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  1. Zoot

    887 visa query

    I am trying to apply for the 887 visa online. I follow the prompts from the DIAC page regarding an online application for an 887 visa but the very first screen I come to asks for a TRN number (transaction reference number) which it appears is what you get after having applied for the visa. So obviously I am missing a step here. Where do you go to get your TRN number? What is the initial step that issues you with a TRN number so that you can actually fill in all the information needed for the visa. I know one can do a paper based application but the thought of printing all the documents, getting them certified and sending them off not to mention the extra time it will take is too much to get my head around.
  2. Zoot

    Should we take our cat to Canberra?

    My cats are 10 years old and coped fine and in the next kennel was a cat who was 14 years old and making the trip. As this was from South Africa they had to spend 7 months in quarantine not just the 1 month that UK cats do.
  3. Zoot

    Job market

    From what I have heard from the agencies the market places is still very quiet with people only now drifting back to work, especially the decision makers who will know what the industry is doing or what they expect it to do who I guess would be the people who could advise you on job availability rather than the admin staff who may be taking orders and some of the tradies who are doing the work but cant maybe answer the detail needed in your questions. That may be a reason why you havent had a response. Worth trying again - even if you contact those companies you contacted before and hopefully they are a bit more staffed now with people who can answer the questions you asked. Good luck - hope you get some clarity soon
  4. Zoot

    Should we take our cat to Canberra?

    Cats are funny creatures but the staff are so experienced and deal with cats with all sorts of different personalities so dont let that put you off. I know they hate the journey but the pet transport companies do this all the time so have it down to a fine art. If you decide to take him he will probably be fine and as a member of the family hard to leave him behind.
  5. Zoot

    taking dogs to oZ

    I think there may be other arrangements if you are a registered breeder (assume that that is why you have 13 dogs) but you would probably then have to live outside of the city areas. Perhaps you could check out where the Yorkie breeders in Australia are which will give you some idea of the areas you could look at living. Probably you would need to look for a more rural area with large plots and distant neighbours. As for the cost - an arm and a leg and then some - perhaps you could get someone to take care of them for you then find yourself a place in Oz, then send half of them and then the other half a few months later (which will at least give you a chance to make some money and pay for your initial start up costs)
  6. Zoot

    Getting Federal Police Clearance?

    thanks help much appreciated
  7. What is the process for getting Federal Police Clearance? I have read of some people just going to their local cop shop who sorted it all but after discussing it with a friend they said they had to download forms from the internet, go through some process at the local cop shop and then send the whole lot off to Canberra. I am now totally confused and dont want to apply for the wrong certificate etc. So any advice as to what the correct process is for the 887 visa? and what exactly is it that one is applying for - seems there is a National Police Clearance and Federal Police Clearance (or are these the same??).
  8. Zoot

    Lost Birth Certificate

    Thanks guys what a weight off my mind - had visions of having to go on bended knees and beg type thing and to be put at the back of the queue (oh wait that is the visa process ):biggrin: Will get onto it and maybe can get it sooner rather than later
  9. Zoot

    Lost Birth Certificate

    Soon I will be able to apply for my 887 visa after finishing my 495 sentence BUT I am not sure where I have put my birth certificate with all the moving around and I see it is required for the 887 visa despite it having been provided for the 495. So my big question is how does one go about getting a replacement - my sister got one some time ago but cant remember who she approached or what she did so that doesnt help. Does anyone know how much it costs and how long it takes?
  10. Zoot

    Am i resticted on moving state on a 176

    Just curious why this is such an issue for you? Sounds like you wish you could leave Victoria but feel an obligation to the state.
  11. Zoot

