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    North Tasmania, Port Sorell environs

    About an hour north of Launceston, on the Bass Strait are beautiful beaches and seaside communities - Freres Beach, Shearwater, Port Sorell & Squeaking Point, yet only 15-mins or so from Devonport, the ferry & super little airport with connections to Melbourne & the rest of the world (when it's open!) and probably 40-mins from Burnie. The land rolls away from the sea to the south and is some of the most productive farm land in the world, growing all sorts of goodies from cauliflowers to cabbages, carrots to beans, peas to potatoes, poppies to pumpkins, onions to garlic, apples to apricots, peaches to cherries, strawberries, raspberries, wasabi, goat's cheese, milk, clotted cream, cheese and ice cream! If you're looking to escape the rat race, love clean beaches, fresh air and a laid-back, low-key lifestyle then please give Cradle Coast, Latrobe-Port Sorell some serious consideration! Any Q's - don't be afraid to ask!
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