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    Advice on moving Mum to Aus please,

    Thanks Quinkla, I have also read about the contributory parent visa route too- as you suggest I feel the expertise of a migration agent will help us navigate through the options. thankyou for your reply, rachel
  2. Hi everyone, I'm just after some advice on parent visas please- I've looked online on the immi website but not sure where to start! Here are the details: I have my Aus citizenship (been here nearly 8 yrs with my partner) Mum is 65, recently widowed and in good health I am her only remaining relative, (only child) Would she be able to come out on a 12 month tourist visa and apply onshore as she is really keen to sell up in the UK. Many thanks Rachel
  3. Dugong

    Advice please

    Thanks for all your advice.....it's such a tough decision for me as there are many other factors which make this issue far from black and white: My OH and I are not married. Its my dad that has the inoperable stage 4 cancer-palliative chemo at the mo. Mum had a brain hem 5 months ago which resulted in a stroke and paralysis of left side...made a good recovery but still limited with movement-can now drive short distances. I am the only offspring, friends have been great but they have their own lives! I could secure a job in the uk if I were to stay. If we pull out of the house we would have to pay 10 percent of the value, which we could manage at a pinch. I have been ping ponging back to the uk since we arrived as I struggled with homesickness but could see how much the OH was thriving in Aus. Don't get me wrong I secured a good job, we live in a beautiful place and have some good friends. I just feel its now time for me to go and help my parents in this difficult time. I just need some sort of compromise from my OH! thanks again Dugong
  4. Dugong

    Advice please

    Hello, Just after any advice that anyone can offer me! I'll try to summarise as much as possible! Been living in auz for 6 years now with my oh, citizenship ceremony due in March. Just bought a new build house + first time home buyers grant. Due to settle mid march, finance approved offer now unconditional. Just had some devastating news about an immediate family members health so im in the uk at this time. My oh is in auz at the mo but I'm finding the pull to stay in the uk at this time extremely strong. I'm due to fly back sat but feel the need to stay in the uk and support my family. OH and I have no children and OH has offered little emotional support to me and is very worried about the house situation and the repercussions of pulling out of the sale. It's very difficult to talk to him and shuts down when I try to work out a solution with him. I'm just feeling that I can't walk away when my immediate family need me the most! Thanks in advance Dugong
  5. Dugong

    Cupcake Conundrum!

    Hello, Just recently been bitten, (quite severley!!) by the cupcake bug. Can't stop baking and eating the scrumptious delights! After taking samples into work for morning tea, it has been suggested that I should start selling them but really not quite sure where to start??? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Dugong:wubclub: Ps. We live on the Sunshine Coast and have been here for 2.5 yrs.
  6. Dugong

    UK Passport Renewal...advice pls!

    Thanks Nigel, Could I renew my passport in England and go direct to the passport office? Maybe cheaper too? Dugong
  7. Hi all, Just after some advice regarding renewal of my British Passport pls! We are going back to the UK for a 3 wk holiday in March this year. My passport expires early July 2010. Am I ok to travel or do I need at least 6 months left on it?:wacko: Thankyou! Dugong:wubclub:
  8. Dugong

    Moving to Noosa Area.

    Hello, Have a look at Peregian Beach College too.....(google it!) It's a small independent school hidden away on hectares of natural bush land nr Peregian Springs . It's got a great feel to it! Dugong
  9. Hi Kayleigh, I'm in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast and a primary teacher. We moved here in November 2008 and I started trawling the private sector jobs on www.seek.com.au. I registered first with the rel. teaching body which is the Queensland College of Teachers here but first got my teaching quals assessed by Teaching Australia (did this in the UK before arriving!). To get a job in a state school in QLD you have to undertaken country service, which basically means the government places you in a school...usually miles from anywhere and you acrew points which then allows you to transfer schools...think it can take a few years to get points under your belt! Im not sure if the same applies in NSW. Anyhow, I got lucky with www.seek.com.au and had an interview at a private school the week after we landed and secured a full time position. You can also do casual work initally to get your face known as you never know what this will lead to!! Good Luck! Dugong x
  10. Dugong

    landscaping in brisbane

    Hiya, Andrew found his job with Jim's on www.jobsearch.gov.au (think it's called Australian Job Search) but you could maybe give the local Jim's a call. It's not ideal but Andrew was starting to go stir crazy not being able to get work! We are in Mudjimba, nr Coolum and I'm a teacher at Peregian Beach College.....it's so beautiful on this coast! Are you on a working holiday or perm visa? Rachelx
  11. Dugong

    landscaping in brisbane

    Hello, We have been on the Sunshine Coast since Jan and my OH is a gardener/ landscaper and has found it nearly impossible to find work! He has just been taken on working for Jim's Mowing! Where abouts are you on the Sunshine Coast? Rachel x
  12. Im a Year One teacher from Yorkshire and its hilarious teaching phonics..... we have a great time discussing the vowel sounds! I'm doing my best to trying to Yorshirize all the 'little rippers' much to the parents amusement!! Dugong
  13. Hi, We live in Mudjimba nr Maroochydore and would love to meet up! We arrived on the 25th November from Halifax, West Yorkshire and spent 6 weeks in Brisbane and arrived here yesterday (6th Jan). In the Sunshine Plaza at the mo using an internet kiosk as haven't got internet yet. Feeling tempted by the desserts Coffee Club just behind us! I start work on the 21st Jan at a school in Peregian Beach so we are free most weekends. Rachel and Andrew
  14. Hello, My OH and I have just moved up to the Sunshine Coast (Mudjimba nr Maroochydore) as I start work Jan 21st at Peregian Beach. My OH is a gardener/landscaper and we would be grateful if anyone has any contacts for employent. Thanks Dugong:hug:
  15. Hello!! We have been in Oz nearly a month now and so far so good! We are moving to Mudjimba after the new Year. Just wondered if there are any Poms in Oz in Coolum/Maroochydore or Mudjimba? I'm a primary teacher and my OH is a gardener/landscaper. Would love to hear from anyone! Dugong:cutexmas: