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  1. minlady

    Motorbikes in Oz?

    Rob... stick a new rear hoop on now because the price difference isnt that great...might be slightly cheaper in australia...but it will save you the hassel of getting to a new country and finding a good dealer to fit tyres etc when really you just want to get it over the pit and passed so you can ride it in Aus... my advise, fit the tyre dont take spares.. min x:wubclub:
  2. lol...i always respond when asked to do so...no worries xx:wubclub:
  3. You will get 4 bits of paper throu the post....and you will need these to show the people who are doing the transportation... at the other end it will be inspected...just make sure the bike is clean and empty of fuel..but dont go too mad...disconnect the battery...you dont need to empty the oil out of the engine... the shippers will take it off at the other end and it will go to be inspected and at that point you will have to pay the import duty...this is based on the value ...we used the Australian RAC to do an evaluation as this works out cheaper than using the rules set out by the customes. Once you have paid customes and it is cleared you then need to get the bike home...we used a local bike transport company..they were really cheap.. if you go to a bike shop in Melbourne and ask i am sure there will be someone who will do it...they will deliver it to your home address..... you then need to get it going and road worthy.... and then take it to the pits ... to do this you to book an appointment and a small insurance fee to the equivalent of the DVLA you can do this when making the appointment as its the same people. In WA this is about $20 and its about $80 for the inspection. once inspected you still cant ride it but you get one of the forms you recieved stamped and then you send away for an import plate which takes about a week. When you get the import plate back you have to stick it on the bike somewhere where it can be seen but hidden if you know what i mean...you then need to go back to the pits to show the import plate and get the whole thing signed off... IMPORTANT... if your bike passes the test.... then make sure when you take it back with the import plate on that you make this clear to the inspectors and you will not be charged again for another inspection. you will still have to apy another $20 to insure it to take it to the pitts again. once you have done all that then you will need to pay the GST and at that point you will get plates and you are ready to go. IMPORTANT... our bike failed on one thing which is the only difference in australia and that is the rear mud guard must be covering 45% of the rear wheel from the vertical with the driver on the bike..ie: no short mud guard at back..... note it looks abit c**p and most people take it off afterwards...have alook on some australian bike sites to see. hope that helps min x:wubclub:
  4. just seen you going to melbourne.. i can only tell you what happens in Perth but i imagine its pretty much the same
  5. where you going to Rob?...
  6. Hi Allied Pickfords were our packers... basically they took measurments of the bike and then made a crate to fit around it...when they came to pack our household things into our container the crate came too and they packed the bike into the crate and then the bike was put in last of all in the container...with the rest of our things. when i say crate it was more like an open slatted box not enclosed and they padded around the bike as well. we had to pay extra for the making and fitting of the bike and crate..but it was probably only about £100. once we arrived the bike was taken off seperately by allied pickfords and stored at the depot then an assesser goes from the rac and gives it a value and then that value is used for the customes and excise tax..then you pay the agent who pickfords use and then it is released for you to pick up... you have to then take it to be mot'ed and then you pay for plates (gst as well.... again...).. so you pay first an import duty then gst on top. hope that helps min x:wubclub:
  7. minlady

    Red's Under The Bed!

    Well Herbster.. what can i say.... its a delight to catch up with you...as i don't get on here much anymore... but when i do i love to read what you have been up to and boy you never fail to disapoint!... sorry i don't mean to belittle your pest problem.. i just love reading your posts! so nice to find out you have moved to your own abode albeit pest infiltrated to a degree i don't think i'd be too happy with.. but you seem to be coping in your way most admirably ... xx other than the unwanted guests how is life treating a bear down under? BW min x
  8. minlady

    wii games (help)

    Just to say... Wii games in Oz are much more expensive than the uk.... what we tend to do is order off amazon.co.uk... get then sent FOC to my parents then they send them out to us... it works out alot cheaper. just thought i'd mention...we order dvd's from amazon as well... but they will send them to australia but they won't send the games...there must be some sort of agreement going on between the 2 countries.../industries... as we have never paid import tax on the dvds .. they get through customs fine and again it works out cheaper !! min x:wubclub:
  9. minlady

    Starting off in perth ?

