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  1. Ten years ago we moved down to Hastings from South London as we fell in love with it, and at the time it was the right thing to do for our kids but recently it has changed so much and the last year has been the final straw in us deciding to head for OZ!!!! I feel it's time to move on again. Just a few things that have happened this year in Hastings............ Drugs raids and stabbings galore Several Rapes Burglaries & car crimes go through the roof All cars up our road windows smashed in, scratched and damaged more than once Our car radio nicked from our car parked out the front Man beaten up & mugged outside our house My son been set about by some older blokes My daughter & her mates with a little sister in tow, being acosted by a peodophile whilst down town on a Sat. morning and a friend was followed home from school A colleague at work murdered by her drug addict boyfriend Local skate ramps set alight by chavs Swing park vandalised and needles found on beach/park etc My friend being injected with date rape drug in a local club Younger kids had football nicked from them & then threatened with a knife Phone box set alight, post box set alight, bus stop smashed regularly Visiting students continually being mugged and beaten up My two eldest sons were jumped & beaten up on the school bus Eldest son's friend became a Dad at 14 Stuff stolen from my garden A local man attacked with a machette My dear old neightour who is 91 got her handbag nicked, TWICE My son's mate has a brain heomorrage coz he was beaten up by Chavs ( because he's a skater boy) Another elderly neighbour, run over on the crossing at the bottom of our road and left for dead I could go on , and on , and on........... And yet today after all that, because the weather was so lovely I took the younger kids to the beach after school, (yes were lucky enough to live near a beach) I was sitting there enjoying the surroundings, the cliffs behind me, the castle, the seagulls, the fishing boats etc.,............. Just for a moment there I thought "Are we doing the right thing? I still love Hastings" .... When out of the blue, a smashed up wreck of a car screeched and skidded up in the car park behind me, six yobs piled out of it and legged it in front of me n the kids along the beach followed by loads of police cars, and coppers chasing after them, tackling them and then arresting them!!!!! I think that has definately answered my question now....... YES YES YES !!!!!! :arghh: When I think about it, I will be sad to leave this country, but bloody hell, I cant wait to get away from the people............. (except from the PIO gang of course!!!!!) Sorry to bore you all with such a long post..... But i feel better now ive got it off my chest!! SO THE MORALE OF THE STORY IS, TO ALL THINKING ABOUT IT AND TO ALL THOSE GOING THROUGH THE PROCESS......... DONT HESITATE, JUST DO IT...LIFE IS TOO SHORT!! HERE'S TO OZ !!!!!
  2. I've read lots of threads about private pensions schemes being transferred to Oz..... its probably been asked before, but I must have missed it......but does anyone know what happens to your UK State pension......... like most of us, my OH has worked and paid tax since he was 15 and is now just turned 45.... I wondered, is all this money lost & gone forever???????????????? :skeptical:
  3. After months of applying for Admin jobs, with no luck, I have finally given up!! So Im thinking of going it alone as a cleaner....... !!!!! :jimlad: The administration qualifications I gained in the UK (NVQ's) while working for the civil service ar'nt really recognised here in Oz. Although they obviously use microsoft, excel etc., they have different computer programmes here and they obviously want you to have experience in it..... I have spoke to lots of Poms who have had the same problem too. You can take courses at the local college but you have to pay ofcourse, and technically you still dont have the experience. Lots of admin jobs here require MYOB (a basic invoice/accounts software) and even the medical reception and school admin jobs have to deal with accounts aswell. So, if anyone in the Mornington/Mount martha area is busy working full time and needs help with the household chores, feel free to contact me. Thanks Sally-ann :smile:
  4. jonseywife

    Frankston South or Mornington????

