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  1. ASPIS4

    Struggling to find work!!

    Sorry forgot to put where we are, we are near Newcastle NSW
  2. ASPIS4

    Struggling to find work!!

    tried Hays but not proving to be much good at the moment
  3. ASPIS4

    Struggling to find work!!

    We arrived at end of sept and OH is still struggling to find work, he is in construction industry in property maintanence, facilities management etc:huh: and wondered if anyone had any ideas, recruitment agencies reckon that struggling to get job offer as not worked in Australia before!! well gotta start somewhere!! any help appreciated
  4. ASPIS4

    Time to Leave

    We are off to sydney this weekend, no looking forward to the Goodbyes, anyone else going this weekend?:twitcy:
  5. ASPIS4

    CHild Beneift in UK

    we are on a 138 family sponsored, dont think we can claim child benefit in oz though for two years!
  6. ASPIS4

    Bank Accounts

    we have opened account with Westpac and if you have bal of 3000 dollars there are no charges, just got to take id to the local branch on arrival to oz, what are Hsbc exactly doing for 100.00??
  7. ASPIS4

    Reasons for leaving...

    Jay said it was a dump but If I said where I lived was a dump why would that be rude anyway?? Have you been to Rochdale?? Where you live may be beautiful, not all of us love where we live so stop being a bully!! Hell if I lived where you live maybe i'd love it and also have an extremely high opinion of myself as you quite clearly do!! Kate We live in Rochdale and know where you are coming from , yes it is a dump!!!
  8. ASPIS4

    Any one from Todmorden

    we live in Littleborough, very close to todmorden and are due to head out to Nsw (newcastle area) in Sept, just got to sell the house, Todmorden is on the up now new apartments etc being built, apart from that nothing seems to really change!!! property prices gone up though until recently, but i am sure you wont miss too much!!!!
  9. ASPIS4

    Leaving house empty

    Anybody leaving their house empty and just leaving cause you havnt sold it, OMG we are, leaving the sale if there is one!! to the estate agent and inlaw, just hope doing the right thing, too late now flights are booked for sept:jiggy::jiggy:
  10. ASPIS4

    green card

    Just wondered if anyone has applied for Green card online and if so what was the website :jiggy:
  11. ASPIS4

    Job Offers??

    has anyone in the construction industry been offered job before actually arriving in Oz, or is it best to just wait til get there, OH is carpentry background, currently site manager, sent cvs etc to some companies but not heard anything as yet
  12. ASPIS4

    driving licences

    We are hoping to be in NSW newcastle for sept oct 08 and still have paper driving licences and wondered would we need to change them before we go or would it not make any difference as and Oz one would be needed after a few months, any advice apprec:jiggy::jiggy:
  13. ASPIS4

    we got our visa today

    CONGRATULATIONS :biglaugh::biglaugh:ON YOUR VISA
  14. ASPIS4

    we have a offer

    good news on the house sale,lets hope the housing market is picking up for us all
  15. ASPIS4

    robinsons or not

    anyone used robinsons removals, guy coming round today to give quote, Crown cant come until 1st May so will have to wait to compare, just wondered which best