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  1. Don't know if there is much demand for chippy work, there's a couple around but tell you the truth they are nothing like a proper english chippys, you don't get cod, guess if your a good chippy you could introduce it? LOL
  2. Hello there fellow mackem, send us a message when you get here, there are a few of us sunderland supporters over here and we live near Baldivas, Warnbro is the nearest station, but I wouldn't fancy walking it!
  3. degs

    Renting in perth ! !

    $295 Port Kennedy unfurnished
  4. degs

    Please read and comment

    There are hundreds of spiders, wolf spiders, huntsmen, white tails, redbacks and loads of others, we have some in the garden which leap at you, don't go near them though, thre is also mammoth moths, 6ft crickets and dead tall grass hoppers, along with prey mantis, cockroaches, snails, beetles, flys, hundreds of fly's, snakes, pelicans, crows, magpies, parrots, kangaroos. loads of stuff. Seen a few huntsmen, one was big enough to strangle me, it was in the bush up at toojay, not nice.
  5. Hi there, I am from Blackhall, Can call it Durham, Cleveland or Wearside, worked in Sunderland, we are currently in south of Perth. Love it but got to admit, it's a very lonely place, not that easy to meet mates, would be nice to meet up with fellow north easterners. Thanks degs
  6. degs

    Student visah

    Hi there, Dont think there would be a age limit but if you are doing it to get permanant residency, you lose points the older you are, so if you get to the end of the course, qualify and then apply for permanancy, you might not have enough points due to your age points being lower. its something to look into. Degs

    <p>Hi suzy,</p>

    <p>we have arrived at the beggining of december and are staying with relations, we have absolutely no friends so there is just me my wife and daughter who is two years old.</p>

    <p>We are in Warnbro so not far from yourselves.</p>

    <p>my E-Mail is <a href="mailto:" rel="">dingdangdo3@aol.com</a></p>

    <p>if you want to meet up some time.</p>

    <p>just drop us a few words and we will sort something out.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>All the best and a happy xmas</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Derek, Donna and Emily.</p>


  8. degs

    can we survive in perth

    I say go for it, I start at swan tafe in Feb, but we are here now on a 2 month recce, We love it but I must say it's not cheap, you are talking $300 a week rent unfurnished, bills are bills, probably the same at home, food is expensive as is eating out, but you live to your means, went to the beach all day yesterday and only paid for picnic, can't be bad. It's a risk but you won't know if it worth it until you have done it, Our next door niehbour has just completed hospitality management course and has just got by financially but he is glad he has done it, he also has a wife and child to support including sending her to private school and going to pub every week so it can be done.
  9. degs


    Hi all, I have a student visa and have already paid for my medicare, do we recieve a card when we enter OZ or do we have to visit the office with my invoice, Thanks
  10. degs

    When can I enter Australia!

    Never been to perth but I have family over there so it should be ok,
  11. degs

    When can I enter Australia!

    Im doing hospitality management, cooking in our language, total change to what I am used to but I can't wait! 2 years out of my daily grind, heading to another daily grind but at least it is hot!!!!!!!
  12. degs

    When can I enter Australia!

    Hi Emma, It took no time at all, I had my medicals on the 13th August, sent my application on the 14th, I had a problem with my medical so I had to gather more info, medicals were sent on the 1st September, recieved my conformation of visa on the 5th September. I imagine that it would be qicker if my medicals were sent in with application, can't wait, my course starts on the 2nd feb 09 so that means I can go for november. if you need any info just pm me all the best
  13. degs

    When can I enter Australia!

    Hi folks, I have just had my student visa granted but I can't seem to find when I can enter Oz on my visa. I was sure it was 12 weeks prior to the start of your college course but I have seen a post where it states 6 weeks. I'm totally sick of work, my house has sold and I want to get there asap so I can chill out for a few month. any info would be great! cheers
  14. Child trust funds can be kept open however the government will not put in the further £250 when the child is seven, you are free to invest money into the account aswell. it's something to look into due to the fall in the share price of these trust funds.
  15. degs

    Problem Medical?

    thanks for all the info, I know it should be ok but in the back of your mind you think something may go wrong, well I will keep my fingers crossed. Thanks