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    New TV Show - Poms In Paradise ITV

    OK, I'm going to jump in here because I feel I can give a balanced comment on the programme because I have just returned to the UK having lived on the Gold Coast for over 3 years (and miss it so very very much but that's another story!!) First off, the lady that is getting a pasting on here - to be fair, she was the one saying she was a 'professional sunbather' and she was probably saying it in jest but it didn't come over that way and it was VERY embarrassing - simple! Did make me chuckle though that as she was saying this, it was chucking it down with rain lol! I am told the place she lives in is a rental, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that (I wish to god we had stayed in one) but the programme editing gave you the impression that they owned this home with a 'look at this - this is what we own here compared to what we owned in the UK' attitude. She could have done with getting the agents or whoever to sort that pool out though - bit of a green rancid mess! (I'm sure it wasn't THAT green by choice!!) The surf life saving champ and the Irish fella working as a park ranger were both great stories and balanced it out. However, my biggest gripe was that an awful lot of the scenery footage was NOT the Gold Coast. For example, the first shots of the hinterland when covering the Irish fella were but then it showed what appeared to be Blue Mountain footage!!! The families trip to the beach in their 4x4 was as someone else has pointed out, Stradbroke Island and most likely the North one at that, which is beautiful but it takes 2-3 hours to get too. Not a problem but again not the Gold Coast. Overall it was reasonably balanced, but edited controversially which is such a shame because if the tv producers/editors had made a more 'honest' programme it would have proved much more interesting and thought provoking. There are those that live or attempt to live a 'glamorous' lifestyle which is not everyone's cup of tea and those living truly interesting lives like the two fellas but inbetween there are the rest of us, just trying live a 'normal' life whatever that is, but with more opportunities! I hope the tv folks show some of these Lyn
  2. Lynandsean

    Selling Houses Australia

    yeah we are Gillian! God I haven't posted on here for soooo long - spat my dummy out!! Anyways, we are trying to sell in Pacific Pines, house been on the market since May last year, price has now been dropped by over $100,000 so we are now trying to sell at $75,000 less than it cost us too build It is a stupidly big size (it was meant to house 2 generations but that's another story!) and now only 2 of us living in it! Pool too! We did have a 'cash' buyer but that went belly up when it turned out the 'cash' wasn't actually available - inheritance that has been challenged grrr! So now here we sit, almost broke, daughter getting married in the UK in June and I am fast wondering if we will ever get there! Just to add, apparently everyone loves the house, its very good value etc but no one can actually afford to buy it..............
  3. Lynandsean

    Anyone used HiFX or know about them?

    Used them regularly when in the UK from 2007 transferring to Oz accounts and now vice versa. Excellent service from both sides so would highly recommend them. Lyn
  4. Lynandsean

    Poms Going Home to UK (register)

    I am somewhat insulted by your response to my post. I certainly wasn't going to put a thread on with nothing but negatives about our life here because it simply hasn't been that way. I was hopefully going to give an honest balanced view. It has been far from bad, just that our time here has made us realise what is important to us - what we can live with (in all aspects/areas) and what we can't. These 'things' are important to us but may well not be of the slightest consequence to others. There is nothing 'shocking' or 'scary' to tell and let's face it, even if I did, you wouldn't believe it anyway or it would be far worse in the UK :eek: My reference to my post about our life here being 'boring' was meant tongue in cheek in that it is likely to be pretty longwinded and most people would be on the land of nod before they got to the end :confused: I certainly don't need to be told that 'the UK is worse than when I left' - I know very well what it was like in the area where we were when we left and I know what it is like now and we do not wish to stay here another 2 years plus the time it will take for citizenship to be granted. We have time left on our visa plus we would probably qualify for a rrv anyway!
  5. Lynandsean

    Poms Going Home to UK (register)

    Thank you Susie! We will take lots of lovely memories back (and a few duff ones too!!) but we have absolutely no regrets, this whole thing has taught us one hell of a lot about ourselves and enabled our now 19 yr old son to blossom in a way that I really don't think he would have been able to do had we stayed in the UK. He has also been able to fulfill his dream of studying in his chosen field and is on the path to becoming a great success - what more could we have asked for really :jiggy: Lyn ps we have every intention of checking out Tassie before we head back, that's for sure!
  6. Lynandsean

    Poms Going Home to UK (register)

    Thought I'd just stick my oar in and say we have decided to go back to the UK. Have been living on the Gold Coast for 2 years and 1 day and we have decided enough is enough. Too many reasons but it really all boil down to too many compromises. Australia is a lovely country with many problems (some of which I hate with a passion!) and there are heaps of things we will miss. The UK is a lovely country with many problems (some of which I also hate with a passion!!) but the few things we do miss outweigh the things we will miss about Oz, simple as! However, we haven't totally decided when we will go back - be it as soon as we have sold the house (not even on the market yet as we are still finishing bits off!! - some things for us never change:wideeyed:) or most likely we will rent somewhere smaller for 6 months and take time out to explore a bit more - weekends away etc then go back later in the year! Maybe I'll bore you all senseless with an honest breakdown of our life here on a new thread in case it proves of any interest or help to anyone :unsure: Lyn
  7. Lynandsean

