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  1. oldjonah

    School Help

    After a rocky return to the UK (long and complicated involving the inability to get a rental property, car insurance and various other essentials to life) we are staying with a friend and looking to get my daughter back to school. She was born 2/7/2002. Is she supposed to be in secondary school? If so does anyone know if i can hold her back in primary until the next school year? She is definitely not ready for secondary school. Thanks
  2. oldjonah

    Financed Car

    We have decided to return to the UK but have a car on finance. I'm not sure where to start in sorting it out. What have others done please? Thanks
  3. oldjonah


    Renting in nz and oz was fairly easy... Advice on how to go about it in the uk would be great! We will need a short term furnished place to begin with and then a longer rent when our stuff gets to the uk. thanks
  4. oldjonah

    Decided that we will be going back to the UK

    No idea yet apart from north of London! Does my employer have to pay flights even though its my choice to leave? The way I read the DIAC website is that as long as I request in writing the cost of flights then my sponsor needs to pay reasonable flight costs. $6400 seems very good, I will get grace round to do a quote.
  5. Ok we have decided to leave the NT and head home to the UK. We are aiming to leave in feb 2014. Can people share who they have used for relocating items and pets and give approx costs? Also what do I need to do before I leave? We are on a 457 visa. I want to find a job in the uk before I leave and will register with a couple of agencies. I am a radiographer so hopefully will not be too hard. We will rent when we arrive..any tips on this? And how can I open a bank account? thanks ppl
  6. oldjonah

    Struggling with a decision

    Just wanna be sure I haven't missed a big for/against that we haven't thought about.
  7. oldjonah

    Struggling with a decision

    :wideeyed: We have been in NZ for 3 years and made the move to OZ in March 13. We had light heartedly discussed going back to the UK when we were in NZ but now the discussion is becoming more serious. I have a small list of fors and againsts but nothing that can offer a solution. What has been other people's fors and againsts when discussing this issue? thanks
  8. oldjonah

    Radiographer emigrating to NZ

    Nope never been!!! My plan is to work in NZ for a year or two then go over to Oz (I have been there!). I dont mind where I go in NZ but in Oz I want to be in QLD near my brother.
  9. oldjonah

    Radiographer emigrating to NZ

    OK....so today I have sent my application form to NZ so I can be registered as a Medical Radiation Technologist.... Wish me luck.....should know in 12 weeks max........GULP
  10. oldjonah

    Radiographer Accreditation

    Arrgghhh!! I really need some advice. I am a newly qualified radiography desperate to get to Oz but find myself needing 2 years post grad experience to get accreditation with AIR. Does anyone have any experience with this or know of any loop holes? Thanks
  11. Heres the situation... I am a newly qualified radiographer.. I have a brother in queensland.. I want to emigrate or work over in Oz ASAP...whats the best way to achieve my goal! Thanks ppl!!
  12. I have a daughter who is 6. Has not seen her biological father since she was a year old. I don't know where he is, he doesnt pay maintaince. He basically didnt want to know once we parted. Because we werent married and she was born in 2002, does this mean he does not have parental responsibility? I read somewhere that someone did a stat dec stating similar facts so she didnt have to ask the fathers permission. Can anyone confirm this? if not can someone point me in the right direction as to what to do? Thanks Sam
  13. oldjonah

    Need advice from you good ppl!!!

    Hi everybody.. I qualify in a few months as a radiographer. I know I need 2 years experience to register with the Australian Institue of Radiograpers. But....if I apply for a visa to migrate I think I only need 1 years experience.....can someone confirm this for me plz? If I only need 1 years exp, how do I get a job as a radiographer in Oz if I cant register with AIR? Any advice would be great!! Thanks Sam
  14. Hi I will be applying for my visa in the near future and have managed to get my ex partner to agree that my 5 year old daughter can emigrate. He never sees her or has any contact. Is the Stat Dec a form, or do I need to get a solicitor to draw one up. I am aware that he must sign it in front of a solicitor. Thanks
  15. oldjonah

    Migration Issues

    Hi all We (me, hubby and 2 rugrats) have just joined in the hope that you may shed some light on some issues for us I am doing a degree radiography course at the moment and will be applying for a visa as soon as possible. Do I have to have a years work experience even if I have a job offer? How much does it cost to use a migration firm and would you use one or do it yourself? Thanks all