    Am i resticted on moving state on a 176

    OK so let me see, you came out on a 475 visa even though you are now on a 176. So your place of employment, employer etc was fixed before you arrived. For a 176 visa holder newly arrived they are gambling that the state they picked for sponsorship will be able to provide them with what they need. This is not a charitable exercise the visa holder pays out a huge wack of money for a visa because they want to donate to Australia the visa holder plans to settle in a state. Why should they then have to get another visa if they need to move states? If we follow your punitive approach then it would be only fair to penalise all visa holders equally. Rules for one must be applied equally to all visa holders. So those on a 175 should also be forced to live in the state they initiallly chose to settle for 2 years because the state is relying on those skills or perhaps those taxes in its planning. What about their employer shouldnt they have the right then to demand that their employee spend at least 2 years with them after all they will also be inconvenienced if the person moves states and they did give a migrant a job didnt they now? A 175 visa holder wishing to move states should then also have to leave and apply for another 175 if they left their initial state before helping the economy of that state for 2 years. Those who are on work sponsored visas should then be obliged to stay with their employer for the duration of their contract no matter how bad or unsatisfactory the situation (they took that visa from someone who could have benefited etc etc). They should also be made to leave the country and apply for another visa if they want to leave their employer rather than being given the opportunity to change employers whilst in Australia. See how illogical it all becomes. You could take this to the most absurd limits and create and even greater backlog of visas with people having to reapply all the time (isnt that unfair to those who are just starting out in the queue) but at the end of the day there are always going to be perfectly valid reasons why people will leave a state to go somewhere else and I dont see how a punitive approach would help in the long run. Heads up Australia is no longer a penal colony - so serving your sentence in an area is no longer mandatory. At the end of the day people have to do what is right for them and I will not sit in judgement of someone elses decision.
  12. Zoot

    Am i resticted on moving state on a 176

    I think there can be many legitimate reasons why someone would come out on a state sponsored visa and then move state. You can research all you want before you arrive in Oz but what happens when you are there is a different story. A person may find the weather too hot or too cold, the industry they are in may be going through a lull in the period in which they arrive, meaning to put food on the table they have to go where the work is and that means move states etc etc. There are always going to be chancers but I would doubt that the majority of people fall into this category. Imagine if you were told that the first area you stayed in in Oz was where you were going to have to stay for the next few years. So despite the fact that the area wasnt the best for you, you were stuck there. That unfortunately is the position many people find themselves in. Remember too there is a lag time in the visa application process, so you decide to move to Oz, get the 176 state sponosored visa (perhaps 2 years later), then you still need to sort out your life in your home country before the move, maybe that is waiting for children to finish a school year or complete key exams - then you make the move. What if this is 3 years from the date they originally started the whole process - so much can change in that time. I think anyone who doesnt query if they would be able to move would be crazy cause you always have to do the what if thing.
  13. Normally if you cant get the docs in time you have to prove to your CO that you have applied for it and that you have been told that you would need to wait. Suggest you perhaps contact your CO and send them the information you received from your bank and ask them whether you can forward them the document when it becomes available and in the meantime see if there isnt any way to rush things from the bank.
  14. Easy one. Start by looking at what it is you do (your nominated occupation) and then extend that to identify related fields where you may find employment. So if your nominated occupation was administrator for example then identify other roles such as bookkeeper, secretary, office manager, payroll etc - (related or semi related fields) where you may find work. Do a search on seek or careerone and see what is available how much they are paying, who is hiring etc and keep copies of those advertisements. If there are specific companies you are interested in email them and ask them questions relating to the job market and your opportunities. Try get adverts from a broad range of different industries e.g. include local and state government, small companies, large organisations etc. Contact various employment agencies that may have work opportunities for you (consider anything you may be able to do given your skills) ask them for information e.g. suitability of your skills for the South Australia market, what rates you would receive for the work you do, any other advice they can give you. Dont only look at opportunities in Adelaide extend your search to opportunities in other areas in South Australia as well. When you do your submission you include all the emails you have received (which may include information on opportunities, pay scales etc), jobs ads that you think you may be suited for. You then write that whilst you nominated xyz occupation you also have skills in abcde and you have investigated what you would need to do to work in those fields, you have found that the work is available (advertisements), your research has shown you can expect to earn between $x and y; the companies, agencies think you will not have difficulty in finding work in the different roles (so you include the emails you received from the agencies) etc. Show you have researched this widely including areas where you may work, special skills you may need etc even include completely unrelated jobs if you would be able to do them given your skills. Include any contract or temporary roles as well and mention that you have researched temporary and contract opportunities. Essentially they are wanting to see that you are not starry eyed believing you are going to land and immediately get a job in your field and that you have considered other alternatives if a job in your field is not available.
  15. Zoot

    Decision made - we're going back

    It is a hard decision to make but with jobs being so hard to come by for your husband and the opportunities opening for him back in England then there is hardly a contest. Although it is hard think of the lesson your kids will learn, sometimes the right decision is hard to make and it takes courage to make that decision and see it through. Look for opportunities to take pictures where you live in the UK and maybe post some for us all to see. All the best for the move back may you settle back easily and successfully.
  16. Zoot