    Hi all............ The Jones family (Mum, Dad and 4 kids aged 10,12,14 & 15) will hopefully be moving to Oz later this year, if all goes to plan...... !!!! We need somewhere near everything really ie, schools, shops, cinemas, skateparks and of course the beach................. Frankston South and Mornington have been mentioned to us but is there any one out there know of these areas or suggest some other places along the coast.............. Any hints & tips would also be welcomed.............. Thanks in advance from the Jones gang
  5. Hi all Just before you say anything, this is'nt a negative thread ... we actually love Australia (been here over 8 weeks now and certainly don't want to go home) but thought i'd let any Plumbers/plumbers wives know of our experience getting Plumbing jobs in Oz. Before we left the UK we was'nt able to find out much about pay etc., as most plumbing jobs advertisements dont actually put the salary in the advert.... its all negotiable !!! Also, we knew my hubby would have to get Registered and/or Licenced and possibly retrain out here but was'nt sure how, when and why and its apparently different in each state. So here goes, these are our experience as follows: When we first arrived we had to contact the Plumbing Industry Commision in Victoria about Registration. However, we arrived in December and bare in mind that most trades, industries and institution close for the holidays over christmas, new year and a bit more (as its there summer too) so it was all closed till mid/end Jan. so had to week weeks to contact them. You have to pay $50 approx. to get the ball rolling. We then had to wait for an appointment with them, a few weeks later (by this time it was begin.Feb). My hubby had an interview/chat with them and because he had a vast experience in plumbing with over 25 years in the trade, they granted him a Provisional Registration for a year (cost $85 and another $85 for a Gas info. book). Some people only get 3 months provisional or not until you have done the exams, depending on your experience. However, within that year, he still has to take training and exams before the registration runs out. The training is over $600 then the exams are over $600 to (that for 5 components and there are six, so if you want them all that would be more) So, considering he has all this experience, he has been offered work for, dont laugh......$800 per week (thats before tax, and then you have to supply your own work vehicle) The most he has been told he could earn would be $50,000 or if he's lucky $60,000 a year . Thats quite tight after stoppages with six of us in the house, and teenage boys who dont stop eating all the time!!!!! Local firms will take you on without any Registration atall, but for even less money.. as they have to get another Plumber to sign off your work. Now, you can go self employed, but this needs further expense, as you would have to be Licensed as well as Registerd with expensive public liability insurance . The self employed option is where you can earn big bucks, as they say, but definately not a good idea when you first get here. You dont know the areas (and coz Oz is sooo big, they travel miles to each job, the bylaws & regulations are different, pipe sizes are different, fittings have different names, no electricity on housing sites so you have to get an expensive generator too and obviously it takes ages to get yourself a client base, contacts and a good reputation for yourself. Its certainly has to be done if you want a more comfortable lifestle, but definately would have to wait a while to establish yourself. OH is going to do that as soon as he can. My OH spent hours too walking round the city looking for sites, and asking for jobs but could'nt get to talk to anyone, as did'nt have a Red card and work boots etc.,so he was'nt allowed on site, so he only came home with a few numbers. They work slightly different out here as you have to send in Resumes to the HR department and wait for a phone call.... they only ring you if they are interested!!!! OH is stil hanging out for something better, but will have to take something local soon (as the old dollars run out pretty quick when you first arrive, especially with four kids in tow). Just have to add...... we hav'nt even thought about coming home, we struggled financially back in the UK,so might aswell stay put and struggle out here, where the sun shines, where I know my kids are safer walking the streets, where everyones really friendly, steak and petrol are half the price, where we can go to the beach most days and nights till late and the lifestyle is more relaxed. So if your a Plumber, dont expect too much at first..... but we still feel its all worth it, we have no regrets and we're still hanging on in there. :yes: Good luck to all Sally-ann & Nick
  6. jonseywife

    Been in Melbourne 2 weeks....

    Hi Karen Glad u made it!!!! :notworthy: As for your Ambulance cover query, you can actually go into your local Post Office and join. Your and your family will be covered immediately. We paid about £120 for all 6 of us, which is'nt bad. I recommend you get it asap as Ive heard the charge for Ambulances are really really expensive here. Good luck, and if your ever down Mornington way, PM me. There are quire a few PIOers down here!! Sally-ann x
  7. jonseywife

    issue with age of children when we hope to move

    Hiya Theres never a right and wrong age to bring your kids over. Bare in mind, that over here they do have an assortmnet of ages in the school years. There are not quite so strict with the age restrictions here, so some people choose to put there kids down a year to give them enough time to adjust and not feel under pressure to catch up on work. Here in Victoria at age 14 you can be in either year 8 or 9 . We did it with 16,14,13 & 11 year old, not exactly great ages to move them half way acrosss the world but they have done me proud and settled really well. I think we worry about these things more than they do. Good luck Sally-ann
  8. jonseywife

    We got it!!!!

    WAHEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!! :jiggy: About time Trace, honestly ............... Sending big congratulations from Mornington and hope to see you out here soon! Luv Sally-ann & the gang xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  9. jonseywife

    The Evil Princess Of Pink

    Ah Chelle............... Gav mopping floors, you've got him well trained hun...!!!!! :notworthy: But dont forget poor old Gav, has been through a traumatic experience with a you-know-what and he needs some sympathy, so ....... GET WELL SOON SAUSAGE TOES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  10. jonseywife

    vatassess for general plumbers help!

