). Next year our kids will be in Grades 1 & 3 so I am trying not to stress too much at this stage about High Schools. They may have changed zoning etc by the time we get to that stage. Great to know about the primary info. Thanks for telling me about the other schools too, gives us more options. Rach x
  13. Thanks northernbird. Do you have children in any of the schools?
  14. Thanks for the info northernbird, really helpful. It's hard when you don't know anyone local to ask and given that the area you live in will determine the school, we would rather get as much info up front as possible. Really appreciate it. Northernpommy, that's a coincidence, we live in Sandhurst, the sister golf course development to yours, and are also Northerners :-) While we are happy in Melbourne, we just feel it isnt as much a life change as we would like from the UK. We love it in the summer but the winter is another matter! Also we figured Australia is a mighty big place and would like to experience a bit more of it before settling. How about you? And whereabouts in the UK are you from? Perhaps you could PM me and we can swap stories :-) Thanks again for your replies. Rach x
  15. Yeah, we spent two weeks there en route to Melbourne from the UK, two years ago. We loved it when we were there so thought we'd try out the West :-)