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  1. Snowbabe311

    Moving to Victoria 2011?

    Hi Guys Well we will be leaving for Melbourne on the 7th Feb, to say i was a little bit excited would be an understatment, We have a holiday rental in St Kilda but wanting to settle in the point cook area fingers crossed, loved it when we went for a reccie last year. OH is a heating ventalation air con engineer and me I am an Admin Assisitant so fingers crossed we will get work, My 20yr Daughter is also coming with us. Just want to wish u all happy moving as many people have said it all comes together in the end no matter how stressed u get.:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: GOOD LUCK ALL XXXXX
  2. Snowbabe311

    Who's off to Oz in 2011?

    :cool::cool:Well at last we fly to Melbourne on th 7th Feb sooooooooo Exicteddddddddddddd !!!:laugh::biglaugh::jiggy::rolleyes::wink: Good Luck to everyone thats still waiting - hope all ur dreams come true ))
  3. Hi We have booked Doree Bonner for £3620 for a full container and our flying with Singapore Airlines on the 7th Feb for £500 each to Melbourne Hope this gives you some idea Cheers Judy
  4. Snowbabe311

    Certifying documents nightmare!!!!!

    Hi I rung my local court and they did them all think there was about 20 documents for £10 which I thought was quite resaonable Cheers Judy
  5. Snowbabe311

    where to stay / go holiday

    Hi ya We stayed at the ALto in Richmond which was very central great place with loads of nice eating places very close. On a Tram route which got you into Melbourne in about 10 mins - lovely townhouse highly recommended Alto Richmond - |Accommodation Richmond Vic | Accommodation Melbourne | Richmond Hope this helps Cheers Judy
  6. Snowbabe311

    Can't Believe it !!!!!

    Hi All Just thought that i would let you know my news and to give some hope to people who are trying to sell their house We have just arrived back after a 3 week trip to Melbourne - had to go to vaidate our visa's as our house hadn't sold - so upset on the way back as I didn't want to come home and thought I would never get out there permantly. House has been on the Market for about seven months and only had a handful of viewers giving up hope of ever selling but while we were in Oz my parents showed another couple round and today they have put an offer in and we have accepted Hang in there anyone trying to sell your house - Market is movin slowly - good luck to you all WOW WOW WOW Oz here we come - Roll on June Cheers Judy:biggrin:
  7. Hi I am a Mechanical heating ventilation and air conditioning engineer looking for work in Victoria - We already have our 176 visa and hope to move over in the next few months (going for a reccie at the beginning of March) so if any one knows of any companies that are looking please let me know Many Thanks for all your help Cheers Tim
  8. Hi We have booked flights to Melbourne on the 3rd March (Return still waiting for house to sell ) 3 adults for £1590 with Malaysia Airlines - thought that was a good price have flown with them before and would highly rate them - would also rate Singapore / Thai and Emirates Cheers Judy
  9. Snowbabe311

    A year today - a monumentally long post!

    What a great post - so pleased to hear from someone who has settled in and enjoying what oz has to offer - We hope to be there very soon having to take a holiday in March so we can validate are visa's whilst we wait for the house to sell - good luck and I hope I am posting a report like that in a years time x
  10. Hi My daughter turned 18 whilst we were applying for our Visa (176) she was studying at collage and also had a part time job we had to prove is that she was still dependant on us - we did this by doing a cost out of everthing she would have to pay out if she stayed in this country v her part time wage ie rent / food / gas / elec / mobile phone etc once this was submitted they were fine and the visa was issued hope this helps Cheers Judy
  11. Congratulations to you both - hopefully we should be there around Feb time house is on the market and I am waiting for redundancy from work (HOPEFULLY) can't wait now !! but I am stressing about sorting the house out it is amazing how much stuff you can gather in 20 years Good Luck
  12. Snowbabe311

    176 Visa App - Family Question

    Hi WE applied for a 176 visa with my OH being the main applicant myself and daughter were also on the visa but I only listed my Hubbys family - I did not list any of my family Hope this helps Cheers Judy
  13. Snowbabe311

    Cost of medicals

    Hi We had our medicals done at Cambridge (www.CMMS.uk.net) - 3 adults and they charged £185.00 per adult plus £50.00 for them to post all 3 to Oz - must admit wasn't looking forward to this but must have been in and out of the medical in 20 mins and then went across the road for X ray - fantastic service they did everything for us Thanks Judy
  14. Snowbabe311

    Wow we have our Visa's

    Hi Becky It was a skilled Sponsered 176 Visa Cheers Judy
  15. Snowbabe311

    Anyone on Facebook?

    Hi I am on Facebook - Hoping to be in Melbourne soon as we sell the house - u can ad me if you want Judy Holroyd Cheers