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  1. Only got $7500 In ANZ Smartchoice super but because I will be charged 65% in tax it's not worth keeping it in. I had another super that they passed to ATO and after doing a DASP online was issued with a cheque. However they didn't pass this one over and after trying to do it online anyway it said I had never had a WHV which I was classed as having because I left the country and my subclass 100 partner visa had ran put. I must have had one as tax office gave me a refund. Anyway I need to fill in the 1194 form and pay for a statement of verification of visa. I wondered if anyone else had paid for this from uk. Apparently I have to go to the strand in London and pay in person. I live near Leeds !! Has anyone just paid with their uk credit card in the UK?? Thanks I have wasted so much time looking for answer and ringing Australia but no one can help .I am passed from pillar to post
  2. Georgie

    Subclass 100 and super withdrawel

    I was trying to get them to change the visa info they apparently sent to ATO . Anyway i could have cashed the cheque if my bank hadn't have messed up and they didn't tell us we just had to sign the back to cash it! They worded the letter as if the ATO had to do something more with it so we could cash it here. Anyway I would rather my husband got more than 45% of what he is owed too. Even if it means waiting til he's 55. However there could be a loophole. I am waiting for the ATO superannuation specialist to ring me but from what info the guy was reading it could mean that his permanent residency has run out after the 5 years and because it's run out and not renewed or he was never on a whv he may be able to access it. However I need to talk about the tax on it . I will let you know what happens xx
  3. Georgie

    Subclass 100 and super withdrawel

    Also don't know why one superannuation was passed to ATO and the other one not. They are both with the same superannuation company. I will give them another call tonight.
  4. Georgie

    Subclass 100 and super withdrawel

    Thanks for your reply. I am trying to phone immigration in London but always engaged! He defiantly was on a subclass 100 as I checked his old passport. Tax office sent us a cheque for one super though I sent it back stating I couldn't cash it due to bank difficulties and not knowing all I had to do was sign the back of check duh! So now they may not even replace the cheque as it seems there is a mistake on dept of I migrations part. What a palava trying to sort this out. It's not even like it was an option to pay into one.
  5. Hi I hoped someone might help. My husband moved to Oz with me and we left in 2009 to come back to uk. He was told by superannuation he could withdraw after being away 5 years. He did withdraw but tax office in Oz charged him 65% in taxes. They told him he was classed as being on a temporary working holiday visa! That's why he paid this otherwise it would have been 38%. However I am confused as research has said if you're a permanent resident you cannot claim until retirement. Well he was permanent but he's not now! Can anyone shed any light on this please? Or if anyone else has been through the same process.thanks
  6. Hi there. Just wondered if anyone else has had the same scenario. My husband had a subclass 100 spouse visa and we returned to uk for good so now visa has run out. No we didnt apply for a return visa as did not ever think of returning to Australia. I have recently begun to think that maybe if the kids move there (Oz citizens and so am i) I will be able to go with them but what about my hubby? Will we have to do all the paperwork from scratch? I have tried to see on website but no specific answer. I have asked this question before but had no replys so maybe there is someone who had the same situation reading this now. We are happy and settled now in Yorkshire but i know one day in the future my children will maybe want to do what we did and explore another country. Thanks
  7. I have been back in uk since sept 09 and did fill in an aussie tax return last year (only to my horror be told i owed a small fortune). Anyway i did an etax again this year to be told once again i owe a small fortune. I have not earned over the tax threshold in the uk so by uk rules do not owe any tax here. I know that you pay tax from first dollar earned but i dont think i plan on returning to Oz in the near future anyway. I am still getting family tax minimum payments that i am entitled to for 3 years or til i return to Oz. That is why i thought i should do a tax return. I am going to tell them to cancel as i will be staying in Uk for forseeable future. Do i have to do a tax return or not. i classed myself as non resident for tax purposes. Really i am no longer a resident at all even though i have a bank account and fam tax payments (to be stopped). Anyone got any clues as to what i need to do as i cant get through to yax office on telephone Thanks Please ask clarifying questions as i am not the best at explaining things :err:
  8. Georgie

    Return Visa Subclass 100

    thank you for your reply. I had put it to the back of my mind until hubby mentioned it again this morning. He has sat his test in Oz and passed but we couldnt wait to do the citizen ceremony as we wanted to return to UK quickly and thinking it would be staright forward to get back again as me and the kids are citizens of Australia (dual UK). I have looked at the info you posted and you have to be in Oz to become a citizen. His Spouse visa actually runs out Nov 2011 so we will not get back by then. Please if anyone knows can you apply for it from UK AFTER it runs out (as very expensive just to do it and not actually use it as its all up in the air at the moment and we dont really know what to do) or can you just turn up in the country and go straight to immigration to reapply or do you have to go through the application from scratch and give prrof of relationship and everything we had to get in the beginning?. No specific answers to my questions are on the Immi web sites. Thank you for your help
  9. Georgie

    Feeling lost still

    Dawn you sound like me. I have been back for nearly 2 years and have bought a house etc. We live in Harrogate North Yorks and when the sun is out its really nice round here and i should be very grateful but as Quoll says it is a curse of the expat because once you have tasted both sides you will constantly miss the side you are not on if you know what i mean. i find myself wishing we had the beautiful beaches and laid backness of OZ but when i was there i only spent 30nmins at beach before i got too hot and bothered. I hated the way Ozzies went to supermarket with no shoes but now i hate the fact you have to get all dressed up just to go to town. In Oz i hated the lack of history but we dont really bother going to castles that much here! What a to do as now my sister is looking at emigrating to Perth and it makes me slightly jealous and thinking of going back but i know deep down i wont because England is where i feel more at home. Thats not to say i wont have pangs of wanting to return though. They should also start making these shows about emigrating more realistic as well as that doesnt help with the pangs I think they should do a series in which people hate it in Oz and want to come back to wherever they are from. That would certainly remind us why we did come back afterall. I waffle i know but i hope you get what i mean! All the best and i am sure you will settle eventually ooh and dont forget about those blasted flies and ants
  10. Georgie

    Return Visa Subclass 100

    I couldnt wait to get back to England and although we are settled and have bought a house i cant help thinking that we should extend my hubbys visa just in case we want to return to Oz as now i am back i can definately see the positives of Australia! He went out there on a Subclass 100 permanent spouse visa but it expires in Nov 2012. He was supposed to apply for a return resident visa whilst still in Oz but when we left we didnt ever contemplate returning so didnt bother as it was a long way off to expiring anyway. I have looked on line and cant figure out if he should apply for the subclas 151, 155 or other. We lived there for 3 years from August 2006 to Sept 2009. I also left my bank account opened just in case. Does anyone know the correct way to apply. Thank you.
  11. Georgie

    Subaru Outback for sale (manual) $9500

    Yes it is the right one but we have sold it now Regards Georgie
  12. Georgie

    anyone wanna rent their house out Lydiate/Maghull Liverpool

    Possie I agree with everything you said about family over Australia. We had that conversation the other day and we agreed that we WOULD have stayed here if everyone we knew lived here too but that is Melbourne NOT Brisbane. I have fond memories of Melbourne and will miss it and maybe (just maybe) come back one day! Bring on the drizzle, miserable faces, traffic jams and the blue rinse brigade- oh and we may just get a night out on the p**s too (long overdue)!!:jiggy: Had to edit it as i assumed that it would automatically do it for me
  13. Georgie

    Roses grow on you!

    Definataly can bring them. Mum brought me over jaffa cakes and Roses no probs, The tin will weigh a lot in your case though!
  14. Georgie

    anyone wanna rent their house out Lydiate/Maghull Liverpool

    Possie you are so right! It isnt as scary because we have people to help us but it sure is a complicated mission. We are in Narangba on the North side and we leave on the 28th Sept. We have 2 nights booked in a hotel in Ascot before we leave so will spend the last 2 days on Southbank and visit Fortitude Valley etc. Been in Brisbane 11 months and before that melbourne for just over 2 years. Think we would have lasted longer if we had stayed in Melbourne as Brisbane just doesnt do it for us at all. We would have still headed home but maybe left it another couple of years. We have a dog to sort out as well and then you have to think about the kids schooling again. We really dont want to rent then have to move schools if we buy a house but we may have to. we are heading to Harrogate as thats where family is but we like the idea of living in York eventually. Anyway i dont think i will have much luck with getting a house on this forum but was worth a try. Good luck to you too. Whats your story?
  15. Georgie

    worth a try i suppose..

    Anyone want to rent their house out in Harrogate? Needed for October