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  1. Hi Blobby, I have been watching your story for a while now and can completely relate to how you were feeling. We have been here as a family for 4 1/2 years now. We have got a nice circle of friends but no-one really close. I don't think I have had a good belly laugh since I got here. Friendships seem to be very much on a superficial level and believe me we have tried really hard. What is even harder is seeing my boy, aged 14 1/2 who sits on his own pretty much every school holiday and has done since we got here where I know that in England he would have had mates living close by to hang out with. We do loads of things, he is very sporty, surfs and is into sports at school but we have just spend 4 days Easter weekend pretty much on our own where I know that if we were in the UK we would have either been visiting friends or had someone to stay. It's very hard socially and I would have said we are pretty outgoing, friendly, nice people to know. Just can't seem to crack it at all! So now seriously thinking of a move back to the UK. Anyway, just wanted to say that I hope you keep letting us know how you are getting on and that it has been really interesting to follow your story and that I am sure that things will pick up for you. If your kids are in primary school, surely that means there must be people your age around? Anyway, it's early days - at least you might meet like-minded people through work. All the best. Rue
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    Visa Question Temporary or Not

    You can get a mortgage/credit cards etc on a temporary visa as we have done it. School fees if you are going private you pay the same as anyone else, not international rates. International rates would apply for further education. If you are able to open a bank account in Oz from the UK and deposit funds that would help you build up a relationship with that bank so that when you activate your account on arrival you can then apply for credit cards etc. Hope this helps.
  3. Hi, It's very sad but true that things are tough out here for those looking for work. My husband managed to find a job after 3 months but I haven't found anything as every job advertised asks for experience or a certificate. You need a certificate here to make coffee in a cafe! Even when I rang one agency who I had applied for a job through they said that they had had over 400 applications for one part-time admin position. It can be soul destroying after a while! Fortunately we will not starve yet but it is tough when you have been used to earning your own money! Quite sensibly the Australian Government has cut the tradies off the jobs in demand list for skilled migration - what is the point of allowing more people over here if there are not enough jobs for everyone. If you are secure in the UK my advice would be to wait for 12 - 18 months until things start to pick up - just validate your visas if you have to. Just hope things start looking up soon! Best of luck to all! Gill
  4. Hi Bordy, Funnily enough was at Crystal Brook last weekend having a wander around with some friends! Really nice there but lots of kangaroo poop around! (erm - I hope it was kangaroo poo anyway!) - Oh and flies! Loads of them - bring the aeroguard! And for anyone who hasn't been there before there is no cafe so bring all your drinks/food with you but there is a playpark for the kids. Looking forward to seeing you all! Hope the barbeques aren't too busy. Love Gill, Phil and Harry XXX:jiggy:
  5. Hi Bordy and others, Missed the last meet due to lashing down rain - will be there this time hopefully to meet some new friends. Love Gill, Phil and Harry:laugh:
  6. Rue 66

    arriving in Melbourne in Jan '09

    Hi, We have been here 4 weeks now and so far so good, everything has worked out fine. We found a nice house to rent quickly, have settled son into school for a few weeks before Christmas, have bought car and some furniture and now waiting for container to arrive from England (ship supposed to dock today). Got driving licences, registered for medicare, even made a couple of friends! No major dramas so far but we did loads of research before we came. Hope you settle in well and will see you at one of the meets! Love Gill, Phil and Harry XX:biggrinxmas:
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    This Saturdays PIO / BRITVICS meet.

    Hi Guys, Yes, the rain was lashing down nearly all night last night and now today as well. Think we brought the rain with us from England! :arghhxmas: Hope you all have a great christmas and we will be looking forward to meeting you in The New Year. :emoticon-signxmas: Lots of love Gill, Phil and Harry (in Berwick)
  8. Rue 66

    This Saturdays PIO / BRITVICS meet.

    Hi Bordy, The bad weather seems to be going to hit us on Sunday. We are still up for the meet (and have told some friends about it) so let us know quick! We can always stand there in the p***ing rain and pretend we are back in England! Ha! Ha! Love Gill, Phil and Harry XXX
  9. Rue 66

    Coffee & Cake in Berwick Anyone?

    Hi Guys, Have been here 2 weeks and 2 days. Staying in Berwick at the moment and will be moving into our rental property in the next week or so but would love to meet up for coffee and cake with some other folks! Hope to see you all at the Cardinia Lake meet in a couple of weeks anyway. Love Gill
  10. Rue 66

    Wow!!!!! Its snowing

    YAAYYY!! I love snow too - glad we got to see some before we leave on November 6th! Love Gill, Phil and Harry On our way to Melbourne next week and can't wait!:spinny:
  11. Hi Bordy, Will
  12. Hi Bordy, Will be
  13. Rue 66

    10 weeks in....

    Cheers Muggins for the update and the info! We will be arriving in Melbourne in a few weeks - can't wait!! Sounds like you are having a good time. Love Gill, Phil and Harry
  14. Rue 66

    Moving Early Next Year

    Hi, good luck guys- I clicked your chickie!!! Love Gill, Phil and Harry
  15. Rue 66

    How well did your children settle in Oz school?

