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  1. noel2538

    Three Years In Oz...

    Thanks everybody for replying back to me...Im thinking of going back for a visit, that way I think I'll be able to make a decision, Oz or UK?? My Hubby and I always said we'd give it 5 years so hopefully I will become more settled over the next two years....I'll keep you posted:wink: Debbie:wubclub:
  2. noel2538

    Three Years In Oz...

    Hi Allbodies:smile: I havent been on here in ages but today is three years since my family and I landed in Oz..today Im homesick. I should be settled now, built our house, moved in nearly two years now, have good job with Australia Post for over a year now. My daughter is doing well at Tafe, studing to be a Midwife and my Hubby is still welding with the company he started with nearly three years ago. So why do I still feel so low, somedays are worse, I just feel lonely, I have a wonderful friend, Pom whos been here over 30years, but I just dont have the network of 'old friends'...I miss the UK. People ask me why I emigrated and to be honest I dont know why, is that normal? Ive met other Pom that say they 'hate' Australia, I dont hate it, it has alot going for it, the people are friendly enough..I just cant explain how living here makes me feel, does that make sense? I keep in touch with my daughter, shes still lives in UK, and my mum but I need to see them, to actually make contact with them, its that simple I suppose. I have my sister in law here in Oz but she and her family have 'dumped' us really we hardly see them and when I suffered from depression she couldnt have cared less!!! So what to do? I know that people on here will understand how I feel without really having to explain it, so thanks. Debbie:wubclub:
  3. noel2538

    U.K. Will

    Hi Allbodies:wubclub: Can anybody tell me if mine and my husbands Wills, written in UK, are still valid in Australia, or do we have to write new ones? We have life cover still running in UK but we're looking at changing that cause they finish soon 2013. We would want a level term policy but policies seem to be expensive in Oz, any ideas? Thanks Debbie xx
  4. noel2538

    Perm Visa Question

    Thank you..I can relax now:smile: Debbie :wubclub:
  5. noel2538

    Perm Visa Question

    ....anybody got any ideas?:err: Thanks Debbie x
  6. noel2538

    Perm Visa Question

    Hi Allbodies:wubclub: My family and I emigrated to Oz in May 2009, we all activated our PM Visa in February 2008, including my eldest daugther but she didnt emigrate with us in May, stayed in UK, Boyfriend, Job and friends. My eldest daughter is coming to visit us in June, only 3 weeks time, with my mum. I let my mum know that she had to get a Visa to visit, she went on line and got her Visa but she also tried to applied for my daughter (I didnt say she was to do this)!!! Obviously it came up error, so my mum got my daughter to call Australia House, I think, in UK. They told my daughter, she didnt need vistor visa as she has Permenant Visa but...this is whats worrying me, my daugher was told that because my mum tried to apply for a visa it may cause problems with her Permenant Visa...is this true? When we all came over to activate our Visa, the Immo guy at the airport said that she can visit Oz and back whenever she wants but she must be in Oz before Visa expires in July 2013. I dont want her arriving at Melbourne Airport and not being allowed in!!! Hope someone can help me out...very worried:err: Debbie x
  7. noel2538

    After a 10 day trip back to the UK....

    Hi What a great post.....thank you:hug: Ive been here nearly a year and I get very homesick about the UK but reading your post was so true, to me. Im glad you said that Australia isnt a cheap place to live anymore, we were lucky and others have to realise that it maybe a 'backward step' when you actually get here. When I think of how much effort me and my family put into getting to Australia, I realise we must continue that effort to gain the life we'd like to have....if life was easy wouldnt it be boring? My hubby and I actually viewed where we used to live on 'Google Street View'...travelled all over the place...was just what I needed.... I miss my daughter and mum so much but they have their lives and I have mine..it is hard but with Facebook, Skype and emails, we keep in touch more than we did in the UK. My friends are still moaning about the same things...nothing changes...nothing except me! It doesnt matter where you live....it matters what you make of your life. once again....thanks Debbie :wubclub:
  8. noel2538

    Can I talk to you?

