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  1. melpaul

    sponsering my sister

    Thank you so much rpkbuviki i can now send the form off . melbournegirlinny my sis is applying for a 175 as shes a nurse she canot do sponer as does not wish to emigrat so soon as children in uni but has to apply now as shes 45 next year and a sponsered visa would come through to quick for her i think .But she might be looking at that if its the only way. Her children would have to stay behind with our mum. but she needs me to sponser her to help with her reaching her points its not a proper sponser just helps add to her points :jiggy:
  2. melpaul

    sponsering my sister

    my sis is a registered nurse but her age is against her as she turns 45 next year to help her with reaching the points she needs me to sponser her. I know how it works as we emigrated 2 years ago but seams harder now glad were are her as dont fancy our chances if we were going through it now with all the changes they have made
  3. melpaul

    sponsering my sister

    hi peps need some info i live i melb emigrated 08 but my sis whos a nurse is applying and needs me to sponser her im filling out form 1277 and it asks for my visa number there are so many numbers on my visa which one is it anybody now ? thanks for any info mel x
  4. melpaul

    Welsh in Melbourne??

    Nice to now there are some welsh around i live in pakenham
  5. melpaul

    Welsh in Melbourne??

    Hi lyn where in melb are you my hubby likes to talk rugby to how old are your children my son is 16 we moved to melb oct 08 we live in lyndhurst hope you have a good new year were going up the city for new year should be good with all the fire works kids should love it and trains free
  6. melpaul

    flights to uk

    Thanks for your wise words he to would be staying with his nan then his nan and my son would be flying back a week before he starts his app i have asked him if he wanted to go back for good and he has said no he mises peps but the uk just hasent got any jobs for him and he feels that aus is going to give him a better life
  7. melpaul

    Commuting into Melbourne CBD

    I live in melb in the south east subs in lyndhurst about 45 mins to city depending on trafic mt martha is lovely and mornington lovely but we found it a bit to far but then we have to drive alot with work were about 10 mins from frankston
  8. melpaul

    flights to uk

    He is also looking forward to starting an apprentiship in feb this is why he wants to go back for christmas because once he starts his app he wont be able to go back i feel he is very mature in somethings but as you say he may not be mature enough to fly just yet i think im gona have to go back with him
  9. melpaul

    flights to uk

    I think hes afraid hell mis his conecting flight iv told him that there will be people he can ask i have also told him that plenty of children younger than him have flown on their own he may also be afraid of flight but hasent said
  10. melpaul

    flights to uk

    Hi peps my 16 year old son wants to go back to the uk for a holiday he desparetly needs to go back but myself and my hubby are to busy with work and house build he doesnt wish to fly back on his own and im not to happy to let him go on his own just wish i knew someone flying from melb to london in dec i have told him that the airhostess will help but hes still wont but i cant get time off work to go back and i now he realy wants to go and visit friends and family i feel for him but also is it to early to go back as only been here a year im afraid he may not come back if i dont go back with him :arghh:
  11. melpaul

    Welsh in Melbourne??

    Hi taffyinoz how long you been here. we will have to met up for a coffee as your just around the corner from me :yes:.
  12. melpaul

    Welsh in Melbourne??

    HI Jocuz thanks for the reply i have just bought land in pakenham so ill be moving over your way soon ill give you a ring x
  13. melpaul

    Welsh in Melbourne??

    Hi all my welsh mates iv now been in south east subs of melb 10 months and still havent met any welsh peps where r u all im in lyndhurst anyone near missing talking to someone with same humor xx :biglaugh: mel xx
  14. melpaul

    Are you from Wales?

    Hi were from south wales now living in melbourne
  15. melpaul

    Moving to Melbourne! feeling scared

    HI Trish it is hard and as you say wev all done it when you get hear theres still lots to do but dont let it put you off when its done youll have time to make lots off new friends i was getting quite stressed but now iv done everything im loving makeing new friends my husband works in toorak on toorak rd but at mo we live in lyndhurts it takes him 40 mins comute but we love it been hear since oct and met some lovely people if you need a chatt when you arrive feel free to get intouch melx