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  1. Zoot

    Not sure what to do for the best

    That is a tough one - you definately sound like you need to go back even if it is just to settle things in your mind. Sometimes distance gives us rose tinted lenses and we need to check things out to know if it is reality or a dream. Dont make your decisions around your children - staying for them or going and expecting them to come along are both unrealistic options. They have their own lives and you may head back to the UK and then they meet someone and are off somewhere else. Have you discussed this as a family? Perhaps dont burn your bridges here in case you want to come back. Maybe give it a year or so in the UK and see how you find living back there, whether you settle in again or whether you feel that it is not the place for you. 8 years away your life has changed significantly from when you were living in the UK.
  2. Zoot

    Agent or DIY

    If you want to use an agent - rather go with one who has been recommended on the forum there are heaps of dodgy ones out there who will happily tell you you qualify, take your money and then do nothing or stuff the whole process up. DIY or agent - your choice but also not an either or - some people have booked an initial consultation with an agent just to confirm that they are on the right track with their occupation etc and then done all the actual work themselves. Reasons to appoint an agent:- your nominated occupation and what you actually do are not a simple one on one match you dont handle all the form filling well or you dont have time to minutely check everything (remember though you will still need to go around and collect all the documentation yourself) you are coming up to a critical birthday when delays may mean you no longer qualify you or someone going with you have health or other issues that may cause a problem with the visa and you need the expert advice of an agent to guide you through it But if everything is very straightforward no reason why you cant do it yourself.
  3. Zoot

    What comes after 475 ??

    I think the cost for the 887 was about $230 and then it costs about $40 to get your Australian Federal Police Clearance which you do before applying for your visa (you can wait till they request your police clearance but they seem to process the 887 quite quickly I think they say 6-10 weeks so not likely for it to expire)
  4. Zoot

    Adelaide accomadation PAnic

    City or suburbs? What other features are you needing e.g. room for kids to run around, ? A lot of people have stayed at West Lake Shores Caravan Park - they have cabins, or else you could consider a motel or furnished short term apartments. Are you looking for this to be a short term stay whilst you look for something more permanent or are you looking to move into a long term rental from the outset? That is not always such a good idea unless you know where you will be working so you know what area you want and you have someone who can go and check out a place you see on the internet as you need to check out rentals and the areas they are in - dont believe the pictures.
  5. Zoot

    What comes after 475 ??

    887 is the regular route (assuming you dont get an employer sponsorship) and no you dont have to redo medicals or redo police clearance (from your home country) but you will need to get an Australian Federal Police Clearance which is a very simple process - fill out form, send off with copy of passport. Just done my 887 - a really easy process especially if you do it online. It is all about evidencing that you have lived in a regional area for 2 years and worked for 1 year - so rental receipts, payslips etc all act as your proof (start collecting from day 1). No need to engage an agent - it is pretty self explanatory the whole process, no need to prepare justifications as to why you want to settled in a particular area, no need for skills assessments etc etc.
  6. Zoot

    Confused :/

    Yeah I agree with Neil find out what graphic designers earn. I imagine as he is being offered a job sponsorship he is a fairly senior graphic designer or highly skilled and not just a college graduate with 1 or 2 years very general experience. Melbourne is an expensive city and what they are offering doesnt sound to be like a fabulous deal, and if super is included cause your super is not available to you for day to day expenses such as rentals, transport (you are going to need at least one car) etc etc.
  7. Zoot

    Anyone Used - Visa-Go

    I would also suggest you go with someone who has been around a while, who has a solid reputation and comes highly recommended by forumites. There are a few agents who regularly get thanked for their service ethic, their attention to detail and their overall knowledge of the migration ins and outs. There are repeated stories of people who have seen an advertisement, gone for a consultation with a migration agency who assured them they were guaranteed a visa for Oz and after paying out huge sums of money they found the agent hadnt a clue and got their visa application all wrong, or their application wasnt submitted, the owner of the company was never available and never returned calls/emails etc or the company just went out of business. Do your homework before you go to any agency and know what questions you want answered. They need to be able to advise you of your options and the pros and cons of each. Expense should never be your deciding factor - there are good agents who dont charge an arm and a leg and there are dodgy agents who charge top dollar and whose only goal is to part you and your money in the shortest possible time. Perhaps check on the site those agents who have been recommended time and again and contact them to see if you can get an appointment to discuss your situation with them.
  8. Zoot