    Hi All Me again...I just want somebody to talk too:wubclub: Im feeling homesick again...I dont know what to do with my life. We came to Oz in May 2009 after alot of careful research and thinking. Left reasonable jobs, our family and our real friends and our home, were financially ok...for what, I really cant say at the moment...feel so sad at losing what we had in UK...the grass doesnt feel greener to me!!! My hubby has a good job, he's a welder. My daughter is settled at school has made friends, she loves it here, which is great at her age, 16. We're building our own house at great cost....big mortgage compared to UK and with the rates going up, Im just so scared. And then there's me...Im doing Tupperware, which is good money but its not a regular income which we need for all the bills and expenses on the new house as well as the rental. I said to my hubby, what am I? He's a welder and Im a.....? Ive applied for countless jobs, in banking, customer services everything, I have alot of experience in many fields but nothing is a qualification. Im not given the chance to prove myself and thats why I feel so hopeless. I cant go back to the UK and disrupt my daughter again..my hubby says it'll be better in our own home...but Im worried we wont be able to afford to live there because we need me working too!!! Im sorry to go on, I try to pick myself up but its so hard....thanks all:hug:
  9. noel2538

    was it the right choice?

    Thanks Sue:wubclub: I'll have a look for meets in Melbourne....it helps so much talking to people who've been there, done it and now have the t-shirt.... Debbie x
  10. noel2538

    was it the right choice?

    Hi Sue My daughter and my mum are coming over in June this year, my daughter is staying for 2 months and my mum a month....I cant wait. My daughter, who's 20 soon, activated her PM Visa with us last Feb 09...she choose to stay in UK...she been with her boyfriend 3 years now...works part time...been at Tesco's for nearly four years. Our house is due to be finish about June but the builder cant give us a date...I suppose I want my mum to see Im ok when Im not..she wasnt happy us coming here...she's on her own, my dad died 2001. Dad always said never have any regrets...he wanted to come to Oz but never made it. My husband, Keith says once we get the house done and sorted....we'll go back to UK for holiday and see how we feel. Its as if we're looking back at the UK through rose coloured glasses...my friends are always saying things are the same there and how crap work is!!! I hope I feel better soon, as my poor Hubby is getting all the crap off me atm..bless him Debbie xx
  11. noel2538

    was it the right choice?

    Thanks Sue.... Your post says it all...how I feel...I needed the 'hug':hug: xx We did alot of research about Oz and cost of living here...they're were times back in the UK that we did think..NO...we're staying. But then we choose to come as life is too short to have regrets...I dont regret coming its hard to explain....if I was in the same situation in the UK I'd have the support of family and friends.....thats what Im missing... After coming all this way....I cant give up can I? xx
  12. noel2538

    was it the right choice?

    Hi Allbodies:wubclub: Why do I feel like Ive jumped from a plane only to discover half way down that I left the parashoot on the plane???? We've been in Oz nearly 9 months...sold house in UK, both left jobs, left family and friends and lovely neighbours...left my eldest daughter in UK and took my youngest with us...bought the dog and spent money and had loads of stress and for what? I really dont know at the moment...my daughter is settled but my hubby has a job but they treat him like hes stupid, only been a welder for over 20 years!!!! Ive started in Tupperware which has got me out and meeting people.....a good thing. But Im getting so stressed and worried about our future here.....we just have less income coming in and more expensives going out....its a nightmare!!!! We've bought land here with our equity from UK house but the bank took three months to give us the funds to build. Now the builder is working at a snails pace...we have to pay rent plus all the bills that are now coming in for our new house...I just cant see how we'll be able to pay both the rent and the mortgage!!!! Alot of things are more expensive than the UK and then some things cheaper...Im just so stressed that my IBS is really bad...Im so miserable and keep crying...Ive been through divorce and bereavement and feel this is so much worse. I feel I dont have any options....cant go back to UK, couldnt even buy same house as before...job wise theres nothing....so Ive got to stay here...with no family or friend support...sorry I just feel so awful!!! ...I just dont feel settled.... Debbie
  13. noel2538

    Something to think about

    You made me realise I hadnt changed my location from Kings Lynn, Norfolk UK....now amended it to....Melton, Melbourne in Australia:cute: Dont think Tupperware is still going in UK? Must be the weather here as I dont usually look outside the box!!!!
  14. noel2538

    UK Lottery

    you'd win that bet.....:twitcy:
  15. noel2538

    UK Lottery

    I know is very annoying.....I read the conditions of my direct debit again..off the website...it states: Can I play by Direct Debit from overseas? When playing National Lottery Games by Direct Debit, you need to maintain a UK or Isle of Man address for the entire duration of your Direct Debit, not just at the time of setting it up. Please note that you must only set up the Account when you are physically located in the UK or Isle of Man and must not buy additional tickets or change your regular numbers while you are in a country where the playing of an overseas lottery is not authorised. If you need any assistance in setting this up, please refer to our Direct Debit Information. Well this applies to me...set it up when I lived in UK...my mums address is registered...not changed numbers or bought anymore...so I think that means Im ok? I do have the same numbers on the Oz lottery and have won over $130.00 since Ive been here...only won £30.00 on UK one!!!!