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  1. samozsoon

    Anyone from Derby, UK?

    Hi.. We're in Camden too Hubby worked at Toyota in Derby but is from Wolverhampton but we keep quiet about that :laugh:
  2. samozsoon

    The dogs are in the air.

    Isnt Golden Arrow situated in a fabulous place? I would have paid to stay there myself for a couple of weeks haha. Good Luck Sam
  3. samozsoon

    Domestic Students!

    Hi Emma Both my two kids have started Uni this yr. My son has a Commonwealth Assisted Place but is living away from home so more expense there and my daughter is at a private Uni in Sydney but is still at home. As Quoll has already said they cant get student loans/fee help until they are citizens and we dont get the 20% discount for paying up-front either. Fees are paid beginning of the term (4 a yr). My son however is eligible for a NAB student loan (daughter isnt as shes only 17) NAB - Enjoy all student life has to offer he can use this loan for almost anything and is looking at getting one for a new (not brand new lol) car as we cant afford to help him buy one because we have two lots of fees to pay! This loan does incure interest from the date you recieve the funds though but repayments dont start until his course has finished. Anything else you would like to know please ask. Sam
  4. samozsoon

    education for 16yr old

    Did she settle ok?? Lets just say she's had her ups n downs lol. Its been hard, harder than I ever imagined it would be for her. She's very outgoing and makes friends easily so I thought she'd be ok but there have been times when she has sat sobbing, begging us all to go home. The Aussie kids are great and they made her feel welcome from the first day she started school. But things are different over here. She has had boyfriend trouble, exam stress and not knowing what she was going to do when she finished yr12 really worried her (all her aussie mates didnt seem to care...it was summer and they'd just left school, they couldnt understand why she wasnt happy). We also went back to England, 10mths after leaving, for a hol and I think it was too soon. Leaving again 3 weeks later was worse than leaving the first time. BUT, on a more positive note, she has made a few really close friends, has a part time job that she enjoys, is still with her boyfriend after all the ups n downs and is really loving Uni. There have been more good times than bad (its just the bad are very bad lol) and after 14 months shes still here with us and I am very proud of her for sticking it out. Goodluck and stay positive :smile: Sam x
  5. samozsoon

    education for 16yr old

    I would def say go into school in the Sept/Oct. We planned our arrival in the Jan (08) so my daughter could go straight into yr 12 but once she arrived there she found out that the school had started yr 12 work the October before, when the previous yr12's had finished school! She ended up doing 9mths of a 2 yr course. When applying for Uni, most Uni's will have 'special circumstances' form which you will be able to apply for because of 'distrupted education due to moving', but make sure you start looking early because this has to be in quite early on, also you have to get ref letters from school etc. I have two teens who've just started Uni last month so if there's anything I can help with please ask. We are in NSW btw Sam x
  6. samozsoon

    Insuring contents of container

    Hi Val, We never insured ours, not because we didnt want to but we just ran out of time. Like you we thought the quote from the shippers was really high so we were going to get other quotes but just didnt get round to it. We had a 20ft container plus another 80 boxes in a shared container which both arrived safely and passed quarentine without a hitch. We used Crown btw. At the end of the day its a risk we took, but really the stuff that matters (photos, etc) cant be replaced anyway no matter how much insurance you have. Sam x
  7. samozsoon

    Calling the Smith Tribe!!

    Hi Michele I'll send them a msg on Facebook and tell them u are after them lol. Whats ur email/phone number, I'll pass it on. I'm not sure how often they get on FB, but its worth a try. Sam x
  8. samozsoon

    Stuck in a rutt!

    Hi Twinkle, Where abouts in Sydney are you? We're about an hour south west of Sydney, and have been here 14 months now. I dont work atm so I am available to meet up if you wanted to. I dont get on here much anymore so email me if you'd like to. samozsoon@yahoo.co.uk Sam x
  9. samozsoon

    Anyone living in Campbelltown?

    Hiya We live nr Camden, been here since January now and have settled well. We have made quite a few friends, all English though:spinny:, there are quite a few of us around lol. I'm in the UK at to moment until 16th Dec so probably wont have time to reply again but please get in touch in a few weeks time. Sam x
  10. samozsoon

    Statutory Deposit Issue - Partial Resolution

    Hi Gill Does this mean that the $100K/5 points might be back on? My sister is 5 points short of a 176 family sponsored visa and is having to go 475 prov to rural Qld instead (mom lives there). I would love her to be nearer to me in NSW but we dont live rural enough. Sam x
  11. samozsoon

    Flights, times and stopovers. Any advice?

