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  1. Hiya Col, find me on FB and message on that, its easier than logging on here Julie Evans the one with the welsh dragon on her head and the welsh onsie..........
  2. Hiya Butties We only come on here now and again because, they're too snooty on here, you don't get any replies. So I look to see if there are any stragglers like we were, needing some friends!! We are in our mid 40's got 2 girls 18 & 13, love drinking socialising, RUGBY LEAGUE & UNION!! We are welsh so we know how to have fun ;-) We live on the North, and john snow is our KING ;-) Live in Bray Park Anyway, if ya wanna get in touch, have a few bevvies and a game of darts hehe your more than welcome to pay us a visit. message me your email and we can get in touch, have a good goss Cheers Jules & Bazz
  3. as I predicted, your a boring lot on ere!! nuff said :witch-tongue:
  4. So is there any welsh or irish havin a party that we can join in on!! Im so fed up with watchin the world cup with Aussies and sing the welsh anthem on me own!! HAHA No babysitters mean no pub which was traditional :sad: I really really really miss a good drink on an international day!!! Just havin a sulk really, what you all doin??? :wink: One welsh mad lady Jules xx
  5. julesbazz

    Aussie Police Checks/Clearance

    Right then... we are ready to go for ENS residency, already here on 457. I have searched on this website everywhere for info????? Can someone tell me if you have to have a Fingerpring Police application form or standard??? Also do we wait for the case officer to tell us to get the police checks done or can we do them ready for application? As I know you have to wait to be told you can go for meds. Thanks very much guys Jules x:nah:
  6. julesbazz

    Redcliffe or Logan?

    Need you ask!! REDCLIFFE all the Way!
  7. julesbazz

    North or South??

    1 for the NORTH! Kids in Bald Hills school, 1 of the best in up north side even though Bald Hills is a bit pittiful of a suburb (meaning lifeless). Depends on what you want out of a suburb. Look for burbs around the train line as well, as this is a great help. Most people park at any of the stations car parks (free) and travel the rest by train for city workers. People do alot of travelling to get the kids into the schools they want. So for instance, kids come all over to go to Bald hills, ie north lakes, bracken ridge, margate, murrumba downs. I'm from Warner a 10 minute drive that takes 20 due to the ludicrous traffic lights here!! Want anymore info on the north pm me. Jules x
  8. julesbazz

    Camping in Sunshine coast

    HAHA u must of mistaken TRAILER Trash sites for campin 1's lol!! Logan... now u were in a ruff place lol. As said in American warewolf in London "stick to the path" in our case...stick to the coast line...anything 10 mile in and ur in bogansville. Anything in Noosa is the dogs danglees (great). Cotton Tree you dont need a 4x4, its the best site we been to so far. Good Luck xx
  9. julesbazz

    Camping in Sunshine coast

    cotton tree, maloolaba, gr8 place! right on the beach, nice and calm 1 side and surf the other. The only thing with Aussie campsites though....they want you all in bed by 9!!! cant sit out and have a chat or play games with kids...Got 3 warnings boooooooooooooooooooo!!
  10. julesbazz

    Welsh in Sydney?

    Nice to see another BIG ENDER on ere BUTT!! shame ur not in Brizzy not many welsh up ere either!! well not on this site anyway. We put the call out when we moved here and 1 replied!! LOL MIKEKAT few posts up from this 1.... Good luck.... better pubs down your way lucky git!
  11. julesbazz

    Feeling fed up with oz!

    people say try other states, but they are all the same!!!! dont listen! It is very hard to make friends here... the mothers in schl are bitches!!! and thats was said by one of their own who got ousted for saying one of their children was bullying hers!! The only mothers that seem to speak to you are the foreigners like us, eg chinese, indian and kiwis. Nearly every UK person I've met, has said the same thing. Just face it.....women are bitchy what ever country your in!! lol Ive been here nearly 2 yrs and still really have no good friends, and it breaks my heart as I would be a good mate!! Good luck, if you were here in Brizzy, I'ld be ur mate and I'm the most down to earth Gal you can get!! xx
  12. julesbazz

    Suburbs in the north of Brissie

    PS alot of kids from all round the north go to Bald hills state eg northlakes, brackenridge, margate, kallanger as its one of the best northside. AND DEF NO GO CABOOLTURE RUFF AS and schools really bad, as another 1 of my friends works in the HIGH SCHOOL. Sorry people who live there but thats how it is!!
  13. julesbazz

    Suburbs in the north of Brissie

    Hi we live in bray park next to warner lakes and its a grreat area as some have said and cheaper houses than north lakes as we only have a 400 limit as well and you can pick up a goodie with a pool on 7-11 side. I work near the city and its a 40 min driv in traffic and half hour to bribie island which is LUSH!! (welsh), no troubles here at all good schools 2 girls in bald hills state which is excellent and my friend teaches in strathpine west schl which she says is very good. Great bunch of friends here and they all aussies and kiwis cause Brits like to keep to their own kind!! Good luck
  14. julesbazz

    How to tell OH I want to go home????

    I so feel your pain.. All the rele's say you mad to wanna come home, husband adament we aint goin home. My 7 yr old daughter is not settling at all, which upsets me plus we could afford to move back home now!!! Very depressing, good luck to you xx:sad: