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  1. Hi You need to check the caveat as it will apply to your 457 Nomination and visa - I think it will say that the position has to require someone wit hat least 2 years relevant experience - does your nomination state this ? if it does, the nomination could be approved. then they will want you to have the 2 years experience when they look at your visa application. So depending on how much experience you have, you may be able to sort this now or withdraw visa and relodge later or withdraw both and re-lodge new Nomination requiring experience and then lodge 457 via when you have that experience Regards Tony
  2. Unfortunately, your Nomination and visa must be refused if not withdrawn - I expect the occupations to be withdrawn from the MLTSSL effective 01 July 2017 so if you have skills Assessment and 3 years experience before then, you could look at Direct Entry 186 ENS visa but you must apply before 01 July 2017 and hope that there will be saving provisions for those who have already applied before 01 July 2017 - even though no such provisions wre there for yoru 457 application - saving provisions are more likely with changes to permanent visas - this is your only hop[e as I see it Regards Tony
  3. Welshtone

    No More 457 visas

    186 ENS Direct Entry is one option before March 2018. the big question is whether any saving provisions 186 Transitional Stream will include those who need more time to meet the 2 year old requirement. I think Daryl is ahead of most in that he completes his 2 years before the changes in March 2018 - so at this stage, I think yo uwill be OK but it may take a while to confirm this 100% Regards Tony
  4. The new rule requires that you also have 2 years of experience now - I presume that is OK otherwise you would hardly get such an offer of employment. you will have an opportunity to get Employer sponsored for the 186 ENS Direct Entry up to at least March 2018 if you are under 50 (under 45 from 01 July 2017), have a skills assessment as a University Lecturer from VETASSESS, have at least 3 years experience and the University are willing to nominate you to a minimum 2 year position. From March 2018, the 186 ENS Direct Entry will work from the MLTSSL list only and the opportunity for PR then may be gone Regards Tony
  5. Welshtone

    457 Application Pending

    The general requirement for 2 years experience will be for all occupations from March 2018. Unfortunately, your occupation now has a caveat immediately requiring that the POSITION requires a person with at least 2 years experience - of course, it would then follow for your visa assessment that you have at least 24 months experience. So withdraw both applications and immediately re-lodge the Nomination which clearly states that it requires a qualified Graphic Designer with a minimum of 2 years experience. If that gets approved in the next 6 to 8 weeks or whatever, when you have the 2 years experience, re-lodge your 457 visa application. It will now be a 2 year 457 visa with a maximum on-shore extension of one further 2 year period and no avenue to Permanent residence unless the occupation swaps to the MLTSSL List or you obtain State Sponsorship for the 190 Skilled Visa - so you would have to look at it as a maximum 4 year overseas placement unless things turn in your favour during the 4 year period of stay.
  6. Welshtone

    Biggg Confusion about 28 days. Please Please help !

    The on-line system should allow you to put future date, but it may not have been amended yet to allow for future IELTS - The level and detail of advice I am giving you here is a very dangerous way to prepare your application, because any mistakes could result in ineligibility for a visa - you should really meet an on-shore agent to make sure you have not messed up on anything else. Regards Tony
  7. Welshtone

    Great news...No IELTS for Nurses!

    Hi Woody I don't think you will get any joy from WA as they have not signed up with APHRA so this change in APHRA requirements that MAY mean no IELTS in certain cases, does not apply to those who gain WA registration and then apply for modified assessment with ANMC. Regards Tony
  8. Welshtone

    Biggg Confusion about 28 days. Please Please help !

    This is confusion brought about by Berenguel court case which ruled that an IELTS score received up to time of decision, can prove the required English level required at time of application. All DIAC are warning about is that they reserve the right to make a decision (refusal) if an IELTS has not been received within 28 days of making the application. This 28 days is not a legal requirement e.g. if DIAC do not make a decision within 28 days and a sufficient IELTS is receved 6,000 days after the making of that application, and DIAC have still not made a decision, they would have to consider that IELTS result. If DIAC were efficient (highly unlikely) and refused applications that did not submit sufficient IELTS within 28 days of applying, the applicants could still apply to MRT and have all the time up to MRT decision to submit sufficient IELTS. So your only concern is to lodge the 485 application prior to your current visa expiring. Regards Tony
  9. Welshtone

    HELP - Do I have a case officer ?

    Something wrong there - best Email ASPC and ask them what the story is Regards Tony
  10. Welshtone

    Confused about State Sponsorship

    The new List will be announced next month (hopefully) as there is a Federal election in Oz tomorrow. The new list has new codes which is why it has complicated things for you as your ACS assessment is under the old code. Regards
  11. Welshtone

    Confused about State Sponsorship

    I see the only way you could get a meaningful State Sponsorship from WA is if they have "261399 Software and Applications Programmers NEC" on their State Plan when it comes out as this is the only ANZSCO code that they will corrolate your old ASCO code with. So if WA are interested in sponsoring your skills, they would need to be prepared to approve you as a 261399, eventhough it may have no relationship to what yo uactually do. Getting a new ACS assessment in a different occupation/code will require a new application. So wait and see what WA have on their list and then work out an alternative strategy, if you have one. Regards
  12. Welshtone

    IELTS for dependent

    To prove functional English via IELTS you need average of 4.5 - So you require a total aggregate score of at least 17.5 - as this is rounded up to an average of 4.5. Regards
  13. Welshtone

    Visa 457 - Meds

    Hi Alex The bridging visa, with a "no work" condition, is granted to you as soon as you apply for the 457 - but it only comes into effect when the tourist visa expires. You can apply for permission to work on the BVA if the sponsorship and nomination has been approved and you look like you meet the 457 visa criteria. Regards
  14. Welshtone

    Visa 457 - Meds

    Hi 1 - Yes, more often that not the Sponsorship and Nomination are lodged together 2 - Best to wait for the approval number firstbut yo ucan lodge ahead of approval 3 - Depending on whetehr your job is of special significance, medicals and chest x-ray may not be required - any children of school age would require health clearances. If you do need health clearances, then yours are still valid - so either way that base is covered. 4 - depends on which office is processing the applications Regards Tony
  15. Welshtone

    Great news...No IELTS for Nurses!

    Hi Colsha There is a bit of conflict with the information - As I said before, the change was to remedy the plight of an Australian trained Resident/Citizen who was caught up in the IELTS requirement - so the change was not meant to exempt any Migration applicants - so even if there is an offshore loophole, I would expect it to be closed soon. The only winners may be the on-shore students who have English taught Secondary Education, as they have also completed an Australian Nursing course. Regards Tony