    Confused :/

    Been following this discussion with interest. Another issue you need to raise with his employer is permanent residency sponsorship. As I understand it there is no direct or automatic conversion from a 457 to a permanent residency visa. You want to know that at the end of the 4 years should you want to stay in Oz you could. Not sure if there are any other visas you would qualify for now cause if so may be worth investigating them as in 4 years time you may have lost points due to age and if you dont have PR and the contract is not renewed you will have to return. I would suggest you google the agencies who recruit for the type of work you do and see if you can get in to speak to some of them whilst on your reccie. That way you can find out if you would have problems on a temporary visa (e.g. are employers reluctant to employ, or there any legislative restrictions to the work you could do etc) and maybe build up some contacts for when/if you decide to move.
  9. Zoot

    Single, skilled, over 40....

    If you found an employer interested you could maybe go on a 457 visa to get to OZ quickly and then get them to sponsor you for the PR visa when you arrive or have been there a short while. The 457 visa gets processed very quickly. Check out Healthscope I recently saw them asking for nurses - cant remember which state. Else try contacting all the hospitals you can find to see if any would be interested. As you say there must be someone interested in someone with your skills and experience.
  10. Zoot

    Single, skilled, over 40....

    What about employer sponsored PR visa or is nursing on any of the state's wish lists so then you could go state sponsored?
  11. Zoot

    a MASSIVE thanks to RNS staff

    There are easier ways to test the healthcare system you know!!:biggrin: Glad they managed to patch you up so nicely and that the service you received was so good, makes you feel a bit easier to know that if you do have an accident the hospitals are great at treating you. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!!
  12. Zoot

    My decision after 2 years here...

    I think going on a holiday sounds like an excellent idea it will give you a chance to compare Oz and the UK BUT remember that a holiday is not the same as living. You may find that your friends make a big effort to meet up with you and catch up on your news because your are back in the UK for a short time. If you were living back in the UK though things may be different because since you have been in Oz they have done new things, met new people and you havent been part of that. You also wont be attending school so will be able to do all the fun things, but if/when you go back to live in the UK you will be having to attend school. I know it is not an easy decision for you or your family but keep an open mind about this trip back, look at things realistically before you decide definately one way or another - this has to be a decision for you and your family. As has been said waiting till you get citizenship and have the right to come and go as you please makes it much easier if you do want to return to Oz in the future or if you wish to study in Oz after finishing school.
  13. Zoot

    Are agents necessary?

    Yes you can do the application yourself many people do very successfully. However a lot depends on your particular situation, the type of job you do (some people have found their current job doesnt fit neatly into one of the categories for a visa and get help from an agent as to which skill to nominate and which visa they are eligible for). If you are good at filling in forms and going through all the detail then you may well not need an agent but some people find the whole process very daunting and if they are coming up for a critical birthday which may mean they no longer qualify for a visa or the class of visa they want having someone to ensure that everything is done right first time can be a boon. You though will have to do all the running around anyway - collecting up documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, trade certificates etc etc so if you are thinking of making the move now is the time to start collecting all that together. As already said research research research and ask questions on the site cause there is a lot of great information. No eligible for a visa does not mean you will always get the visa - the skills in demand list keeps changing for one thing so whilst when you start the process your skill might be in demand by the time you come to apply it may be less of a priority or no longer required, then there are health issues or character issues which may see your visa refused. Not sure of other reasons. 2 months - impossible unless you are looking at getting an employer sponsored visa. You still need to get your skills assessed and that can take a while to be approved. Certain trades need to do a practical test as well so then there is the issue of booking of the test and when that is available. Plus the whole processing bit takes a long time - check out the DIAC website it will give you current processing times which will give you a better idea as to what lodgement dates are currently being processed. Be careful with your agent!!! If you decide to use on make sure they are MARA registered and find out one that has been used by other forumites with success. There are many dodgy "agents" who set up businesses and promise the most wonderful service but all they do is take your money and leave you with a mess to clean up.
  14. Zoot

