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  1. toughspiders

    Pool Installation - Brisbane

    Aw thanks for your reply Kev, your pool (and your house) looks fab!!! does it get used? i have to ask coz i know so many who dont indulge !! Ill ask them round. I have three coming already, but would personally prefer someone with good refs (for obvious reasons)
  2. toughspiders

    Pool Installation - Brisbane

    Hi We are thinking of having a pool installed. We really have no idea of cost and really dont want to get ripped off. Would love to hear of peoples experience within the Brisbane area. I know we are going to spend a lot of dosh but any tips/recommendations regards to installers would be great ta very muchly Bex
  3. toughspiders

    Arrival report from Brisbane ;)

    Have a good Australia day!
  4. toughspiders

    Arrival report from Brisbane ;)

    No worries!!! give me a shout if you need anything (not just insoles/orthotics) I have a practice in Capalaba. We've all been there, we arrived 2 years agi to a rental where the owner did a moonlight flit!!. Has Catherine (Rudi) invited you to the australia day bash???
  5. toughspiders

    Arrival report from Brisbane ;)

    Hiya Welcome to Brisbane. You've chosen a great area. I just love the bayside. Nice car dealer in Capalaba...Bayside Cars ask for Craig...he is a patient of mine. Tell him his friendly podiatrist sent you!! (only sells used cars) Choose wisely..i really regret not getting an automatic , would also love a dual cab ute but cant afford it at the mo!! Enjoy your new life... and yes there are quite a few maltese here x
  6. toughspiders

    Really proud of my daughter

    Good on her!!!!
  7. toughspiders

    Stamp duty

    I am querying this at the minute. We are in QLD and the form asks if you have/ever had any interest in Land in australia or anywhere else in the world. We owned a home in the UK and this would render us, not eligible. However our home was leasehold and therefore we consider ourselves as not " landowners". Nooone has been able to give me a definitive answer.!! So if you have owned a home elsewhere and want the full stamp duty concession you must not have owned a home and land ANYWHERE in the world If anyone can answer me on the leasehold land that would be great
  8. toughspiders


    I'm looking for recommendations for a decent reasonably price conveyancer around the Brisbane area....anyone recommend one. Want a decent service but dont want to pay over the odds? Also if things fall though part way in the process do you have to pay the legal costs? I know some in the UK dont charge if no sale. Is it the same here? thanks folks
  9. toughspiders

    Lime Cordial For in My Beer

    Ive been drinking it without and it doesnt bother me. Just sometimes i need to slug it back and i find the lime makes it easier, more refreshing.......ruddy hell i sound like a right soak. Lesley - there is one here in Manly...too far though :cry:
  10. toughspiders

    Lime Cordial For in My Beer

    Ha and now youre in spain you can source it from the local bodega's. I used to get all mine from the bodega in Jalon where they distilled it themselves - boy could you tell the difference, rocking horse fuel!. Paid about £8 for three litres of each. The wine used to come from spain and france. Youre in a good place for serious liver pickling! You need a mortgage to get pissed here!! lol
  11. toughspiders

    Lime Cordial For in My Beer

    Cheers, my liver has never been in such good condition!!! It needs re-pickling!!! Need to make a good jug of nice "girlie" Sangria..(blows your head off!!) Fruit - orange lemons and sugar cointreau/brandy - loads of it - leave it overnight a full bottle of GOOD red wine Lemonade You only a need a little before you are talking broken biscuits but by heck its good
  12. toughspiders

    Lime Cordial For in My Beer

    Haha Gayspiders, now theres a thought maybe i should grow a penis???? Theres nowt wrong with a splash of lime in a lager. It is refreshing. Strange how some interpret people drinking habits as a sign of masculinity...hmmmmm? Ok my next subject.... We have managed to get really decent wine at a reasonable cost....and before you start aldo - i had my own wine cellar in the UK so know a good wine! However - i notice spirits are pretty expensive. Liquorland seems to be the most reasonable, has anyone seen anywhere cheaper? Bex
  13. toughspiders

    Lime Cordial For in My Beer

    Thanks so much Lesley Your bar skills have been noted!!! Don't usually shop at woollies but will go in for some Bex x
  14. toughspiders

    Lime Cordial For in My Beer

    Has anyone found an alternative to Roses Lime Cordial. I do like a little in my lager. I have seen Roses online for $9 a bottle but wondered if there was a decent alternative at a cheaper price. Please help!!! Got withdrawal symptoms
  15. We are desperately looking for a babysitter. We have no relatives here who can help. We are looking for someone who can pick the children up from daycare should we end up working late. Also if we want an evening out. The person would need to have transport. If you think you can help out and earn a little pocket money in the process please let me know. CHeers