    Hi Sheena, Sorry to jump on the bandwagon - we are coming out to Melbourne in a few weeks time. We have one boy of 10 but he is really looking forward to coming to Oz and loves his sport. Please could you pm me as well! Thanks a lot love Gill, Phil and Harry
  16. Hi Sweetpea, We are leaving on 12 November, also via Singapore (we are there for 5 nights to have a bit of a break) and heading to .... MELBOURNE!!!! Have been out already for 2 reccies, one in October 06 and one in April 08 when we validated our visas as we thought our house wasn't going to sell. Am excited, looking forward to finishing work now as every day drags by! Finish on 24th October! Might see you out there - we have got friends heading to WA early 2010! Love Gill, Phil and Harry X
  17. Hi Sweetpea! Know exactly how you are feeling. We are flying on Nov 6th - head all over the place and wobbles big time wondering if we are doing the right thing. The realisation just hasn't hit me yet! Keep thinking to myself I am going on holiday - but I'm not - it's a one way ticket!:swoon: Just got the farewells to try to get through now. :cry: Finishing work on 24 October. On the plus side, have got 5 days in Singapore on the way out to get some sunshine! Main worries are (in this order); Will son be happy, be able to play football and find a nice school. Will we be able to decide where we are going to settle. Will I get a job as have heard that it is difficult to get admin/office type work. Oh hell. Hope we get to a meet a.s.a.p on arrival! Love Gill, Phil and Harry
  18. Great Post and I agree entirely with every sentiment! If you don't try it you will never know. Gill, Phil and Harry XX:smile:
  19. Rue 66

    Have sold house!

    YaaaaaYYYY!!!! Have sold house - was convinced it wasn't going to happen. The Feng Shui thing works!! Will be moving out to Melbourne mid November. Can we have a meet up end November time???? Love Gill, Phil and Harry (who complained this morning of being cold - like its AUGUST and he is freezing!).:biglaugh:
  20. Rue 66

    A Little Update from the Sharmans

    Hi Guys, We have been following your story for a while now. We will be over in mid-November and staying in a holiday rental in Berwick while we look around and see where we want to live permanently, so would be great to meet up with you if you are not working by then (hee! hee!). Sounds like there will be a few of us coming over at roughly the same times so would be good to have a get together! Dan Murphys sounds like my kind of place! Love Gill, Phil and Harry (9 but 10 when we get there!).
  21. Rue 66

    19hr stopover at singapore

    Hi Guys! We had a stopover at Singapore on the way out to Melbourne this year. On the way out we had 2 nights at the Shangri la Rasa hotel on Sentosa Island which was fantastic and a fabulous place to stay if you wanted to do a couple of days in Singapore. Singapore itself is great, with loads of shops, malls, food courts and things to do. The airport is huge with loads to do. On the way back from Melbourne we had about 6 hours stopover at the airport. We didn't book the transit hotel but really wished we had as it would have been nice to have a rest/shower etc. There is a rest area at the airport with loungers to rest on but you can't really sleep as the tannoy keeps going off every few minutes and for some reason they put one of the speakers in the so-called rest area - DUHHH! Anyway, the duty free area is fab, and apparently there is a swimming pool between terminals 2 and 3 so you can have a swim to freshen up (great if you have got kids). Have a brilliant trip! Love Gill, Phil and Harry:cute:
  22. Rue 66

    Its all slowly slipping away....

    Hi Helaine, We know exactly how you feel - it is so frustrating! We have had house on the market since October - we have now got to the nail biting stage of exchanging contracts which is supposed to happen on Monday! I have no fingernails left and probably no toenails either by the end of tomorrow! :arghh: We have done our validation trip (in April) so we know we have time to go but we just want to get there now! One good piece of news is that I have got redundancy from work (Hurray) and will be finishing in about 10 weeks! Can't wait for that! Love Gill, Phil and Harry
  23. Loved reading this post - thought you gave a very balanced view of the good and the not so good. Hope things get better for you. Love Gill, Phil and Harry
  24. Rue 66

    Billybraveheat any update please?

    Hi the Bravehearts, Just wanted to say how sorry we are to hear about Billy and his accident and praying that he makes a good recovery (after all the setbacks you keep having!). Hope you are able to stay strong and look after yourself too Janette and there are a lot of people who come on PIO who are here and ready to support you, Love Gill, Phil and Harry XXX
  25. Rue 66


    Hi Guys, We hired a campervan when we did the Great Ocean Road trip in 2006. We had a small van (suitable for 2 adults and 1 child) which we got from CheapaCampers at Tullamarine (Melbourne). The van was very clean and fully equipped with sleeping bags, towels, cooker, fridge etc but we found that all the campsites we stayed at had big camp kitchens and BBQ's that you could use (often for free!) so we never cooked in the van at all. It's a great way to see Australia and we met some really nice people at the sites we stayed at (we used Big 4 campsites a lot) and they are very reasonable - the most we paid was about $23 per night. All were very clean, clean bathrooms and loos and in really nice locations so can highly recommend them, particularly the one we stayed at in Ballarat when we went to Sovereign Hill. I know you can do campervan pick up and drop off in a different city which is handy if you want to travel back from a different airport. Hope you have a brilliant trip! Love Gill, Phil and Harry