    Hi Herbster, Talking of late flights, it took us 9 hrs to get out of Detroit airport because of the snow! I had allowed 5 hrs in LA to catch AirNZ flight which we missed then consequently missed flight from NZ to Syd. Eventually arriving in Syd to start our new life with just hand luggage as our bags were still somewhere in LA having failed to make the flight (or perhaps making the original flight but being off-loaded as we weren't aboard). Turned up 11 days later! Cant say I'm looking forward to the flights again but its a means to an end I suppose. Yes, Michigan certainly left us wanting to see more, more than LA or Las Vegas did. We'd never been to the US before and just never expected it to be so good really. Would like to go in the summer next time, although seeing all the little kids stomping off to school in their snow suits and boots was great, how long must it take them to get out off them once they get there and putting them all back on again to come home I couldnt guess. Bless em! Detroit was a strange place, the city centre I mean, we went there on a Sat afternoon between Christmas and New Year and it was like a ghost town. Where were all the January sales shoppers? We managed to see about 6 people and two of them were cops (with big guns!). Had a lovely lunch in the Mexican part of town though. Would really like to go further south next time we visit (I'm sure there will be a next time) too. Oh well, back to Korean Air, I'm going to ring them I think, although cant do much about it now, its booked and paid for so we'll be on it whether it has tv's in the seats or not. We are going back to the UK for a hol 11 months after leaving, bit soon really but daughter (16) was going through a bad time some months ago and had saved her own fare and was determined to go back and, well, I couldnt let her go by herself could I? lol. Hopefully the 'getting on the plane' to come back here wont be quite so traumatic for any of us as it was 12 months before hand. Good Luck in your new home, we bought 4 months ago and its so much better than renting which we all hated. Sam x
  12. samozsoon

    Flights, times and stopovers. Any advice?

    We stayed with friends in Northville, nr Detroit (I think). Very nice area and they seem to have an ideal life, lots of snow and skiing in the winter and in the summer they have a caravan not far away and a great big boat in the garage. We didnt get to go to the lakes but I wish we had though. We did go to Niagara Falls though, something we had to do as we were so close. Would love to go back and I think had we gone there beforehand I could have been very tempted to try and move there instead of to Oz but our friends would love to move to Oz but are stuck in negative equity so cant afford to sell up now. Hopefully Korean Air will be ok, have heard mixed reports, one even saying they dont have tv's in the back of the seats which I'm hoping is wrong otherwise kids, although not little, will drive me nuts! Sorry to hear your flight with Emirates wasnt so good, ours have always been great, I can understand how you felt about hanging around Mel waiting for you onward flight though, when we landed in NZ from LA and had to wait for our flight to Sydney it was a pain, so close, although we only had a couple of hours. Hope you're enjoying your new life in Tassie. Sam x
  13. samozsoon

    Flights, times and stopovers. Any advice?

    Hi Dionne We went via LA with Air NZ last Dec and stopped over in America for 4 weeks! It was great, we did a day in LA, saw Hollywood sign, 4 days in Disneyland and a day at San Diego Zoo to see the Panda Bears. We then went to Las Vegas for 3 days before flying to Michigan to spent Christmas with friends (and real snow). The flights were longer than we were used to as we normally go with Emirates (3 x 7hr flights) and I think I prefer the shorter flights where we can get out for a walk about and use a proper loo! But visiting America was certainly worth it. Going back to the UK for a hol in 2 weeks, this time going with Korean Air as they were the cheapest, two 10hr flights with a night in Korea on the way there. Hope they're ok! Sam x
  14. Hiya We used Golden Arrow in Shropshire who were excellent from start to finish. It cost us 4300 pounds for two Retrievers plus microchipping and blood tests which were about 300 pounds for the two of them. Quarantine was $1300 for them both, they shared a pen though so might be a bit more than half for one dog (if you know what I mean). Some shippers may be slightly cheaper as you can do some of the paperwork yourself but I decided to let Golden Arrow sort it all as I didnt want to get it wrong. BTW not sure our own vet had to sign anything to say they were fit to fly (nothing was given to me from him except their blood test results and a letter stating they had been given Frontal after the bloods were taken). Golden Arrow have their own vet and we dropped the dogs off two days before they flew and GA sorted all that out with him. Might be worth contacting them and asking how many animals they refuse to let fly. Their vet might be more willing to sign the fit to fly form as they have more experience of flying animals. I know my vet hadn't a clue what to do (re vaccinations/blood tests etc). Sam x
  15. Sorry OzzieWren, didnt realise you'd already replied with the same info, still better to have to much info than not enough (I think:wacko:). Good luck with your move back. Sam x