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    The difference within the States

    Thanks for adding guys. Starlight I understand the early morning Qlder bit lol I think most qlders think there is only one 9 o'clock in the day and as for the warmer winters I am yet to see it this year its blady freezing and very wet atm so I suppose what ever you expect expect change & be happy
  2. stillhere

    The difference within the States

    Hey all I've been here 4 years now (& it is for me :yes:) I have a nosy & poke about on here every so often but full of cold and ultra bored with the fire on and the sun beaming throught the windows will always seem strange! So I thought I'd see what other people think about the differences in states I have spent time in all the states but have lived long term (12 months+) in WA & Qld and it amazes me that many people think if they don't like one part of Australia then all of it is the same there are some major differences these are MY OPINIONS from what I have noticed from my experiences I know not everyone will agree but feel free to add your's from any state Before I go any further I want to say that I love Australia all the states but feel qld suits my lifestyle more WA - flies from nov - feb SW WA is invaded by flies to the point where they can be crawling in every orifice possible Qld - Sand flies these buggers will get you all year in the right place nasty nasty! WA - there's alot of money in WA but to earn the money you will work damn hard and usually unsociable hours Qld - everyone seems to live for the weekend, as long as they got a beer & rod in hand on a Sunday they are happy WA- very natural not as developed when you leave the major centres nice to have the rugged coastline but can be hard to get to some of the worlds best beaches Qld - unless you get out of the major areas beaches are very busy especially SEQ but you don't have to go far to beat the crowds WA - Prices & choice is very limited once you leave Perth, having to send an item for repair can take weeks & lack of choice also increases the price Qld - every day general living items are cheaper I will add more as I think add yours too
  3. stillhere

    Macleay Island Russell Island Why So Cheap?

    I may be interested if your still selling:yes: could you please give any more details, price location etc cheers
  4. stillhere

    Which UK electrical goods can we still us in Oz

    hi we didnt actually bring anything on your list other than a lap top but will do my best Digital TV (understand might need so re-work approx cost £100) - Not heard about this, I do know it's quite expensive here for plasma/lcd tv repairs (not needed to repair myself but they have average price list in WOW sight n sounds & it looks a bit scary) DVD for Region 2 dics we have - If you can change your dvd to region 4 then it should be good Xbox and Wii. again should be fine think there the same game format (pal) Home PC - not sure here our laptop worked fine with a new adaptor External Hard Drives - as above Laptops. ours worked fine but have replaced now anyway fridge/freezer etc- I'm sure all these would be fine motors may have to work a bit harder in the climate most people have huge fridge/freezers (you really need them the bigger the better i say, you keep pretty much everything in the fridge/freezer) including your bed sheets (its soooo nice on a hot, humid night) :0) Hope this helps but remember you will need a lot of things immediatly/ as soon as you move into long term rental (not many F/F) we were glad we didnt have to wait for anything to arrive (friends of ours shouldve had there container 2 weeks after arriving but it was nearly 3 months before it was here) they had to spend cash on items that were on the way here.
  5. stillhere

    16 months in, long story!

    Hi all, hope alls going well with eveyone decisions, visa apps, arriving & departing:spinny: not sure why its been 16 months since i posted, thought i knew day 1 we would stay but maybe something stopped me from putting it in black & white, well i'm more than happy to write it today & shouldve done it day 1, my/our minds havent changed. Maybe we were lucky, maybe it was hard work, maybe both but since arriving (nov 08) its better than we expected. (maybe we were expecting it very tough lol) weve been on hols here 4x before & this time we planned to stay, we were already looking & booking viewings for cars & houses before we left the uk, in fact the car i drive today is the one we saw on the internet 1 week before arriving, so we hit the ground running so to speak & (kept running my bloody feet are killing lol) we arrived tues night with 40kg of luggage & nothing to follow (eek) we had enough money for a half decent car 6 months rent & about $5000 more that was it! nothing more in the world, by wed evening we had done the visual id check at the bank, applied for tax file numbers, put a deposit on the said car & sorted new drivers licences (u will need a witness, real pain when u dont know any1 but lucky we kinda new a guy 30ks away so off we went lol) busy 1st day welcome to your new life lol a week later we had our 1st 6month rental had to pay inadvance but had planned for that 1 (phew) & a cheap but cheerful furniture package gave us the basics, we were pretty close to running out of cash even if we had a roof for 6 months we still had to eat lol ok so work was next, my partner (spraypainter) took his cv to every bodyshop around, by the 1st day he had 2 possibles & a will call you tomorrow (now this was luck) he started work the following monday less than 2 weeks after arriving (but what we both know was do the hard yards now then crissy holiday yay) glad we did less than 7 mins from home, no weekends:wink: hes still there today. so while he was a work i got myself 500 leaflets some business cards & hit the streets 3 weeks before xmas with a pasty uk complextion in 30oC heat i stood out a little lol but I did 3 jobs before xmas & had 3 days of regular work booked for jan & now fully booked (cleaning hey its work & pretty well paid here! n i pick my hours) but no weekends yay! so since week 2 not a great deal has changed apart from a new rental & more stuff a lot more stuff including a boat lol! so we get out when ever we can (been a bit bloody wet n windy for my liking lately lol) sounds like work, work, work eh! well it kinda is (apart from weekends yay) but its like that every where isn it? I dont remember spending entire weekends camping & fishing on the beach (with lots of aeroguard lol) sorry to go on but i not had my say for sooooo long lol it just depends on what you want from oz & what your expectations are, its not a holiday it a lifestyle change (choice) & if your prepared its not such a shock. you will miss peeps but only u know how much contact is enough (& may not find that out til your here) i speak to my family more than i ever did even the mundane crap every one talks about, Im not trying to delude anyone (i feel some do especially to those back home) you have good & bad days but our good days outway the bad stick together & try to make life as easy as possible for each other/ your family & it can work I had a great relationship & since coming to oz its even better after all you've only got each other out here BE HAPPY BUT REALISTIC X ps maybe stillhere still applies after all im still here lol:jiggy: & lovin it (now if i could just win the lotto)
  6. stillhere