    Hate Recruitment Agencies

    Also remember that the agency staff have quotas to meet they can hardly say oh well business is slow, nobody is hiring so I wont bother to bring anyone in for tests, interviews etc. So when business is slow they make sure they advertise, you send in your CV, now they have some guinea pigs to practice new interviewing techniques, try out their new program testing software (purchased at a ridiculous price etc). They are also hoping that a company will go wow look at that XYZ agency is swamped with jobs for e.g. administrators, we need an administrator so XYZ agency will definately have someone suitable to our needs. Company phones they send them a batch of CVs anything and everything, let the company pick a few they like and away you go. A lot of the people in the recruitment industry are also looking for jobs for themselves so you go see someone and then next week they have been replaced, person number 2 has interviewed their own candidates in the meantime and so you lose out. Look there must be some real jobs out there and maybe the agencies you are going to see are on the level and do in fact have real jobs with real companies. Just let us know how it goes.
  17. Zoot

    Hate Recruitment Agencies

    Ah yes the recruitment agencies - dont get me started!!! It is either dolly bird who knows nothing about nothing and when you explain what you have done they dont understand so your file goes straight into the bin unless of course someone smacks them over the head with a job that exactly matches what you did before and in any previous lives and then they can be bothered to pick up the phone and call (ok so not likely to happen). Wonderful jobs advertised, even temporary jobs advertised so you figure ok so will temp then when something permanent comes up I am first in line - yeah right. Personally I think the whole agency bit is a bit like broken telephone, I tell the agent what I have done (explain my CV in simple easy to understand language), they then interpret that in their agency understood language, speak to someone on the client's side who may or may not have the authority to recruit and so by the time we have finished the via via via route nobody is really sure what the job is they were recruiting for, if it is still needed or what is happening. I have also found in Oz there is a lot of secondment, so they may advertise a role cause they cant find anybody, but then somebody knows somebody in another section who is looking for a change and they bring them over to hold the position until a final decision can be made to recruit or not to recruit. Takes care of the problem of needing someone to fill the role and they can say oh the job is on hold. Good story tellers the lot of them.
  18. Zoot

    Sell Tassie to me

    Welcome to PiO the place where questions are asked and answers found. I am assuming that you have no particular preferences for either of these jobs? I cant comment on working in Tassie but scenically it is very beautiful - I think you would probably be able to do a lot more cycling in Tassie than Perth. Perth has heaps of cycle paths and of course good roads but Western Australia being so large you wouldnt actually be getting anywhere (distances between the different centres are so vast), Tassie is more compact and of course magnificent scenery to cycle through. I have seen heaps of people cycle touring in Tassie so it seems quite a done thing and I guess that would mean there is the infrastructure to support it. Windsurfing - well the water is warmer around Perth so you would get more opportunities to Windsurf, but then the heat in Summer would probably mean that your cycling time is reduced. Both cities are somewhat isolated, although flights between cities are plentiful so no problem getting to visit somewhere else. I would imagine that Tasmania would be more family oriented which may be a problem for you being a single bloke, but that may mean that there are more opportunities to get involved with a band or something similar and use your drumming. Good luck with trying to choose between the 2 jobs, let us know what you decide.
  19. Try local government libraries and the universities they also have library type jobs. The trouble may not only be your visa (temporary versus PR) I have found that in many cases there is already a person in place for the job and the advertising is a mere formality. Good luck hope you find something soon.
  20. Zoot

    Passport Question!

    Not sure if the ancestry visa still exists or whether they have stopped that - but I know a friend of mine got to live and work in the UK because she had a British born grandparent
  21. Zoot


