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  1. patsmec

    student nurse . HELP

    Hi Ali Thanks for your reply, nice to hear from you. I know graduates are mainly for Australian nurses. Looking to be sponsored on 457 visa, job hunting myself and lots of research. Can't start the ball rolling till I get my qualifications in Sept this year. It's been a very long journey, just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Pat & I are so fed up of England and the boys talk about oz all the time. We are daring to get a little excited again and have more determination than ever!!!!!!! Hopefully we will be able to return the favour and invite you all to OUR barbie in the not too distant future. Thanks Helen & Pat
  2. patsmec


    Congratulations!!! know how u feel!!! We got our visa in 08, couldn't sell the house and ran out of time. By this time my husband had past 45yrs. Now I'm at Uni training to be a nurse (8 mths to go!) over 3yr course. Then start all over again with visa's, research, medicals etc... Hoping to be over in Perth early nxt year and starting to get excited again!! It's been a long,long road with light at the end of the tunnel, HOPEFULLY.
  3. patsmec

    student nurse . HELP

    Hi Ali Happy New Year to u all!!! Hope you remember us, visited you in Aug 2007. Still trying to get over to Perth, it's been and still is a very long journery. I am in my final year of nurse training, now checking out graduate programmes and job sponsorship. Had e-mails from Royal Perth regarding graduate programmes- offering to Australian students first not many places. E-mailing private companies as well as recruitment agencies. So far only been offered 457 visa on sponsorship, which we're not sure about! would prefer permanent visa but I know these are hard to come by. If you can offer any advice it would be welcome! Love Helen, Pat & the Boys xx
  4. patsmec

    soap watch

    Thats my mrs.......Corrie and Emmerdale........its all mindnubbing and drives me up the wall.
  5. Hi Ali So nice to hear from you again! Sorry we haven't been in contact lately, but we are still very keen on moving down under! Thank you for your valuable advice, I will have a look at ANMC website and do some research. Loving my nursing at Uni in Preston, doing the diploma. I know I've got just under 2 yrs left, it might seem early researching now, but I want to make sure we have enough time to do everything ie paperwork, medicals etc... I'll keep you informed of my progress. Love Helen xx
  6. Hi Just looking for advice at the moment, in my 2nd yr as a student nurse, with a view to go to Oz when i qualify!! Can anyone tell me how i go about registering and working in Oz as a nurse.? I know I need a visa and medicals, but what else? I have a husband and 2 children, and can't wait to go!!!!!!! Any advice would be welcome. Thanks Helen x
  7. One of the reasons I keep seeing used against Oz is that it is 20 years behind the UK.....well in that case I cant wait to get there....20 years ago I loved the UK and was proud to call it home. It had a real social/community feel and people were a hell of a lot happier....That was before it became a dumping ground for every other country, the crime went through the roof, people work and try and survive for 50 weeks to TRY and enjoy themselves for 2, you are taxed to death, we are told by the head of British Gas to put jumpers on, because he knows having gone up 50% this year pensioners like the rest of us can't even afford to heat their homes....and even the weather has gone drastically worse over the last decade and now it is just varying shades of grey. Like I said 20 years ago I loved the UK, but sadly now I detest the place.....whatever you left the UK for , believe me since you have been gone its got a hell of a lot worse!
  8. Not had a viewing for over 2 months now, my visa due to expire in early October :arghh:and no light at the end of the tunnel....renting is something we have looked into, but not a viiable option for us...heart breaking. We always thought the visa would be the stumbling block.....the houses around our village have always sold like hot-cakes. In the process of developing a plan B, where theres a will...and all that. Plan B will delay us for a couple of years, which is hard to swallow......but we seem to have little option at present........its like waiting for a jail sentence to finish trying to get out of this country!:cry: Pat
  9. patsmec

    I Want To Be In Australia.

    I know where you are ALL coming from.... Our house has been on market since Jan and we had a lot of viewings at first then less and less as the months have gone by (NO VIEWINGS IN JUNE AT ALL!!) Got our sponsored visa in April, have to be there by October or validate by then at least...another £5,000 gone if we do ...great!!:cry: But even if we do I am not sure the job sponsorship is going to stay around much longer... At this rate we might have to start the process all over again...mind blowing, we can't rent as we need equity to move and set up. Seem to be spending a little more on alcohol at the moment as well. GOOD LUCK TO ALL IN SAME POSITION. PAT
  10. patsmec

    mechanics in Adelaide

    Hi Carlos66 I am a mechanic myself and when we went over to Perth last year I looked at 4 or 5 jobs and got offered all of them. I think you will find your job prospects will be excellent in whatever state you choose....Good Luck Pat
  11. <p>When are you arriving in Aus guys? it's very chilly at the moment</p>

  12. patsmec

    What is it you like about Australia?

    My sentiments exactly, I am soo fed up with the UK and we have our visa and just waiting for the house to sell…..like a lot of others.:cry: It’s good to read these posts and remember why we started down this road and what lies at the end. Sometimes you wonder if you are going to ever live the dream, but reading stuff like this just brings back the memories of what we experienced over in Oz and helps keep you focused. Thanks and keep it up, it certainly recharges the batteries.:notworthy:
  13. patsmec

    Offer on house!!!!

  14. patsmec

    Offer on house!!!!

  15. patsmec

    What is it you like about Australia?

    I may have rose specs on as well, but what I experienced in Oz was what I was looking for and a lot more..... I only got chance to look around the Perth area, but we watched the news and read a lot of papers and I must say the headlines were a lot less of a worry than the UK papers week after week.:policeman: and I think no matter how good the rose specs were, the UK would still look crap!!