    OMG we fly out on monday

    thanks for the kind wishes everyone cant believe after all this time we only got 2 days to go OMG!!! lol nikci might just have to change my name to overthere lol goodluck to everyone planning, waiting or soon to be on there way hope you get what your after x
  7. stillhere

    we have a case officer.......

    hi :hug: I really dont know your situation so only you can decide what to do but looking at your timeline you've been trying to get a visa for over 2 years thats a very long time & you've come so far I would do everything in my power to get the visa you've already paid most of the money a few more hundred & you will have the visa then make YOUR decision dont forget if your going on your skills then if you dont wanna go then your partner cant! & he certainly cant make you:no: goodluck with what ever you decide hope this helps
  8. stillhere

    Can I get a Woop Woop!!!!

    woop woop!!!!!!!!!!!!! & a whooohoooo congratulations goodluck with the rest of your app
  9. stillhere

    So where are you in the Process

    hi we've got the visa & leave for brissy on monday whoohoo cant wait
  10. stillhere

    OMG we fly out on monday

    thanks everyone pio has been with me pretty much from the start & its been great see you on the other side goodluck to everyone hope all your dreams come true
  11. stillhere

    paper application?????

    Sooooooooo glad I'm stillhere to see andy,tina,luke&georgie get there VISA WHOOHOO huge congrats guys about bloddy time STILL WAITING :cry: SEPT adamchippie, (not sure adamchippies still around) NOV mildred 1st nov 175, gaztin 8th nov 176, rajag 14th nov, DEC deepaa 8th dec 175, JAN lou08 jan 175, tomlinsons 7th jan 175, FEB em&paul feb 175, the brammies 12th feb 175, annemarie&brian 12th feb, 175, MAR no-one?????????? APR bshootz apr, megmor 1st apr 176, jaq4chop 24th apr 175 June WEZLY80 AUG petra & dave 28th aug GOT IT :jiggy: SEPT caza75 1/08/08 2nd OCT shellynelly 14/08/08 175 5th OCT macfarlanesd 31/07/08 175 8th OCT ninjanicky 19/08/08 175 11th OCT 7gotooz 8/07/08 175 18th OCT moose 30/7/08 26th OCT the andrews 8/10/08 176, 26th OCTandy,tina,luke & georgie 11/11/08 176, 16th NOV shellj 11/09/08 175 27th NOV Liz 17/10/08 175, 13th NOV bagendbunch 24/10/08 176, 14th DEC bailey 03/10/08 176, 5th DEC stillhere 08/10/08 175, 31ST DEC rob&ani 15/10/08 175, DEC tillymint dec 20/10/08 176, 19th FEB xray-babe 2/10/08 175, goodluck everyone hope you all hear soon
  12. stillhere

    paper application?????

    :jiggy:WHOOOOOHOOOOO CONGRATULATIONS:jiggy: & about time too!!!!!!!!!!!! bet your on cloud nine enjoy it you waited long enough so glad you got it before i leave we fly out monday OMG goodluck with the rest of your journey
  13. stillhere

    OMG we fly out on monday

    thanks for your kind words & wishes guys will post an update as soon as we get sorted ps i've just joined face book & got no mates anyone wanna be my friend please (i know how sad am I) pm me if you do
  14. stillhere

    Certifying documents?

    hi if you scan & send originals you dont have to get them certified wish i'd known & done that when we started out the solicitors are extremley expensive ours charged by the hour & no part hours so we paid £160 ouch twice! doh if you do get them certified then get 2 copies of everything then you wont have to return
  15. forgot to say when you get on that plane just forget the house & have a lovely holiday enjoy it