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  1. peggy

    Unpaid speeding fines from 2008

    I thought it got dropped after a certain time due to the uk and oz not having agreements re traffic violations,
  2. At last flag of appears to defend perthbum and surely perthbum calling some one sick as he has done in one of his last comments is not acceptable deformation of character do something admin
  3. peggy

    Gerry Adams arrested

    The truth will never be known about how much blood he has on his hands.
  4. peggy

    Is this justice?

    No it no it is the judge not the dip the dip give a range and normally manslaughter is 8-10 yrs then the defence argue that with court of appeal outcomes thus why it got down to 5 years but don't forget he has a parole eligibility after 3.5 yrs I believe which means he can apply for parole
  5. peggy

    Australia's Bikie Gangs

    Mr Luvpants do not bring yourself down to FOC'S level he doesn't understand how thin the blue line is. He thinks we are minions and are just barbarians kind of reminds me of a legal person that you and I probably know and hear all the time spouting stuff.
  6. peggy

    Bikies to wear Pink and have fairy wings

    MMMMMM Foot soldiers is that all we are to you foc just people who because we have to enforce are expendable, worthless is that what you are implying by this post. But will you have praise for a police officer when he stops an attack on a person or would you state police abuse power by using force to subdue armed assailant. foc I would love you to walk one day in my shoes as would other people on the thin blue line. who are on here
  7. peggy

    banning smokes in jails

    Well it aint you lol But you didn't answer my post do the victims get a choice can you please answer that or is it when they have been assaulted or burgled they have a fag and that pacifies the victim it that what you mean.
  8. peggy

    Bikies to wear Pink and have fairy wings

    But at the end of the day foc you are entitled to your opinion in a free country that lets you speak out and doesn't arrest you for it and I like other people understand .....sometimes where you are coming from but alas when a law has to be enforced please don't attack the people who enforce them attack the people who bring the changes in write to your local MP write to the papers etc but don't put down the people who have no choice but to enforce. and I will not comment any more which you will be happy about foc lol
  9. peggy

    Bikies to wear Pink and have fairy wings

    And dear Foc I was duly punished by the afore mentioned mods for that so why do you need to bring that up but also I see no punishment from mods to your good self when you on previous posts have seeked out arguments called people zealots and other names which by the very nature is classed as bullying which I know that you have done and are capable of when people try to answer back to your posts do you want me to go and post them I believe you aimed severe attacks against wakeboard and others shall I go back and apply the posts for you just to jog your memory remember your posts regarding the boat people and how you called people who said send them back Nazis etc. Also you implied that another forum user was a racist and another un educated due the fact of their grammer on the same posts can you answer me this question tho have you personally petitioned your counsellor regarding the new laws can you please answer me that because to surely attack the laws on a public forum and if that is all your doing shows that you are an armchair activist. As for china I mentioned that and thought you might have understood where I was going with that one but alas you didn't get my drift on that.
  10. peggy

    Bikies to wear Pink and have fairy wings

    Also foc can you answer my questions in a simple manner without being beligerant in your answers and mannerisms to imply that I am a zealot or a right winger to my clients is a defamation of my character and I believe the mods should take action
  11. peggy

    Bikies to wear Pink and have fairy wings

    Admin I believe that is an unjust attack on myself and would like foc to be duly warned
  12. peggy

    Bikies to wear Pink and have fairy wings

    Pom queen can you advise me how to block flag of please as I dont want to read or see any of his posts
  13. peggy

    Bikies to wear Pink and have fairy wings

    Also not once has anybody on here bleated about human rights in china africa no cause its safe to attack your own country
  14. peggy

    Bikies to wear Pink and have fairy wings

    Ps not rihht wing foc its called realist
  15. peggy

    Bikies to wear Pink and have fairy wings

    And at the end of the day if someone is trying to break into your house who are you gonna call (not ghostbusters)but the local police officer who has kids and your expecting him or her to lay their life down protecting you so enough of how bad the police are if your that bothered lobby your local mp and stop bleating about it on here has anyone done that yet has anyone emailed their local mp about this probably not