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  1. mandymcqueen

    Mackay What's a good internet provider?

    Hi Dave, we are in Mackay and have just changed over to dodo its much cheaper for unlimited and has a really good speed, they never used to service this area but have started in the last year, I couldnt fault them, I cant be sure but I dont think you need to wait 3 months for dodo either. You should have a look at them too.
  2. Hi Guys Just thought I would pop this on incase it could be an option for anyone. Was looking on Gumtree and there is a company advertising for Child Care workers and that they are happy to sponsor people to get them to OZ. Here is the Link Child Care or Kinder Teacher in Melbourne. Sponsorship Visa - Teaching Jobs - Childcare Jobs - Gumtree Brisbane Free Classifieds As it says the job is in Melbourne. I hope this might be of use to someone out there Mandy :biggrin:
  3. mandymcqueen

    Whos going to Mackay

    Hi All Is there a few people on here that are looking for rentals for when they arrive? I am already in Mackay and every 2 weeks the Pocket Trader comes out, its full of everything from rentals to washing machines. Anyway the new one is out tomorrow if anyone is looking for a rental let me know and I will send on the details, there were heaps of short term rentals in it last time, unfortunately Pocket Trader isnt online but I am more than happy to email anyone details of the ads if it will help them out.
  4. mandymcqueen

    has anyone had a baby/induced in aus??

    Dont believe what people tell you, I was induced with my first but not my second and there was no difference, people told me the pain is worse if you are induced but its not, you will be fine, I had my second out here and first in Scotland, the hospital in Brisbane was fantastic couldnt fault them with a single thing. You should ask your Midwife if you can do a tour of the hospital before hand that might make it less intimidating for you for when the time comes and if you speak to your midwife about your concerns they might be able to swing you a private room after delivery, hey if you dont ask you dont get haha. Good luck :biggrin:
  5. mandymcqueen

    Moving to Mackay

    Yeah the lagoon is fantastic and good luck to anyone trying to get a house. Would be worth emailing all the agents with when you arrive and telling them you want to view as many properties as you can in that week. We stayed in the Pioneer Villa Motel for the week it was ok but I think it is about $120 per night for a family room (company paid for us so not 100%) but if you check out Nebo Road there is hundreds of Motels and they are all cheaper at the weekend, because the workers are home. Word of warning about the caravan Park on Nebo Road dont do it, my hubby stayed there for work and he said it was disgusting.
  6. mandymcqueen

    Moving to Mackay

    Hi everyone Just a word of warning, I have just spent a week in Mackay trying to find a rental property, its not easy I tell you. For anyone that has a set date for moving I would advise calling all the real estate agents at least 3 weeks prior to that, the trouble I had was they wont let one person view a house so when you go and view you are up against 7 or more people but the main problem was houses that were available now they will leave for up to 2 weeks before they do a viewing. I found it all a bit weird it doesnt work like that in Brissy, however we did get the house we wanted yippeeee and get the keys on Monday. Not trying to put anyone off but it would have been easier had I known that before I arrived. There is a great place to take the kids though Bluewater Lagoon its free has slides and very shallow pool area for the younger ones, we went last week and the kids loved it.
  7. mandymcqueen

    Fear of Flying....

    Try not to worry, I am the same really not good on flights and it is the thought of turbulence that scares me (started after a terrifying flight to India) I worried from the day we booked flights and I have to say that it was probably the best flight I have ever been on absolutely no turbulence all the way to Singapore. Was a tiny bit from Singapore to Brisbane but it only lasted about 1 minute and it was nothing I hardly even noticed it and trust me I notice every little bump when I fly. Good luck and honestly try not to worry for us at least it was such a smooth flight, maybe see your GP as the other poster mentioned.
  8. mandymcqueen

    I need help when should you enroll for school

    thanks guys much appreciated :biggrin:
  9. Hi guys need some advice, been looking about but getting even more confused. So I have a 4 year old Born September 2006, we are living in Queensland and from what I can see it says he wont be due to start year 1 until he is 6 and a bit (2013) Is this right, its seems very late to be starting school. Also had a look at prep but does anyone know how much this costs on a bridging visa and also when you gain PR how much does prep cost? Thanks in advance.
  10. mandymcqueen

    Office base for an 857

    OK if a company has the head office in a City but the worker will be employed and relocated to a Regional area can they be sponsored. I have been told that this is only possible if the company has a Regional Branch. Any takers??? Mandy
  11. mandymcqueen


