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  1. Hi Were in the Seaford area and love it. Not far from the beach, shops and school. My OH drives to the city for work and only takes about 40/45 mins. when the expressway is fully open it will be a lot quicker and there is also a new train line, opening soon:)
  2. sedgecl

    Rental needed

    Hi yes I have, I posted on poms in oz and poms in aAdelaide.. Thanks
  3. sedgecl

    Rental needed

    Rental Needed Hi Not sure if anyone is able to help, but my family and I are looking for a 4 bed, 2 bath rental in the Seaford Rise area, also happy to rent in the Hallet Cove, Port Noarlunga, Moana area. If anyone is breaking their lease, then please email me. We have been in Adelaide for just over a week, but I am really finding it hard to find anything. As soon as a house is on the market it is gone. Would really like to get my boys into school for the 1st week in September… Thanks
  4. sedgecl

    Money Transfer Who to Use

    Hi All We are off to Adelaide on 9th August... We completed the business and house sale last week, the container left on Tuesday this week, so we are now homeless, unemployed and sofa surfing...lol My OH and I are wondering who the best company to use to move our money with. I have had a look on the web and Halo appears to offer the best rate. I notice on the expat forums, Moneycorp are quite popular. I am interested to hear people’s views with regards to this as obviously like most we want the most for our money. Also, as the exchange rate is low at the mo', what investment method is best to use, whilst waiting to transfer money over to Oz. Sorry for all the questions. Thanks
  5. sedgecl

    Hairdressing products

    Hi hoping someone maybe able to help. We are moving to Adelaide in August. I am a hairdresser and have products that I want to bring with me. The moving company are fine with this, but I wondered if anyone else had done this, as I am interested to know how the products travelled. Will it cause problems with the chemicals, would they still give the ame results as in the uk? The resin for being them is that I have heard products are very expensive in Australia. Look forward to hearing from someone soon cassey
  6. You should be fine, if you need to renew make sure that you keep the old one as thats the one with the visa in. She how long is left on your passport when you get the visa granted. My OH had to apply for a new passport as it only had one year on it....Good luck
  7. sedgecl

    Problems Selling Up..!!

    Thanks all for the feedback, think that we are all feeling in the UK, it can be so depressing. I am trying to sell a business as well, if one could sell I would feel tons better...I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, just haven't got a glimpse of it yet.... Good luck to all.....x
  8. sedgecl

    Problems Selling Up..!!

    I will, thanks for that..
  9. sedgecl

    Problems Selling Up..!!

    Going with the last one, as all the above don't fit into the criteria, Estates agents have been really good, think it must be a people who don't really wanna buy, general time waster I guess....Just wish I could sell the bloody thing to get over to Oz and start a new life with my family....
  10. sedgecl

    I don't believe it- just got my VISA through!!!!

    Many Congrats, its such a lovely feeling isn't it.. Really hope you enjoy your new adventure...
  11. sedgecl

    Problems Selling Up..!!

    Believe me I've heard, but we have had so many viewings and 3 offers, just can't see why it keeps going wrong....
  12. sedgecl

    Problems Selling Up..!!

    Hi Just had to ask as this has been bugging for a while now, is anyone having problems selling their house in the UK. We sold our house back in Jan 12, sadly it fell through, we then sold again in Feb, it fell through, we have had tons of viewings and great reviews, offers are being made, but no one is in the right position to sell....I also sold the business and yes you got it, it fell through...If I was in Oz I would be bloody rich by now... Just interested to know if anyone has been experiencing problems or is it just me having a run of bad luck .....:arghh:
  13. sedgecl

    Migration agents

    Hi OE have merged with Ian Harrop, Ian Harrop helped us all the way, they have been great....
  14. sedgecl

    Good companys to go with

    Hi, we used Ian Harrop, the team where great, we now have our visas and they are still there to help, give them a call, its free, I have attached the website link for you: http://www.ianharrop.co.uk/ Good luck...x
  15. When I applied for my Visa as a Hairdresser, I didn't have to do the Trade test, check it out it may have changed, but I just competed the TRA, State Sponsership and then applied for my Visa...Goodl uck