    Hi Mattyboy Rentals in perth have been quite hard to get hold of...but now there is a bit of a resession there appears to be a few more coming on the market...however they can be a bit of a pain to get into due to the red tape the rental agents put around them!! when we wanted to rent we had to drive by, put in a declaration of intension to rent etc ... most rentals have open days so its near impossible to organise one from the UK.. ask yourself this question though...if you are working do you want to spend 6 months or more in a hostel?..or do you want your own space? if i were you..id come over start off in a hostel and get a feel for it then when you know what you want and it turns out to be rental then go for it once you are here... here is the web site we used when looking... Rental Properties, Lease and Holiday Rentals - realestate.com.au= hope that helps min x:wubclub:
  10. emma if you are anything like me and you didn't give it a try you would always be saying 'what if'..... give it a go.... i have lived in several countries each for about 2 yrs at a time and i am so glad i had that chance... as for parents coming to visit... my parents 92 and 88yrs old respectively are both coming for a holiday next year... never thought they would..but the tickets are booked... never say never!! min x:wubclub:
  11. minlady

    Swimming Pools Open To The Public?

    Hi Leeming pool closed its doors on the 21st june at 12pm... (i know this fact as my son was supposed to have his swimming party there at 2pm on that day...lol.. what a nightmare it turned out to be... we ended up transfereing to melvile at a different time..) anyway, and yes it was because of the gas crisis.. and many others closed to... or had their heating turned down in the pool. however, this is now blown over and all the pools are re-opened and back up to temp... leeming however has remained closed as they are going to do a total refit throughout the centre... the date keeps getting put back..but last time i heard it was to start in january... its actually a lovely pool... one the uk folks back home would die for!!!... i was amazed they were going to change it... if you want your little ones to have lessons...have you though of All Saints... its the private school in bull creek... its a really nice pool.. here is the web site: All Saints Swimming Club Contact Val – val.rappold@allsaints.wa.edu.au or by phone on (08) 9313 9386. 2 of mine are squad swimmers there and the other one has lessons min x:wubclub:
  12. minlady

    Another Wee Rumour

    Thanks Jo... i shall... i just needed to point out how these threads can come across to the 'unaware'.. hope your parents are settling well by the way xx
  13. minlady

    Another Wee Rumour

    Hi Gill I think i am getting mixed up in something i cannot begin to comprehend... obviously there has been alot 'going on' that i have missed or just don't understand.... as someone who enjoys to come to these forums i am now beginning to become downheartened by what i am reading.... i consider myself to be a devoted (perhaps a strong word to use...but long term user and hopefully helpful contributor) to this site and it saddens me to come here to read threads that in all honesty confuse the hell out of me. now i admit i am not around 24/7 and perhaps don't read everything as i simply don't have the time and my hands go up to you moderators who 'police' these air waves as the job you do voluntarily is exceptional... what i am trying to say is... for those who have no idea what is going on.... reading the remarks that are being posted does not set a good example... if it has not been made common knowledge as to 'what ever it is' then no one is going to understand fully and get a proper picture. please understand i am not taking sides as i can't... i am just confused and upset as to what is happening around me
  14. minlady

    Another Wee Rumour

    Personally... i have no interest in what has happened in the past to members on either site.... what is shocking is the continued snide comments that i keep reading on both.. don't you think the reason why people are on these sites i s more important... than the underhand remarks that are continually being posted..?? i used to love coming on PIO not just for the excellent advice but also for the banter and fun we used to have... now i feel i am treading on egg shells in fear of saying something wrong. i feel it is great that the site has become so popular but i also feel its popilarity has actually contributed to ... in my opinion... its downfall in that the intamacy that we used to have has gone slightly.. These forums are here for the common man with a common interest.... come on... lets jut stop these petty underhand remarks and get on with what is really at stake here... in a word lets just GROW UP as this is certainly not encouraging me to be a part of this or any other community min x:wubclub:
  15. minlady

    Hepatitus A (Have I spelt it right!?)

    Personally i think your practice nurse is being a 'little over zealous'... Singapore is a top notch country... you are more likely to get Hep A in Greece than Singapore...lol however... if you are worried it's a small jab with hardly any side effects...more likely to be site soreness than anything.. it is not 100% effective and only lasts a short time.... and you will need boosters... Personally i wouldn't bother!! hope that helps and have a good trip min x