    Hey Lyn Check it out with your local plumbing commission before you start panicking. I know all states are different and thats just what we have been told here in Victoria, and there pretty hard to please apparently. For all you other guys, there seems to be a bit of confusion with Registration and Licence. You get the provisional Registration first, then have to do further training in the Aussie ways, and pass the registration exams before the provisional registration runs out. Then you can apply for a Licence, which entitles you to work for yourself, employ other registered plumbers and sign off work for others. You have to sit exams for this and as a stipulation you must have public liability insurance. It's just the way it is out here...................:wacko: All the best folks!!!!!!!
  11. jonseywife

    vatassess for general plumbers help!

    Hiya Lyn..... long time no speak. Glad it all working our for your OH up there in sunny Queensland!!!! We've been told by the plumbing commission that you have to complete the training/exams before your Provisional Registration runs out. Not as easy as just renewing im afraid......... :skeptical: My OH has'nt even touched a bit of copper since working here in Oz, he has been doing ducting for air con. on the large industrial site in the city. You HAVE to join the union to even be allowed to walk in. Dont forget to get your red card (health & safety) training when you get here too. Another day course, but no tests/exams for that one. Like I said before..... Good luck to all. Sally-ann
  12. jonseywife

    vatassess for general plumbers help!

    Hiya You have to wait till you get to Oz to take thes exams. My hubby has a years provisional Registration and is currently doing a training/refresher course at college this week and has exams booked for a couple of weeks. He said you need the extra bit of training as obviously things are very different here. ie., braising, arc welding, oxyacetelene welding, hardly any soldering, and not lead flashing for roofing as in the UK as lots of tin roofs here. There are 6 components: Mechanical services, drainage, sanitary, water roofing & Gas. You can take as many as you like but he's going for all 5, as it will restrict you to what type of work you can do otherwise. Each exams is approx. $140 each and the books on Regulations have cost us about $400+ so far. You also have to bear in mind you need a couple of days training for each component and a couple of days for exams for each component too, so thats about 25 days lost earnings (as he has'nt worked for the company long enough to accrue enough annual leave yet!!!) Once passed you can completed the work but not sign it off, a Licencsed plumber has to do this. Licensing involves further exams, public liability insurances etc., Good luck to you all, it really is'nt at all straight foward and a right pain. Each state has different guidlines and here's the link to the Plumbing Commission for Victoria: www.pic.vic.gov.au/www/html/113-licensing-and-registration.asp Im sure it's all worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :huh:
  13. Well, last night I went to my kids school 'choices' evening, and gotta tell you, I had a bit of a shock:shocked:!!!! I have a son going into year 11, a daughter into year 9 and a son going into year 7. We have been out here over six months now, and when my kids first went to school, my other half wasn't working (as it took him three months just to get Registered and get work as a Plumber) so we had a concession card, and did'nt have to pay any fees luckily. Although we had to buy all the school books, stationery etc., which came to about $500 for all of them. I did know you had to buy the books before we came out, so no big surprises there. The shock came when I was given the choices booklet and all the charges for the subjects. Year 11 is the worst, by far. Although they have great options and lots of choices it all comes at a cost. Typically all my kids want do do the most costly options, ie., Music indusrty $1000, Photography $260, Outdoor and environmental studies $650, Food tech $180, Design $150 and lots more too. So with the books as well, looks like we will get a bit for about $3000+ for the year. I'm not sure if we can afford that at the moment to be honest, as we're still trying to get back on our feet after the big move out here........ and Im not sure if my kids will be able to do all the subject they want, because of the cost!!!! It seems unfair, and I wondered if anyone else has had this problem...... ????????????? So if you have younger kids, start saving folks. I think I need a drink !!!!!:wacko: Sally-ann
  14. jonseywife

    Live football on radio / internet?

    I'll be interested to see if anyone has had any luck with this one, or rather my hubby would......... he made me wait up till 2am one morning a few weeks back, to listen to the Leeds united game (well someone has to support them!!!!!!........) on Radio 5 on-line. You could hear all the before match commentary but just as the game started it cuts off (due to regional restrictions) GGGGGGrrrrrrrrrrrrr :twitcy:!!!!!!!! Good luck.
  15. jonseywife

    A huge hands up to Pickfords

    Hiya We used Pickfords too.................. could'nt fault them. Not one thing broken!! They rep who came round to give us our quote explained that because we had alot of stuff to bring over, some companies tell you they can get it all one container, to keep the price lower and get the job. Then on the day, you cant always get it in one container and they sting you with another bill for shipping more stuff over. So they gave us two quotes, so we are prepared. One for 20ft container and another, if we needed a bit more of another container. On the day the blokes who came to pack everything up worked really hard to get everything in one container........... there literally was'nt an inch to spare. Thanks guys!!!!! Good luck with the big move..........
  16. jonseywife

    State school fees..... another shock!!!

    Oi you........ You've got a cheek, telling us to stop complaining!!!!! We all want our kids to be happy and have a good education & a decent future, thats the very reason we all scrimped and scraped and chucked in everything we had in the UK to come to Australia. My orginal post was to let people coming over to Oz, like us, on a tight budget. It was an expense we had'nt accounted for, so I thought I should let others know....... I wish we had known about it before we came. If your 'well off' financially then it wouldnt be a problem, but when your on a budget and relocating with four kids, every dollar is important!!!!!! Yours sincerely A whinging Pom :yes:
  17. jonseywife

    we're off!!!

    Waheeeeyyyyyy..................... :jiggy: Thats flipping great news Kaye, well done, congratulations, and all that !!!!!!!!!! Here's wishing you all the best for your new venture in Oz......... and hope everything works out for you all!!! Keep us posted Best wishes Luv Sally-ann x :wubclub:
  18. jonseywife

    Glasses,Eyetests and Contact Lenses!

    Dont worry girls, you wont have to look like Olive from 'On the buses' .............. You can still look fashionable and stylish with your glasses on here in Oz too........just go to Specsaver!!!!! Sally-ann x
  19. jonseywife

    Glasses,Eyetests and Contact Lenses!

    Hiya No worries on the glasses front.... they have Specsaver here too. They have the usual designer lines and recently they had the BOGOF offer too. About $250 approx. I wear contacts (silicone monthly disposables) and I pay $100 for three months supply, so much the same as in the UK. Hope it helps or even check out the Specsavers website in Oz. Sally-ann :GEEK:
  20. Hi Girls............... Least I'm not the only one have probs. I know of quite a few well qualified ladies over here have problems getting office work too. lso, Melbourne is the most densely populated state so there are even more people applying for the jobs. The trouble is ....Im looking for a part/time and term time job and will consider bed testing, wine & chocolate tasting too. Good luck to you lot, im sure you will get that little job your all looking for, and i'll keep scrubbing until something comes up!!!!!!!!!! Sally-ann x
  21. jonseywife

    Mornington keep fit classes

    Sounds great Lesley Although, Im not as young as I used to be lovey and these little cleaning jobs I have, is playing havoc with my old back, so when I'm feeling more flexible, Im gonna join in all the fun !!!! But only if I can stand right at the back though, as I might block out the sunlight when I bend over ................... :twitcy:
  22. jonseywife

    Hubby is now having kittens!

    Hiya We're over here in Oz on the old 136 Permanent Residency visa, and there ARE school fees/charges to be paid. Please check out my previous thread, its explains it all ..... http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/education/39812-state-school-fees-another-shock.html Good luck with the kittens......................... :yes: Sally-ann
  23. jonseywife

    Child minders/ baby sitters Mount Eliza

    Hi Plumm Welcome to Oz!!!!!! How you finding it so far?? Things like baby sitters/childminders are normally best recommended by word of mouth. The only suggestion I would have to perhaps contact the Mornington shire council (there phone number is online), they may have a list of Registered child minders in the area. Or perhaps find out about a Mothers/toddlers group to join and get the local feedback . Or are your kids at kinder/school etc., you could always ask them. Look out for the local newspaper the leader, too, they might have something in there. Good luck with it... Sally-ann
  24. jonseywife

    Calling all mornington/surrounding areas residents!!!

    Hi Anxious Mum I think you have to be prepared to go where the money is basically............ tradesman are used to travelling around for work, its the nature of the job. Some people are luck enough to have the security of a regular job in a regular place, and it spoils them a bit. It depends on what your used too really. In the UK, my OH spent 1hr45min on a train eachway to get to London for work, so its better for him over here. Australians in particular do alot of travelling, as its such a vast place. They think nothing of driving 3-4 hours just for a day out. Wait till you have your reccy trip, you will soon see if its worth it or not......:yes:
  25. jonseywife

    Where do you live in Victoria???

    Agree on all your good points Lesley.... It is really lovely all around this area !!:yes: The other bad point is: Too many English coming out here !!!!!!!!!!! :twitcy: