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  1. Well I never even knew about this other forum, just had a little look and it looks quite nice.:yes:
  2. Kabroom

    Use one word to describe Australia from A-Z

  3. Kabroom

    Haven't left yet......should I?

    Hi Bubs, This is a hard one to answer. From my own personal experience I disagree with the posters that say you have to be 100%/passionate/completely sure about moving to oz. I think for me it was a case that I had got to a certain stage in my life and knew that if I didn't try it then I would always be wondering. I am not an outgoing person but not shy either probably middle of the road, basically I don't mind my own company, so maybe that has helped me. Having said that I have made good friends over here and appreciate being with them. I can't say I love oz but I don't get that yearning to live back in the Uk. What I would say to you though is if you have opportunities to change your lifestyle and move elsewhere in the Uk maybe it would be best to do that first. Best Wishes.
  4. Kabroom

    is it nice in australia today

    It's been lovely in the northern suburbs of Brisbane today, hot but with a lovely breeze. Kids went in the pool after school which is just what they needed and it's Friday, brilliant.
  5. This is so true and I agree. They're like clockwork or groundhog day either way they are so predictable.
  6. Kabroom

    Our new house

    Yes it's personal choice at the end of the day. A lot of my friends like the rendered look of a house but I prefer bare brick, with the exception of a few maybe.
  7. Kabroom

    Our new house

    I like your last two choices but not the first, I think I would be a bit concerned about the river at the bottom of my garden, prone to flooding maybe. The last house is gorgeous inside but not fussed on the outside of the house, if you wanted to move in and not do anything at all then this is the one.
  8. Kabroom


    Oh sorry, thanks pablo. Anyway the song is 20 good reasons by thirsty merc, apologies if it is already on the thread somewhere, can one of you clever people put a link please. thanks
  9. Kabroom


    My new favourite song that I can't stop listening to. It might be old to you guys but I heard it on the radio for the first time the other day.
  10. Kabroom

    For those coming home .

    Oi I'm from Newport Funnily enough I've just finished reading an email from a friend who also lives there and she described it as 'grotty Newport'. It definitely could do with a bit of work.:yes:
  11. Kabroom

    Do your homework-Australia is very expensive!

    I have to say that your electricity/gas does sound like an awful lot, we haven't got gas and our electricity bill averages about $420 a quarter. Health insurance is expensive which is why we haven't got it plus as you say you are still out of pocket when you need to use it. Textbooks etc are $120.00 this year for our daughter, there is the levy fee which is about $60.00 and that is optional. Our phone and internet averages about $140.00 a month and I thought that was quite high!!
  12. Kabroom

    Rain, Rain and more Rain

    and it's absolutely bucketing down now...
  13. Kabroom

    Rain, Rain and more Rain

    When I woke up this morning it was raining but now it is lovely and sunny but windy though. We've also been able to use our pool over the last few weeks as it has been warm enough.
  14. Kabroom

    Downton Abbey

    I have heard this is really good but not had a chance to see it yet. I watched a film called 'Easy Virtue' last week which is adapted from a 1924 Noel Coward play and that was really good. It's great when you watch something and you are taken by surprise.
  15. Kabroom

    Overrated and expensive

    I agree it is amazing that a lot of people from the Uk base their views of Australia on programs like Home and Away and look what the Aussies have in comparison...Eastenders, how depressing. I can remember talking to one mum at an activity group and she thought a Uk christmas was always snowy white and picture perfect. Years ago I visited my brother in London and someone actually said to me 'do you have running tap water in Wales'? Ok, I'm only in my early forties and it was not that long ago and enough of the Welsh comments please..:rolleyes: But it just goes to show how different people are and how they think.