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  1. Ah thank you so much. So lovely to have a friendly resource on here. Very appreciated and I may PM you in the future xx
  2. Thank you so much for your honest and heartfelt opinion. We have been trying to get close again, relationship wise, and it hasn't worked. We just irritate each other now and we have discussed separation. It's horrible, but thankful that concerns are out in the open and that its all come about in the UK. I will let you know how it goes and what is decided. I will just make sure that our kids are protected. My husband still says that he should come first and the kids second!
  3. So appreciate your comments. It is really giving me an insight into what I think I already know. My hubby is full of faith and says that I should put my trust in God. But I don't think like that. I can't use faith for this type of decision, I have to decide myself and use common sense. The scenario I am in now though, is that within the next 4 weeks.......We would have exchanged on our house together..........if we are separating I need to find somewhere to rent with the kids......and find a new home.....and find a new job because they have replaced me with a new staff member. So lots on my plate at the moment and I am finding it hard to work my brain out. I'm getting there and talking on here definitely helps. Hope more people find this topic and it's helpful to them too. Any more comments will be read with much interest and appreciation. xx
  4. Wow, thank you all so much for your honest replies. I have told my OH that I have doubts and he is not happy at all. I have wanted to move to Oz for 25 years and now we have the visa, I am looking at our relationship and wondering if I can stay with him at all. We are trying to look at our own relationship before we can honestly yes to Australia. We have both become very distant partners and need to pull our relationship back. It is so much harder then I even thought possible. I thank all of you for replying, it has confirmed things for me (like kids not being allowed to come back unless OH gives written permission), so I am so thankful for that. At the moment I am in a okay situation with finances and job will have to change soon anyway since I handed my notice in a few months back. But I do feel like England is home. I have 2 kids an I'm 41 this year, maybe 10 years ago it would have been a different story . Thank you again x
  5. Hi Can anyone tell me what costs are like to return to the UK compared to moving out in the first place? Has anyone returned and fallen short on money due to a massive difference in the housing costs, shipping and every other cost involved? Just heard that coming back can be very hard for people and want to be able to know that I can do it. My hubby is 100% certain he would not come back, but I am definitely not so sure and worry that I will be stuck. I know I shouldn't be thinking of this because we haven't left yet, (house here in the UK is about to complete). But with 2 kids under 8 and years of household goods coming with us, I need to understand the problems that may arise. Thanks Sarah
  6. sarah harmer

    489 visa granted and validated BUT..........

    Hi It's quite a hard property to rent out. There is a large Koi pond and filters. Lots of trees and shrubs that need tending to. It may be wrecked if we let it out to someone.
  7. Hi there Does anyone know if the following is possible? We are 2 adults and 2 small children, all with a 489 SS visa already granted March 2018. We visited and validated in July just gone. But our house is still on the market and there doesn't seem to be much interest. We also now have my hubby's mums house being renovated and will on the market in a couple of months, so there is a delay for us there. Am I able to go ahead of my husband (I was the primary applicant)? I feel this is not what we'll do, but I am worried that if we don't get to Adelaide by March/April 2019, it means that 1 whole year has dropped off our 4 years to get the requirements needed to apply for the permanent visa. Also, if my husband did find the 1 year of work and we applied for the 887 Permanent under his name (is this possible as I was the primary applicant), does he need to do an Ielts test? Any advice appreciated. Maybe I'm just being silly and worrying about nothing. Many thanks all Sarah
  8. sarah harmer

    Validation visit - where to stay?

    Ah thank you Wendy We have got an AirBnb sorted for the whole trip. Lovely of you to offer. Best regards Sarah
  9. sarah harmer

    489 Visa Gang

    Absolutely brilliant news woody2709. So happy for you. Exciting times ahead of you and the adventure starts ? xx
  10. sarah harmer

    Location for holiday visa validation

    Thanks Flossybeth Very helpful. We have actually booked 9 days in Stirling and 10 days in Glenelg. We're looking to book another 9 days somewhere else....but don't know where. Do you reckon Aberfoyle or North CBD (but close to the CBD) for the last 9 days......I'll have access to a car most days. It's just the odd morning that I may not.
  11. sarah harmer

    VEVO not showing updated passport change

    Thank you so much for this.
  12. Are Citroen DS3's like ten to the dozen in Australia (Adelaide)? Or are there less of them so that it may be worth me bringing it? It is a 2014 - Diesel - Cat D (repaired after someone had an accident) - High spec car, but because it is was Categorized D, it'll only be worth about £6,000-£7,000 Is a category D car considered less money in Australia too?
  13. sarah harmer

    Validation visit - where to stay?

    Thank you so much. You are always so helpful. You take the time to reply in detail and wow, it really is nice to get some good advice. I do agree, and trying to get a feel for places in a week or two is not going to work. We just want to have a little variation and make the most of the month we're there. I think we'll look at the 3rd stay somewhere south, not sure if it'll be coastal or more in the foothills. (Question. Does the foothills mean at the foot of the hills?) What are Maclaren Vale, Willunga and Noarlunga like? Someone else mentioned Noarlunga. Is it a nice place in general and is there much to see? xx
  14. sarah harmer

    Validation visit - where to stay?

    Hi there We are doing a Validation visit to Adelaide in July/August. We're a family of 4 and the 2 little ones are age 2 and 7. We have currently booked a few days in Glenelg and a few days in Stirling to get a feel for the different areas. We are wondering on the 3rd area we could visit and need some help. Should we also stay in the CBD? Should we stay more down south like Brighton or Seacliff? Maybe Norwood or more north of the CBD? We are trying to find out what suburbs are nice to live in, not too cramped and not congested (we're from the UK so not interested in too many queues ). We need to also look for good Primary schools. Once we move, our final destination will need a good sized garden, along with a view of some sort (sea or hills), it just boils down to space and views but not too far out with lots of traffic. Not asking for too much are we! . Has anyone got any advice on where this 3rd holiday stay could be? I am thinking of Norwood, Brighton or going 40 mins north or south from the CBD, but don't have any idea on how remote they really are. We both need jobs, so don't want to make it difficult for ourselves xxxxxx
  15. New #6 Hi Our daughters passport has been changed as it was coming up to 5 years old and there was not 6 months left on it for when we go on our validation trip this July. I have updated our IMMI account with the new Passport number and it seemed to be fine with a message saying thank you. But the VEVO account in her name still has her OLD Passport number showing on her grant letter. Will we be okay at the airport? We'll bring both passports I think, just encase there is a query, but really would prefer to see her updated passport number on VEVO. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks Sarah