    Renting in Sydney with Dog

    There is a site called pet friendly rentals and they advertise various properties which are designated pet friendly and you can download an app which means that when you go to a real estate website you can find those specifically designated pet friendly. However - if an advert doesnt say NO PETS specifically then the chances are good that pets may be allowed subject to approval. So if you see a place that you fancy - ask them if they will allow pets. Seems to be units are more fussy than houses and obviously very fancy houses will be fussier than the run of the mill house (more for a pet to damage). Someone suggested also putting together a pet portfolio - so picture of your pet, age (not a puppy so doesnt chew fittings etc) , fact that he doesnt shed, quiet, well behaved and maybe a picture of where you stay with him now so people get an idea that this isnt some monster dog but rather a well loved pet owned by a responsible pet owner.
  15. You joke - have done that myself although I must admit not to this degree - luggage was about 5 kg overweight and had to lose weight or pay excess. Their idea was that I would throw items out etc. Fortunately was carrying a heavy winter jacket with seriously deep pockets - books, various items of clothing etc etc were dispersed into the various pockets, additional heavy clothing was put on - so now instead of just a t shirt I was wearing a couple of long sleeve shirts, my pants pockets were crammed full of other stuff and hey presto the same items now redistributed and no further problems. My case weighed the right amount and that was all they were concerned about.
  16. Zoot

    To buy a dog, or not buy a dog...help?

    Sounds like you have weighed up the pros and cons. OK issues are cost - if you plan on getting the dog in the UK then you know you have to have the money to bring it over. Shipping is expensive but then if you budget and earmark that money for that cost it isnt an additional expense it is all part of the expense of your move. Some people are car hobbyists and wouldnt consider leaving their prize car behind - consider yourself a dog hobbyist. Rentals - finding a place with pets can be a bit more difficult but then again you wont like every place advertised anyway so you will still have to search to find a place you are happy with and which provides for your other needs e.g. schools so a pet is just another factor to consider. Have heard that some are prepared to negotiate having pets subject to cleaning when you move out or repairing any damage so not an insurmountable problem. Your dog has to go to quarantine - so big deal. From the UK it is only 1 month - you probably would have had to kennel your dog at some time when you went on holiday anyway. The kennels are pretty good and so if it is not home well they are not ill treated. Not sure what kind of dog exactly it is that you are wanting but if you know a breeder in the UK and feel happier getting a puppy from them then that might work out quite well for you. Sometimes doing what you are suggesting actually makes more sense cause then you arrive in Oz with the dog and start your life including the dog. Else sometimes there is never a good time for the dog - you may find that you get to Oz and plan on getting a dog and what with one thing and another and settling in and trying to find your feet and the perfect rental and this and that - that another 2 years go by and you still dont have that dog you are longing for - sometimes the only right time is right now and so long as you know it is not an impulse buy and are prepared for the costs associated with moving it then why ever not. Perth is a fabulous place for dogs - there are dog beaches, dog friendly parks and you see dogs everywhere your dog will love it.
  17. Zoot

    Unaccompanied internal flights?

    Ask the quarantine for a list of pet transport companies - they will arrange the transport to the airport, flights etc for you and will even organise delivery to your house if you need it. Else check with your local vet I am sure they can recommend one (most have branches in the different cities).
  18. Zoot

    Help - Form 47SP - residence

    Your place of residence would be Australia cause that is where you are living now. It doesnt matter if you are a permanent resident or not. If you were applying from the UK and hadnt been living in Australia then your place of residence would be the UK.
  19. Perhaps see where you can get a job - when you are nearer the time to actually moving to Australia contact the different hospitals in the areas you are considering and see who has opportunities same for your BF and then you can decide which area will be best for both of you. Seems to go in cycles - one area is short of a particular skill, so everyone moves there and then they are swamped and there are very few jobs for a time whilst somewhere else deals with a shortage. Doing it on your own is fine - except if you find that you have an unusual situation or run into a situation that no one on the forum can help you with then definately worth consulting an agent. There are heaps of people who have done it themselves and heaps who have used an agent - just depends on your level of confidence etc. As for police clearance and medicals - seems at the moment with all the changes taking place to wait till you are asked for them. Or else to do them round about the time you see they are getting close to the time you applied for your visa. They are only valid for a limited time and so if you dont want to have to redo them with the additional expense involved rather wait. Also the time to validate your visa is taken from the earliest of your police clearance or medicals (apparently) so that may mean you get your visa and have to rapidly head off to Oz to validate rather than being able to plan it for a time that suits you. Good luck in it all.
  20. Just using an agent wont get your application rushed to the front of the queue - where it can speed things up is by making sure that you have dotted every i crossed every t and provided all the required information in sufficient detail so that there are no delays requesting additional info etc. But having already used an agent before sounds like you are pretty familiar with filling in the forms and collecting up supporting documents so dont see any reason why you wouldnt be perfectly good to go doing it on your own. I think the reason they ask if you used an agent is if there is something dodgy with your application they know who to blame essentially. If you filled it in and filled in incorrect information then it is on your head, but if an agent helped you and you stuffed it up based on their guidance they I assume they would be held accountable. Just seen you have already applied for sponsorship from South Oz so you have already filled in the worst of the forms the actual application then is relatively simple.
  21. Zoot

    Hi all, please help me out!

