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  1. bongomark

    Graphic Designer....

    Right, I've found that my girlfriend qualifies for a 190 visa state sponsored in Canberra. Now I'm trying to work out how the visa works in terms of my application. My occupation is not on any of the SOL/CSOL lists. It looks like I can be included on my girlfriends visa application? Also, costs for the 190 visa look to be about $7,300. Would that cost cover both of us, or would I have to pay that as well? Thanks again in advance for any help...
  2. bongomark

    Graphic Designer....

    Graphic Designer is listed on CSOL Schedule 2, and she's degree qualified with a 1st, so passing a skills assessment should be no problem...
  3. bongomark

    Graphic Designer....

    My girlfriend and I are looking to move to Australia, either Melbourne or Sydney and we're trying to work out if it is feasible in terms of sponsored visas etc. So, my girlfriend is a graphic designer, which is on the sponsored job list. Does anyone know what the opportunities if any there are to find a company willing to sponsor her? We could go out there on a working holiday visa initially, but I don't know if this is a better or worse way of doing it? I'm to old to get a working holiday visa, so we're really reliant on my girlfriend being able to get a visa. Any helpful advice welcome... Thanks in advance, Mark
  4. bongomark


    I've recently had a couple of trial Helicopter pilot lessons, and I am considering training for my Private and then possibly Commercial pilots license. Would I be able to get sponsorship as a helicopter pilot? Would I be better training in Australia? I think it will be cheaper, and would this increase my chances of being able to get residency? Thanks in advance, M
  5. Hi, I currently work for a print company in the UK as a Business Development Manager. Is there any chance of getting sponsorship doing a similar thing in oz? I'm not 30 yet, have been in sales for about 5 years, and print for about a year.
  6. bongomark

    New Career

    Thanks for your advice BigLes. To be honest they're a lot of thoughts that I've already had, it's really tricky deciding what to do. I'm 28 at the moment by the way. I have some debts that I am currently trying to clear. I have considered bankruptcy, which would enable me to then save some money quite quickly to pay for any course that I'd decide to take. I'm concerned about what affect this might have on a visa application. I don't realllllly know what career I want to pursue, but I do know I want to be in Australia. So, do I retrain in a career to get me into australia but that may not be something I want to do for the rest of my career? Is another option to go down the bankruptcy avenue, then save some money and look to study in Australia, would that be an option? Another option is to go on a working holiday visa, (when I've cleared my debts), and try and get sponsorship but I seem to get negative vibes on the likelyhood of this being possible. It would also be in a career that I don't want to stay in long term (I currently work for a printing company as a Business Development Manager selling mainly to the trade).
  7. bongomark

    New Career

    Yea, I guess thats my main concern. I'm more than happy to retrain, but don't really want to stay here to gain 2-3yrs experience before I can go to oz. I'm not sure what the alternatives are/if there are any???
  8. bongomark

    New Career

    Hi, I'm looking for a new career, and one that will enable me to get permanent residency in Oz. I currently work in Sales (not in a field that will get me into oz) but am keen for a change. Has anyone else done this? If I do this, will I need to retrain, and gain experience here as well before I move to oz??
  9. bongomark

    Skills Shortages in Oz

    Hi Denise, I think you may have made yourself quite busy with all the enquiries on here, but I'm hoping you might be able to help me/give me some advice. I'm currently working as a Business Development Manager (for a lithographic print company), and previously worked in Media Sales (Newspaper) as a Senior Sales Executive. Are there any ways in for me this way? I'm looking to move to Australia as soon as possible really, certainly within the next couple of years. I'm 28, so as a last resort I could go on a working holiday visa and try and get sponsorship but am concerned how difficult that will be? I would also definately retrain, either in the UK or in Australia to enable me to get permanent residency. I hope you can help, many thanks, Mark
  10. bongomark

    Debt advice...

    I am looking to move to Australia as soon as possible, but one of the things slowing me down is the debt I have which I am trying to clear. I have thought about claiming bankruptcy (I know there are some moral issues too), but am concerned that this would affect any visa/sponsorship attempts. Does anyone know what the situation would be if I did? Also if I did claim bankruptcy then I would be probably be able to afford to retrain in a new career that would enable me to get permanent residency in Oz. As always, any advice warmly welcomed and much appreciated....
  11. bongomark

    Advice sort....

    Hi guys, and thanks for the warm welcome. I worked in Media Sales before working for the print company I'm working for now. I'm certainly not set on staying in sales, but to be honest don't have a career in mind. If I was to decide to retrain, would I be better doing it oz than here? If I stick at what I'm doing (or something 'sales-y') are the chances of getting sponsorship low?
  12. bongomark

    Advice sort....

    Hi Guys, Just signed up to PomsInOz, and hoping some of you guys can give me some advice. I'm want to move to Australia in about 1 year/18 months, maybe sooner if I can clear my debts sooner. I want Australia to be my permanent home, but I am concerned about being able to get permanent residency. I currently work as a Business Development Manager for a print company (have been for a few months), but obviously this doesn't qualify me for a skilled visa etc. So the 2 possibilities that I think I have are: 1) retrain to a career that will get me a skilled visa (STNI or SIR) OR 2) get a working holiday visa, and then try and get sponsorship from a company once I am in oz. Are there any other options (unless of course I find a beautiful australian girl)? Has anyone done anything like this, and been successful, or just offer some good advice? All advice would be greatly appreciated........and sorry if I've rambled on!!!