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  1. scooterdan

    Moving to Melbourne.....

    We would like to be in a 2 bed unit or townhouse...... like to be near train/trams to make a night in the city easier!! Have no 'proper' interests...... just want to try something new possibly!! Thanks for the tips so far!! Dan
  2. scooterdan

    Moving to Melbourne.....

    Im a printer so work tends to be around the suburbs....not really after a beach life, but would like to be within public transport to the city! Have no kids...just 2 of us!! Any better???
  3. scooterdan

    Moving to Melbourne.....

    Hi Guys, We have been living in Adelaide for nearly 4 years now.....and are considering a move to Melbourne in the next year! We currently live around 20-25mins from Adelaide city...what sort of rent would this be in Melb? Has anyone moved interstate to Melb....how easy is it? I imagine it to be simpler to migrating, as we have to pack the car/truck and drive pretty much!! Thanks Dan
  4. Hey Guys! There is a Glenelg (SA) meet tomorrow evening in The Watermark, Glenelg at 7pm. All are welcome, although im not sure on the policy on kids! Beers up!! Dan
  5. scooterdan

    Who,s in Adelaide?

    We are in Oaklands Park mate...not far from Seacliff..... let us know a good night and a beer sounds good! The Seacliff is about 20min drive to Henley...(including traffic lights!!) Dan
  6. scooterdan

    Hey anybody there?

    Hey, we are in oaklands park, south of city, but if you wanna drink we're anywhere!! Dan and Steph
  7. scooterdan

    Girlie nights in ????

    Hey, My other half recently had a Body Shop party at our house...... They seemed to have a good night judging by the wine they got through!! Dan
  8. Hi, We are willing to meet...Where bouts are you? WE are also goin meet in Nov on PIA....same username if you on there! Dan and Steph
  9. scooterdan

    Shipping boxes

    hey we are shipping over 2 tea chest boxes...door to door for £179 with Seven Seas Worldwide.....! Was gonna use a firm called Voovit but they only do door to port. Dan and Steph
  10. scooterdan

    Eyesight querys

    Hi, I too am partially sited in one eye...with a perfect other....been like this since birth! In the eye test had to cover one eye and then read the board of letters and vice versa....like the opticians. I obviously couldnt read a letter with my bad eye. The Doc told us if could track down some records, from when it was investigated. We couldnt...hospital now closed. I went to the opticians for an eye test, bout £20, and sent the report from that stating that i dont need operations, glasses and medication etc. There were no further questions asked...and we leave for Oz in April. Dan
  11. scooterdan

    How much money needed

    Hey! We are planning on leaving these shores with £12000-£15000....! Have been asured that is plenty by some friendly folks! Dan and Steph
  12. scooterdan

    Visa Evidencing

    Hey! Congrats by the way!!! Did you have to book or just turn up to have your visa evidenced? We too are thinking of travelling to London to do it our selfs! Dan and Steph
  13. scooterdan

    kevin bloody wilson

    Hey! I have a few of his CD's.....so funny! Thinking of goin to see him too! I also got his daughters, Jenny Talia's, album...can really see where she gets her sense of humour from! DILLIGAF!!! Dan and Steph