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  1. tony74


    Hi Can anybody tell me if the the work for bricklayer's in Perth as picked up any and if so whats the going rate ? Thanks
  2. tony74


  3. A lot of bricky job adverts ask for a minimum of 5 years WA experience but there are some who will give you a chance, the going rate is about $250 a day or about $180 for a labourer. Its tough going and your work has gotta be spot on but if you are a good bricky you shouldnt have a problem. where about are you looking?
  4. tony74

    building trade in oz

    I heard there putting comedians on the skills list so why dont you look into that
  5. tony74


    Hi mate im a bricky and have been in Perth for 4 mths, probably looking at about $250 a day, seems to be quite a bit going on and from what ive been told its picking up
  6. tony74

    Living the dream?

    We have been here a few weeks now and just wanted to ask everyone....how the bloody hell do you make ends meet? wages are low compared to how much work you do and everything is so expensive. Hope the next few weeks start to improve
  7. tony74

    Mandurah here at last!!!

    Hiya thompsons 1977, Im a bricky, missus is a pharmacy tech, got 2 kids 7 and 5 and a friend of a friend is looking out for work for me (hopefuly starting as soon as i get the right cards) and the holiday home is amazing, very big 5 bedrooms, loads of room and very very clean, be warned holiday homes arent cheap but it has everything you need u ntill your container gets here, If you pm me i will give you contact for the holiday home....good luck
  8. tony74

    Mandurah here at last!!!

    Finally after 5 years we have arrived in Australia and so far its everything we thought it would be, we came out here for a reccie in 2006 and applied for a visa shortly after, originally we wanted to go to Brisbane on a 175 but after a while had a total change of plan and came to Perth on a ss 176. After years of planning we put our house up with a property management company in Liverpool,we then had the horrible job of saying goodbye to our families which was the hardest thing we have ever had to do nothing can prepare you for that. We flew out on Tuesday 26th June and had a 2 day stopover in Dubai (well worth thinking about if you have young children). We flew with Emirates who are absolutely fantastic nice flight, 200+ movies, games, and the food was good too. We flew 6 hours from Manchester to Dubai then a further 10.5 hours from Dubai to Perth. We rented a holiday home for 4 weeks in Mandurah and i think this is were we want to stay, it has everything we need....beaches, parks, open spaces for my kids to run wild, we love it here i know weve only been here a few days but everything feels right.:biglaugh:
  9. tony74

    Primary schools- mandurah Perth

    Hi thanks for the replies.I am so excited about coming over in june, just hope kids settle in :biggrin:
  10. Hi we are moving to Perth the end of June, and just wanted abit of information about good primary schools around Halls Head. We have 2 boys (7 years and 5 Years). When do the school terms start in Perth?:err:
  11. tony74

    do most people feel like this?

    Alrite scottiedog, my story mate is that after we got our visas and started telling people we were going a friend of a friend told me i could jump in with him for a couple of months to get the hang of things out there, then hes gonna put me on to some of his contacts and hopefully things will take off. Where in Perth are you headed, were going to Mandurah
  12. tony74

    do most people feel like this?

    Alrite Ollie, Just read your post and think its normal to have doubts, its a massive move but at the end of the day if you dont like it you can come back, we got our visas in September and were moving to Perth in June (were also from Liverpool) Im a bricky too and ive got a bit of work lined up so if i can give you any advice i will. We still get worried about moving....one day your worried about leaving everything you know behind the next your excited about the thought of living in a great country, starting afresh and finally letting my kids play outside. Liverpool aint a good place (gangs, drug dealers, users) i dont want my kids growing up seeing all that, im not saying the grass is greener but unless you try it youll never know. Where in Liverpool are you?
  13. tony74

    Calling on all BRICKYS for HELP !!!

    Hi, as mentioned above i had to do a statutory declaration which covers everything youve done sinse your apprentiship, list every company youve worked for and try to remember dates also list jobs youve done (not all obviously) just as an example ie built a school for Joe Blogs in 2003, but go into detail, you need to convince them that you know your stuff so go into as much detail as possible, tell them that you used a hilti gun to fix ties or tram lines in your blockwork to strengthen it or tell them about a herring bone panel you built in a wall once, just mix it up and cover everything. Its a pain in the a**e but it will all be worth it.....hope this helps, if you need any info just ask.
  14. where is rockingham in relation to surfers paradise Brilliant...ill do it too im in Liverpool lol
  15. tony74

    Grand parents

    Thank you :biggrin: