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  1. tuckerfa

    The town you grew up in.

    Walney Island, Barrow-in-Furness. Where the lakes meets the sea! Walney was a great place to grow up on. Sea, sand & freedom! I even have a tattoo of the island on my arm! Can't seem to upload it. To see the island and it's history, my mates website is www.walney-island.com well worth a look
  2. I think you will all find that every newspaper and news outlet in the world have their own agenda and their piss poor reporting. Even the Holy Chalice of The Guardian is full of crap too. Like I said. Don't have a go at someone because of the paper or tv news channel they prefer. Judge the person for who they are not what they read or watch! Before you know it, you'll be judging someone for the length of their hair, their tattoos, their facial hair, their height, their weight..... Oh where do I stop?
  3. I have no idea why people don't like the Daily Mail. I guess it's like people not liking The Sun or The Star or The Telegraph or Financial Times. Some people seem to think that people who read it are right wing fascists or something. I guess they are the small minded people who put people into catagories and label them without actually getting to know them. As soon as you mention the Daily Mail to some people they immediately jump to conclusions about you. Who are the small minded people here?
  4. tuckerfa

    big mistake ....

    We moved here in May 2008. It was my idea and I had talked about it since I was about 15! I was 38 when we got here. My dad was in bad health, but the wife, two teenage boys and I had his full blessing to come over here. His biggest regret was that he didn't when he had chance. In September 2008 he died. We had just got our lives here sorted. Jobs, rental, schools etc. We had a little bit of money left in the bank, enough for 1 flight back. The wife insisted I go, but I couldn't. All I could hear in my head was his voice saying, "don't be so bloody stupid. Waste of money to watch a box go in the ground. You have your family to look after now." I understand for everyone it is different, but the way I have always seen it is, that our parents have had their time and did what they needed to do for us, but there comes a time when we need to do whats best for us and our children and not live in our parents pockets. My dad was a great believer in that and that has help me with all the traumer of moving etc. All the best, take care and do what is right for you and your family. Good luck
  5. tuckerfa

    do we need a British Passport?

    We have very recently become Australian citizens and are in the process of applying for Australain passports. Our British passports expired about 15 months ago. I am happy just to have an Australian passport, but the wife insists she wants a Britsh one too! At $238 I can't see the point. We are going back for a holiday to England and France next year. Does having a British one have any more benifits than an Australian one? Apart from being less time at passport control in France I can't. I wait to be enlightend.
  6. On the grandparent rule, which a lot of sports use, my kids could represent Egypt!! Shame they don't have a Rugby League team!! LOL!!
  7. It's been a while since I've been on here. The front page informed me that there were over 296,000 new messages!! Not sure if I'll get around to reading them all. I thought I'd give you a brief update on my mate and his family. 15 months ago there was a big media thing about a family of 14 moving to Oz. People who had no idea saying it wasn't right, must be on a tourist visa, no job etc etc etc. Dave is still in the job he first accepted when he moved here. Loves it!! They have just bought a very large 5 bedroom house and he's converted a couple of rooms into bedrooms. The two eldest are working full time (have been for over a year) the rest are still at school. 2 of them have part time jobs. They are all absolutly loving living here. They have no regrets at all. I keep asking the teenage girls if they'd go back and it's always the same answer. "No way". They have made so many friends out here and have done so much in the short time they have been here. It's been our pleasure to be part of their journey and we see eachother almost every week. My youngest and his mates hang around with the older girls most weekends, going to parties, trips to the Gold Coast, watching him play footy. They haven't got a bad thing to say about Australia and they have really embraced the culture and way of life. I think the weather helps too!! Any questions, just ask. I'll try to answer what I can, but I won't go into personal details, for obvious reasons. Frank
  8. tuckerfa

    Hi everyone........south Brisbane bound 2013

    We are in Birkdale. About 30 mins from the CBD. We love it here and can't see ourselves anywhere else. We are older than you (both 42) and our boys are 19 & 17, so not much in common, but if you want advise about the area feel free to ask. We've been here just over 4 years and know the south side quite well.
  9. I've just phoned a friend who is a panel beater/paint sprayer.
  10. tuckerfa

    Medical Insurance - Do we really need it?