    What to do

    We are in a similar situation to you in that we are going back sometime this year although not entirely sure when. We too have a house to sell which it looks like we have made some money on. We have decided to sell the house as soon as possible - just got a bit of the garden to finish - then it's on the market soon as. We will stick the money in some kind of high interest account with instant access over here and rent a smaller place for 6 months. We just feel safer this way, let the money earn for us safely rather than risk the potential housing bubble bursting before we have sold (got caught out by that in the UK when we moved to Aus so not risking it again!). Keep a close eye on the exchange rate and with the money to hand as opposed to locked in the house - go for it when it feels right :eek: Very best of luck! Lyn
  8. Double Mattress - Wonderest Support-A-Pedic 1 (pretty firm with attached mattress topper - or pillow top sleep surface as described by SuperAMart!) Flip free. Approx 18 months old but used for one week only (guest bed). Immaculate condition, advertised for $450 in SuperAMart, sell for $200. George Foreman G2 Grill and Griddle, model no GF20G One half is open griddle, other half is grill with lid. Approx 18 months old, hardly used, still looks like new. Sell for $50. I am on Pacific Pines, Gold Coast. PM me for my tel no if you want to have a look/more info, etc. Lyn
  9. Lynandsean

    Computer keeps crashing

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for your advice Nigel (NigelinOz) and especially to 'gonefishing' for everything you did today - shame that it is totally buggered but at least I know! Now to find a replacement - been thinking about this and given that I need to take into consideration any possible return to the UK, I would like to get one that offers a worldwide guarantee - do they exist? Am browsing some sites now like Dell but any suggestions would be great? In the meantime I shall be pinching my son's one (as I am now) to get me by :eek: Lyn
  10. Lynandsean

    Computer keeps crashing

    Hi again forgot to say the operating system is Vista home premium. I'm trying to back up everything important I can now whilst in safe mode. I don't have any discs or products codes - the computer was an ex display as last one in shop and yes I could kick myself big time for not making a back up disc when I first bought it :mad: Lyn
  11. Lynandsean

    Computer keeps crashing

    Hi! Looking for a recommendation of help here! I have an Advent laptop bought about 3 yrs ago from PC World which has been working fine until Sunday. Since then it has been constantly crashing and its a battle to get it to restart. I tried using the system restore option taking it back further each time - in safe mode but still it keeps crashing (whilst in safe mode also) and with no logical reason - keep getting blue screens with what appear to be different reasons each time although at this point it completely loses me. I had a guy come and look at it this morning and he reckoned I'd fixed it under my own steam as needless to say it didn't crash while he was looking at it :arghh: He did say it didn't seem like there was anything wrong with the hard drive and it appeared to be a windows problem although to be honest I was a bit dubious about his competence as he seemed a bit bemused with it being a UK bought computer :eek: So is there any computer pro on here that is familiar with UK computers (why that should make a difference I don't know?!?) that is willing to come and take a look and repair it for me (I'm not talking free of charge here - I am perfectly happy to pay the going rate in case anyone is wondering LOL!!). If there is could you PM me and I will give you my details. I am on Pacific Pines on the Gold Coast. Thank you Lyn
  12. Lynandsean

    Pacific Pines bushfire

    What kind of ***** numbnut starts this! :mad: This was taken from the front of my house. The wind (which was strong last night) was taking it further into the forest apparently but it was so very close to other properties and the potential risk of major damage and injuries would have been huge. I hope to got all those that live close by to it are fine. It was apparently started in an abandoned ute taken into the forest and set on fire (access is pretty easy as there are tracks up there regularly used by off roaders and dirt bikers) Thankfully the fire fighters extinguished it overnight so a big thank you to them. Lyn
  13. Lynandsean

    Plumbers in queensland- help!!!

    I agree that coming on a reckie and enquiring about jobs and sponsorship with potential companies is not a bad idea, however I would offer a BIG word of caution as there are so many sad stories of people coming on employer sponsorship and being VERY badly treated and let down. I would be asking myself, given that there as so many potential employees already out there in the job market, ready and available, 'why are they so keen to sponsor me?' Could it be that the wages, expectations, hours etc etc are SO bad that no one else is prepared to take on the job? Don't kid yourself that you'll be able to cope with it for a couple of years until you can apply/get your PR granted. Unless you have got plenty of money behind you, you are likely to struggle like **** to cope with it all. You are likely to be effectively re-learning your trade as you go as plumbing is not the same here and unless you have a pretty supportive employer pointing you in the right direction it could turn out to be a very demoralising time. I know I am sounding like the prophet of doom here but I just hate to see people coming over on a load of false promises and it almost breaking them both financially and mentally. Also, I ought to point out, I am referring solely to plumbing as this is the trade this thread refers to and what I know about. Lyn
  14. Lynandsean

    Tip for all the ladies who work in Admin

    Hi Em! I noticed on Facebook! hope it's going really well for you - reckon you'd be good at it! I however, honestly haven't got the courage/bottle to stand in front of a load of ladies - never in a million years :swoon: same would go for selling Tupperware :twitcy: Lyn x
  15. Lynandsean

    Plumbers in queensland- help!!!

    I really don't want to rain on your parade but the reality is finding a sponsor is going to be very tough for you as there are heaps of out of work plumbers here at the moment so any employers have loads to choose from already. There are next to no vacancies being advertised at the moment and when a vacancy does come up it is filled pretty much immediately by word of mouth. In all honesty, even if you were to get your PR visa granted much sooner, the likelihood of you securing a job in plumbing is pretty low so maybe the long wait would be more beneficial - hopefully you would be moving here when things are really strong again and jobs readily available. As I said, I really don't want to be the bearer of bad news as we remember only too well how frustrating the whole process is (coupled with selling the house!) but you may need to take a step back for a bit and accept this setback might not be such a bad thing in the big scheme of things and save you from wasting a whole shed load of money. :sad: Lyn