    Can anyone clarify that as along as your occupation has an ANZSCO code you are eligible to apply for RSMS (employer sponsored). So confused and I am getting different answers from 2 different agents any advise would be appreciated. This is what the immi website states - But what is classed as skilled???? The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) allows employers in regional or low population growth areas of Australia, to sponsor employees who are foreign nationals for a permanent visa to work in Australia. Who is this visa for? This visa is for employers operating in regional and low population growth areas of Australia, who want to sponsor skilled workers to fill skilled vacancies in their business. The employees applying for a visa can be either of the following: skilled workers from overseas skilled temporary residents currently in Australia. Visa applicants who are currently living and/or working in Australia on a qualifying visa can apply for the onshore RSMS (subclass 857) visa. If you do not hold a qualifying visa, you may still be eligible to apply in Australia if you last held a qualifying visa no more than 28 days prior to lodging an application. Thanks Mandy
  12. mandymcqueen

    Please tell me isnt not true

    Is this true that you cant apply for any other type of visa whilst you are on a Bridging visa? I really really hope not. Anyone know the answer??? Mandy
  13. mandymcqueen

    Irn Bru and Mushy Peas

    You can buy Irn-Bru in Coles in both Chermside and Aspley for $2.80 a bottle :jiggy:
  14. mandymcqueen

    Please tell me isnt not true

    so as long as I am bridging to a 485 I can still apply even though the 485 hasnt been granted yet?
  15. mandymcqueen

    Please tell me isnt not true

    No I was on a student visa until August this year then applied for a graduation visa which is currently taking over 1 year to process, so I am currently on a bridging visa. I would be looking to apply for RSMS or ENS early next year, so as I am on a bridging visa waiting for a graduation visa does this mean I cant apply until the graduation visa has been granted??
  16. mandymcqueen

    Please tell me isnt not true

    sorry, I am on a bridging visa after applying for a graduation visa, if we can get sponsored (fingers crossed) does this mean we have to wait until the graduation visa has been granted before we can apply?
  17. mandymcqueen

    Time limit on previous experience

    For ENS/RSMS what is the time limit on the previous experience I mean you must have worked in that occupation for 2 of the previous 5 years etc, I am making sense?? My point is what if you took 2 years away from that occupation can you still go back to it for sponsorship.
  18. mandymcqueen

    Where are the roos?

    its a bit far but they hang out at the university at the sunshine coast, suppose you could make a day of it up on the coast but unless you stay in more rural brisbane with lots of land I doubt you will see any.
  19. mandymcqueen

    Jack Duckworth

    Hang on Vera is dead too when did that happen, oh my lord I really need to get foxtel organised.
  20. mandymcqueen

    RSMS/ENS question

    This may be a stupid question but...... is there a separate list for occupations that can apply for RSMS or is it the same list as ENS ( I would think so but you never know). Thanks guys
  21. mandymcqueen

    RSMS/ENS question

    yeah it is employer sponsored RSMS I meant, so where do I find the list of occupations that can go via that route or can any occupation do it as long as they can prove they cant fill the position?
  22. mandymcqueen

    Agents in Brisbane

    Can anyone out there recommend a good agent in the Brisbane area I am at the end of my tether and I need help, still no further forward on getting a sponsorship but am being told of lots of other options other than hairdressing and I need an agent to speak to and find me an answer. Did have an agent but she apparently has dropped off the face of the earth. thanks guys :biggrin:
  23. mandymcqueen

    Bridging visas and permission to work

    I could be wrong but if you are on a Bridging visa A then you have no work restrictions. I would check the email they sent you informing you of being on a bridging visa and read it, because on my email it told me my working rights at the bottom. Hope this helps. mandy
  24. mandymcqueen

    Help needed

    Hey Darren, did you have any luck with your license yet? If not I have a friend over in WA that is a sparky and I can give him a call and see what he did to get his, I can ask him for some contacts for a job too (not promising anything but hey I can ask). Good luck Mandy
  25. mandymcqueen

    Irish and moving to Brisbane.

    I am currently living in the north side of Brissy have been for nearly 2 years and I love it, got a 4 year old and a 9 month old and my oldest loves it here, as said before it depends on what you want, close to the beach, close to the city, near work etc. Also dont know if you know about it but there is southbank beach, check it out on google, it is awesome if you want the best of both worlds its a man made beach on the brissy river kids just love it there. Some nice areas on the north are North Lakes (Very family orientated) Albany Creek, Sandgate they are all about 40 minute drive to the city or Morningside, Grange, Herston much closer to the city but a bit more expensive. There are so many parks in the Brisbane area and they are all fantastic for the little one and they all have bbq areas too. Cant comment on shipping as we only packed a case each and got on the plane. Any other questions feel free to ask. Mandy