    We looked into it quiet recently. Me, Mrs (both 42) two kids19 & 17, both dependant. We got our PR visa when we were 40. From what we have seen on TV they penalise you for not having private health insurance from the age of 31. To fully insure all of us for hospital and extras it will cost around $1200 per month!! We are lucky if we have $120 a month left from our wages!! The figure they quoted is half our mortage!! The way I see it is. If I split my head open, they are going to stitch me. If I have a heart attack, they'll try not to let me die etc, etc, etc. The same as the UK. If you want to jump the queue, go private. I can't say for anyone younger as to how much it will cost and if it's worth it, but some one our age and income. Take your chances unless you can really afford $1200 per month. Just in case!!
  11. tuckerfa

    Is the grass greener?

    Moved here 4 years ago with 2 boys aged 15 and 13. The grass is greener for us BIG time. Oldest gaining an OP3 (QLD system) after only 2 years in the Qld education system and now doing a Paramedic degree looking to go to med school for a Phd and the youngest now doing an apprentiship in a trade that'll lead to a bloody good amount of money when he finishes. Both living at home, both driving there own cars fully insured. Coming from a small northern English town, miles away from any major city, this would never of happened. I'm voting for the GREENER side of things. Good luck everyone. Hope it works out for you. Give it a real good go. Not just a few half arsed months.
  12. All the paint Bunnings sells is made by either Taubmans (PPG industries) or Dulux and they defiantly don't have their own brand name on any paint. They do have exclusive brands though (made by Dulux), so I'm not sure where this one is going. Paint is very expensive in Australia, but they do have a cornered market and there is not much you can do about that.
  13. tuckerfa

    Dry roasted peanuts (like the KP ones!)

    I have looked every where for dry roasted peanuts. I've been here for 4 years and rely on people fetching them when then go/come on holiday and also from friends who have rellies in NZ. Yes they sell them in NZ. This is really sad. I emailed Smiths, who own Knobbys and said about all the UK, NZ and European (I have bought them in France) people and there must be a market for them. They replied by saying they sold them years ago and the market for them got less and less so they decided to stop making them! They also told me that they are stopping making "nude nuts". So sorry. Your going to have to import them.
  14. tuckerfa

    Bedroom wear

    Me and the wife never wear anything all year round, even when we lived in northern England. The thought of putting something on, to us is just bizzare. I think the last time I wore anything in bed was when I was about 9 or 10. The wife was about the same. When we got together at 16 there was no fumbling with clothing . Now been together 26 years and still no fumbling with clothing ))
  15. tuckerfa


    I've read a lot of comments in the British media at the bottom of the articles that the family were in. So of them made us laugh. Most people saying how can he go without a job, he'll be on the first plane back and the best one, a tourist visa!!!! What a load of muppets. For the past 3 weeks they have been living at my house. It's been cramped, but we treat it as a giant sleep over! Ok for those knockers of the family. Dave has got a PR visa with no restrictions. The job he had lined up fell through, so he did come over jobless. He has now been employed. Today I helped them move into their rental and also build the load of furniture they have bought (spent a fortune in the local area). He is a highly skilled worker that's why he got State sponsored, so everyone saying he only worked in a paper mill, should actually find out what one of the most, if not the most, advanced papermill in Europe actually does. The kids have all been enrolled into school and the eldest are looking at course to go into the police service. Family benifits. In the UK everyone (including Prince Charles when his kids were nippers) was intitled to family allowance. Workers got family tax credit (every worker is means tested for this). They never claimed sickness, rent allowance (had a mortage) disability etc. Unlike a lot of the spongers in the UK with a lot less kids. They may claim some assistance in Oz (again means tested and everyone is entitled to claim), but think about it. 12 kids will grow up and end up working. Look at the tax revenue that will generate. The flight figures were rounded, but don't forget a lot of those tickets were kids and the baby flies free. Only one of the kids kicked of on the whole flight and when they landed they were thanked and appauleded by the entire flight crew. They are an awesome and down to earth family who can't see what the fuss is about. After having them here for 3 weeks, I can't either. They are just a normal family, just a little larger. They, us and MY freinds have been hounded by both the Australian and British media from about 3 days in (door knocking, email, facebook freind requests, phone calls etc contacting mates of mine in their work place). They only did the channel 9 thing to try and get them of their backs. I even had Today Tonight knocking on my door this morning at 8:30. The media even went into my place of work to try and get info from me. Believe me, it's scared the kids. They are happy and adjusting to their new world and me, my family and freinds will continue to assist them when ever they want it. I hope this puts the matter to rest. Thanks