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  1. paulhug

    Sunshine Coast or Hinterland?

    We live in the Hinterland at Beerwah.... it's brilliant, we have the mountains, the bush, less traffic than the coast and we are only 25 minutes from the beaches and big shopping centres on the coast.
  2. paulhug

    Natwest Card Reader

    I have one I no longer need, but I'm in Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast
  3. paulhug

    Sunday footy

    Where are you going to be living? How old are you? There are plenty of leagues that play Friday and Saturday. I think some of the churches leagues play on Sunday. Depends where you are living
  4. paulhug

    2 Cheap utes for sale

    We recently bought a business, it came with 2 utes that we don't need. 1999 rodeo ute $3250.00 and a 2005 ford courier 4 x4 dual cab, $9250. Caloundra area.
  5. paulhug

    URGENT SALE: Visa Business.

  6. paulhug

    URGENT SALE: Visa Business.

    A new venture forces the sale of this iconic Sunshine Coast business. Established 40 years, long serving employee, only 4 day week if you want. Easy to run. Priced to sell. Contract has just crashed so we are selling for well below market value. PM me for more details. Please do not contact me if you have not yet got a visa. Thanks
  7. paulhug

    Jimmy Saville allegations

    How come it's all coming out now then, now then, now then!!!
  8. We are looking for experienced tradesmen or people willing to learn, to join our Aluminium windows and Doors company in Caloundra, immediate start available for the right people. Reply or PM me. Thanks Paul
  9. paulhug

    Any 163 temp business visa people out there

    Yeah mate, no problem just give me a bell when you get here, i'll pm you my number
  10. paulhug

    Brisbane golf buddy

    could come out with us if he fancies it, problem is, we are in Beerwah!
  11. paulhug

    Any 163 temp business visa people out there

    dont think there would be much point mate if you're living on the Gold Coast, you'd soon get sick of the drive
  12. paulhug

    Any 163 temp business visa people out there

    Maybe you could, its very easy to run and the lady that does the manufacturing will stay on or train you or your missus up to take over from her, she has been with this company 15yrs. i'm selling at a very reasonable price too, minimum investment.
  13. paulhug

    Any 163 temp business visa people out there

    Hi Scottie, things are good mate. The business did the required turnover and we were granted PR just before xmas last yr. A lot of messing and red tape tho, they dont make it easy. Think i'll sell up now and do something else....like go golfing...lol
  14. paulhug

    Exchange rates

    Last week the exchange rate was around 1.6 to the pound, the £ has been falling slowly, even with all the bad news on the economy here and in china but after the RBA rate drop today it started dropping quite fast and is around 1.57 now. Things seem to be going in reverse, bad news from Oz strengthening the dollar!!!! It baffles me!!