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  1. jimbobandrachel

    Watch British TV in Australia dirt cheap

    Hi all In case you didn't know, you can watch BBC I Player from Oz. I downloaded Expat Shield (free) and it assigns you a UK IP address everytime you log on, therefore allowing you to watch BBC I Player. Jim
  2. jimbobandrachel

    Is the world cup fixed?

    The reason Germany scored 4 goals was because Australia were pants! Cahill isn't a striker and never will be, best employed as an attacking midfielder. The rest of the squad is overated, none more so than Lucas Neill. Hopefully we'll avoid Germany in the next round, cos at best we are a pretty average team.
  3. Hi The Copacabana on Smith St isn't showing any of the games that start at 4.30am, and some of the games they are showing are not guaranteed to be aired live with the sound. Also, a couple of the games will attract a cover charge. The Turf Bar on Queen St isn't showing the 4.30am games live either. The best option might be the Sportsbar (Steakout) which is located on the level above the main casino gaming area. Jim
  4. jimbobandrachel

    Which Camper Van company?

    Hi we travelled around Oz in a wicked camper for 3 months, best thing we ever did. we had no problems with the van and did around 9000 km's in it without any issues. Big 4 parks are good but one or 2 are very overated and expensive. we found some excellent campsites for for around 12 bucks a night in Queensland. hope this helps Jim
  5. jimbobandrachel

    Train commute - Point Cook to City

    Hi I used to live in Point Cook and the trains to the city are very crowded. At 7am it'll will more than likely be standing room only. I used to get the 6.36 from Laverton and this was always a very busy station especially as it's in zone 1. Coming back at 4.40pm won't be too bad, you shouldn't have any trouble getting a seat. Jim
  6. Hi Very big airport. We only had 1 and 1/2 hours from when we landed to departing again and only just made it onto the flight because they scan all your belongings again even though you are only in transit. We basically went through the lengthy security process, had a quick burger on the go, bought a bottle of whisky, had a crap and before we knew it they were making the final call for any remaining passengers! But having said that Emirates were very good. Jim
  7. jimbobandrachel

    Fish and Chips - help

    Got to agree, the chips over here are not as greasy, therefore not as good. But for those of you living in Melbourne near Williamstown, try the monthly farmers market. Some bloke from Yorkshire sells the BEST EVER Pork Pies.
  8. jimbobandrachel

    looking to buy tom tom for australia in the uk

    Hi we bought our Navman in the duty free at Melbourne Airport when we arrived. I think it cost around $330 but the exchange rate was better 16 months ago. Jim
  9. jimbobandrachel

    how long is the renting process?

    Hi We stayed at the Big 4Holiday Park in Ashley Gardens for 2 weeks in a one bed apt, I think we paid $110 a night in winter. We found a rental straight away so we moved into a rental 2 weeks after arriving in Melbourne. The rental market is very competitive depending on what suburb your after. We went to view an apartment in Richmond a while ago with around 70/80 other interested parties. Needless to say we didn't get it! Jim
  10. jimbobandrachel

    Eastenders & Corrie ??

    Alan Bradley has just been knocked down by a tram in Blackpool chasing after Rita Fairclough (Sullivan)!
  11. Hi From my experience you don't have to prove you have the finances to support yourself as a fellow Pom who was on my course had to go home after 6 months cos he had no money left! The Tafes out here and the government will take anyone as they just want people to pay the high fees, I don't think they give a toss about who they let in, they just want people to keep funding them. Non-English speaking students are supposed to pass a language test but that obviuosly doesn't happen as my fellow students couldn't speak a word of the Queens's English (apart from the other Pom). I quit my course after 6 months for many reasons, but I was lucky to fall back on my girlfriends visa (472) who got sponsored shortly after we arrived. Anyway, rant over and good luck with your visa application etc cos Australia (especially Melbourne) is a fantastic place to live. Jim
  12. I'm sorry, but its not surprising you've spent so much money when your rent is $700 pw (which you've paid up front for 6 months), you've complained about the high prices of cars (yet you've bought 2), you stayed in a hotel for 5 weeks and hired a car for the same amount of time. Just my opinion. Jim
  13. jimbobandrachel

    National insurance ?rebates

    Hi Not sure about claiming back some of your contributions, but what I do know is that you can continue to top up your NI contributions each year, so that on retirement you can claim a state pension from the UK. It costs something like £130 a year to top up. You can get more info on the Inland Revenue site (somewhere!). Jim
  14. jimbobandrachel

    Clothes shops in australia

    There are some decent mens shops in Melbourne, but my girlfriend thinks the womens clothes are a joke, you just have to look around and see what the locals wear, it's like going back to the 80's. We're off back to the UK for a couple of weeks in June with empty suitcases to return with some decent gear. Jim
  15. jimbobandrachel

    OMG I think I've fallen for New Zealand!

    Since when has Auckland had the same climate as Sydney?