    You are so lucky, am very envious planning a big holiday. Guess to help us suggest where you should go we need to know how long you want to go for cause you may be able to take in more than one place - OK you wont do it in its entirety but as a quick taster it could work quite well - will also depend on what you as a family like - outdoors activities, shopping, bright city lights etc etc. Tasmania is beautiful as already stated, although it is a small area there is just so much to see and do - amazing scenery, heaps of wildlife etc etc, I took a 6 day organised tour which was just amazing. Freycinet, Bay of Fires, Cradle Mountain - I couldnt pick my favourite place it was all wonderful. But even Hobart although it is a capital is not a mega city so if you are looking for the big city hustle and bustle, then perhaps not the best place for a visit. Melbourne is great with the advantages of a big city including SHOPPING!!!!. There are also many beautiful areas to visit outside of the city but the city sprawl means it will take a bit of driving to get there, go down the mornington peninsular, phillip island for the penguin parade, take the puffing billy train, go to some of the small places like Bendigo or Ballarat - did I mention the shopping....:wink: Adelaide is a small city, with the beautiful hills region just outside the city, with vineyards, orchards and little hills towns like Hahndorf. There is also Kangaroo Island which is worth a few days visit with wonderful wildlife and nature. Time of year will also play a role - if you go to Tasmania and you plan to do some walking and doing outdoors events and it is pouring with rain, freezing cold or baking hot nothing will be attractive Given that Melbourne is only an hour's flight from Adelaide and Hobart is about an hour's flight from Melbourne you could take in in Adelaide and Melbourne (few days in each) or Melbourne and Tasmania - I think trying to fit all three into one trip would mean you spend more time waiting for flights than having a holiday. I would suggest taking a couple of days in Melbourne city area, staying at a nice hotel, wander the city streets going down the laneways, take the free sight seeing tram or bus, visit the Queen Victoria Markets, do some of the city walks (tourist info has a list of about 9 recommended routes) and do some shopping (remember no holiday is complete without shopping) :biggrin:. Then take a flight to Hobart (or to make things more interesting take the ferry to Launceston) pick up a hire car and do a drive yourself trip around Tasmania taking in the sights that you are interested in staying in bed and breakfasts along the way. That way you get the best of both worlds. then another trip visit Adelaide and then consider taking a journey on the Gan train or going to the Flinders rangers, and seeing some of the coastal areas of South Australia.
  22. Zoot

    1 Year Anniversary!

    Sad thing is whether you stay or whether you move someone is going to be unhappy - your wife has her family in Australia you have your family in the UK, she enjoys the heat you dont. Perhaps going back for the wedding is a good time to reevaluate the situation and see what you think with the perspective of having lived in Australia for a year. You dont say if your wife is going with you to the wedding cause if she is it gives you both a chance to review Australia and the UK and see which one will tick the boxes for both of you. This decision is one you need to make together or else the inability to settle will tear your marriage apart. It is also understandable that after a year you are feeling a bit flat - as you say the novelty has worn off, initially everything is new and exciting, you do all the touristy things and visit places you have heard about but never seen and you are busy setting up your life which takes a lot of your time and energy, but once you have all that in place day to day living takes over which is pretty uninteresting either place (washing, cleaning, going to work just doesnt quite stack up there with the things to do before you die kind of things). It can be then that everything about a place gets on your nerves. Just make sure whatever decision you reach you know why you have chosen either the UK or Australia and can "justify" it to yourselves. Else you may find that even if you return to the UK after you have settled in and caught up with all your mates you start missing things in Oz and thinking that perhaps living there was better so then you find yourselves in the position of packing and moving to Australia again to see if it is as good as you remember and then missing things in the UK and moving back to the UK etc etc etc. Ping pong ...... It is a tough decision either way so best of luck to you.
  23. Zoot

    Sending things to Australia

    Try sevenseas worldwide and Ubag
  24. Hi Adam, welcome. Two things I can think of as your Mom is a nurse has she looked to see whether she could find a hospital that would sponsor her for a job? Perhaps if she contacted the human resources department at the various hospitals she could find if they are looking for someone with her skills. Alternatively what about looking at State Sponsorship. I dont know if the state skills lists have been finalised or not. What about your Dad's skills - can your family claim some points for his skills? I assume from how you write that you are still living at home with your parents. I think because you are 18 to include you in their visa they would need to have proof that they are still supporting you e.g. you are in full time study. I am sure there are others on here who will be able to think of other alternatives for you but good luck in the meantime.
  25. As already mentioned there are 2 different kinds of State Sponsored visas the 475 visa is a 2 year provisional visa - after living in a regional area for 2 years and working for 1 the applicant can apply for PR at which point they will become entitled to medicare, child care benefits etc. there is a reciprocal arrangement between the NHS and Medicare if you are on the 475 visa but think that may only be for emergency treatment (am sure someone else will confirm). The 176 is a State Sponsored visa with immediate permanent residency and that way as a permanent resident you are eligible for all those benefits from the outset. So it will all depend which visa you are applying for.