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  1. ptlabs

    AFP check came back not clear!!.... Advise please!!!

    Dave, as you indicated above that you have a migration agent, I think the best course of action is to discuss this with him. From the looks of it, you already have done so, so you're on the right track. Just give your agent all the information you've posted here, plus the documents you received back then (if you still have them). Regards Peter
  2. ptlabs

    2 year study assessment for PR

    Maybe it's time to consider getting proper professional advice from a migration agent who deals with such technical matters? Peter
  3. ptlabs

    Anyone used Go Matilda?

    I don't think you can go wrong with GM (I'm not getting a commission for saying this, and neither am I associated with them, but I do know Alan from a long time ago)
  4. ptlabs

    Help: I got separated from my husband

    Not trying to selectively snipe at Bungo's valid response, but you should note that a working holiday visa cannot be applied for when the applicant (who does not already hold a working holiday visa) is in Australia. Also, a skilled migrant visa (e.g. 189) will probably take a lot longer than the potential visa cancellation notification's grace period.
  5. ptlabs

    Onshore Spouse Visa MRT refusal

    I would second Bungo's comment. Much will of course depend on the exact circumstances of the situation, which doesn't seem to be entirely clear as pointed out by Bungo.
  6. ptlabs

    Visa Validation - First Entry

    Hi Raymund I don't think VEVO will show your history of entries into and departure from Australia. VEVO will generally show your visa details including visa conditions. If you have entered Australia personally using your 189 visa before the initial entry date (7/10/2015) then your 189 visa will be valid until the "must not arrive after" date. Regards Peter
  7. ptlabs

    Engineers Australia Assessment

    Hi Bang I guess much will depend on your actual personal situation You might want to consult a registered migration agent for professional assistance if you are unsure about your points score. It's quite hard for anyone to give you any realistic opinion based on your one-liner Cheers Peter
  8. ptlabs

    ACS Post Australian Studies skill assessment points

    As Westly has suggested, it is probably advisable to seek professional advice, as your facts here are incomplete for any proper advice anyway. Regards Peter
  9. ptlabs

    ANZSCO 262113 vs 263111 Query

    It's probably best to approach a registered migration agent with knowledge on ACS matters. It's unlikely you will get a detailed response to this online (or for free, for that matter). All the best. Regards Peter
  10. Hi QuakerBaker, Best if you checked with your migration lawyer about the request for seemingly already-provided documents. Your migration lawyer should be able to advise further, as he or she is in the best position to do so. Regards Peter
  11. ptlabs

    certifying birth/ marriage certificates

    Certified true copy in most cases means: 1) photocopy the original document; 2) take the photocopy and original to a JP (or equivalent authorised person); 3) the JP will certify the photocopy as a true copy; The photocopy then becomes a "certified true copy". A certified extract from the register is not a "certified true copy" in this context. Regards Peter
  12. ptlabs

    Bioinformatics : Skilled Occupation List?

    Hi Josh There's no way anyone here will be able to conclude whether she is eligible or not, based on the title of her awards (degrees). If your friend is serious about migrating, it may be time for her to contact a registered migration agent who has expertise in the area which she is qualified in. As you can see, there is no easy visual match in her case... Regards Peter
  13. ptlabs

    Closely related eligible for 189?

    Hi nimbuz Might be worthwhile to get proper professional advice from someone who understands the technical jargon? Regards Peter
  14. ptlabs

    New to the visa process 189 HELP

    Hi Alan It's been a while, and I hope you are well. You forgot to mention the unavoidable credit card surcharge Thankfully the Australian dollar is sinking to fresh lows every day, so that should work in favour of British applicants... Regards Peter
  15. ptlabs

    How should i response to Aus Immigration Authority??

    Being dual qualified (in engineering and law), I agree that civil engineering is a diverse segment, but there are limits to the flexible interpretation of what constitutes civil engineering As others before me have suggested, it may be time to get proper (dare I say paid) advice from a registered migration agent. But ultimately the facts are the facts. Regards Peter