    Not sure how the NVQ qualification affects things but if you qualify now for a 175 or 176 visa you can apply for that now there is no need to wait. The fact that you are on a sponsored visa at the moment will make no difference as those visas are not related to your sponsorship. Given the time being taken to process these visas you would probably find that you are finished with your sponsorship commitments by the time your visa is issued. But as suggested why not have a quick chat to a reliable migration agent just so that you can get your head around the different options open to you.
  22. Zoot

    Hello all, new and knackered! :)

    Hi didnt write the IELTS but from what I have heard it is not the test that is so difficult especially for native English speakers, the difficult comes in in that one needs to answer things in the format required and pay attention to time restrictions and this is where so many people fall down. People have said the best way to approach it is to do heaps of online examples and read any tips on preparations for the exam so that you familiarise yourself with what they are looking for. Not sure if there are any examples where the results are graded. I was under the impression that not everyone had to do the IELTS (some need it for specific occupations and some as a means to get additional points) so maybe you are one of the lucky ones and can avoid it.
  23. Melbourne = big city, Adelaide = small city aka large country town It pretty much boils down to that. I live in Adelaide and my sister lives in Melbourne so have visited her many times. There are social problems in each city, just as there are wonderful, exciting places in each city. Just as in your home town you would know what areas to avoid it will be the same wherever you live. On my first visit to Adelaide the route from the place I was staying into the city was down Hindley street - so I thought all of Adelaide was druggies and sex shops. Only since I have lived here have I realised that that is a small area of the city. If I had taken a different route would never have known that it existed. In Melbourne it would be the same - certain streets and areas would be dodgy and others normal, suburban - would all depend where you were. I have never encountered needles on the floor in public bathrooms (most I have found have sharps containers where used needles and other sharps can be disposed of) - can be just a one off which she was unfortunate enough to encounter. Ultimately it comes down to what is right for you and your family - do you want a small city which is more compact but has problems associated with a smaller centre such as lack of opportunities which may mean that your kids feel restricted as they grow older (if your kids are teens this could be a major issue) or go to a large city with a larger population and more opportunities (the larger population means problems are more noticeable). Social problems exist in both centres so I dont think you can pick either Adelaide or Melbourne and say one is better than or worse than the other. Perhaps a better way of choosing a city would be to identify those things which are important to you as a family e.g. sporting or cultural activities, schooling and then decide on which city will suit you better.
  24. Zoot

    Help understanding 475

    A 475 is a state sponsored visa so your reference to a potential employer would appear to indicate you are looking at a 457 visa (confusing yes). The 457 visa is an employer sponsored visa where you agree to work for a particular employer for a period of time. It is a temporary visa though so at the end of it you wont automatically get permanent residency and it can be a bit of an issue if the employer goes under or working conditions are intolerable as you would then need to find another sponsorship or be required to leave the country. Also in some states those on 457 visas have to pay international fees for schooling which can add additional costs to your budget. There is an option for an employer sponsored permanent residency visa (not sure about the number) which depending on your employer you may be able to persuade them to sponsor you for. The advantage of a 457 visa is that it can be processed quickly. So some people prefer the 457 visa as a quicker way into Australia and then once there and assuming they are eligible begin the process of applying for a permanent residency visa so that they just transfer from the 457 to the PR visa once it is issued.
  25. As a nurse you could always look into the possibility of getting an employer to sponsor you which would give you the advantage of a shorter visa processing time and a job to come to. However that also means you would be required to stay with that employer for the duration of the sponsorship - so pro's and cons. If a company were to sponsor you they would have migration agents who would tell you what was needed. Some migration agents offer a free initial consultation which may help to just clarify things in your mind and then you can identify the best option for you and your partner and take it from there. One advantage of the forum is that there is always someone who is just a stage ahead of you in the process and can give you advice. Have you decided where you would like to live?