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  1. brooksey

    6 years in - an honest view of life in Australia

    Most things in Australia are realy expensive. My local pub seems imune thank god. $3.20 for a scooner of mid or $3.70 for full strength. (scooner is just less than a pint) You do get used to the heat. Where i work is always high 30s to mid 40s and occationaly gets into the 50s. A few people collapse with heat stroke (me once) but that is mostly down to not drinking enough water. I now drink 15 to 20 lts a day.
  2. brooksey

    Cheapest place to buy flights back to UK

    From Brisbane
  3. brooksey

    Cheapest place to buy flights back to UK

    Qantas have a sale on at the moment. $2072 return to Manchester in May.
  4. brooksey

    Places to go

    Perth to Karratha (Pilbara) takes approx 22 hours of driving. If you like red sand and dust then i would recomend it.
  5. <p>Let me know if you have recieved a pm off me as i seem to be having trouble with it. Cheers Lee</p>


    <p>Hi Brooksy</p>

    <p>Catherine and Carl here. Where are you living in QLD? Any chance of a get together at some point?</p>

    <p>We are free at weekends.</p>


  7. brooksey

    The Football Thread

    Footballers like thatdeserve nothing. A few years ago Paul Devlin was the same with us. Didn't strike but played deliberatly badly and never made a tackle so we had to sell the Judas.
  8. brooksey

    Am I an Australian citizen?

    I didn't think i could vote as a pr. Thought you had to be a citizen.
  9. brooksey

    The Football Thread

    Why has he gone on strike? i've heard nothing over here.
  10. brooksey

    The Football Thread

    Thats got to hurt mate 3-0. Not a dig by the way but could Liverpool fall out of the top four for a long time with Man City and Spurs emerging as threats?
  11. brooksey

    Wedding cake

    Get somebody to take a picture of you shuving it in the groomes face and bring that instead. Two good memories then lol.
  12. brooksey

    famous friends--just another day

    Jesica Alba said that i had to send either Angelina or Cameron home as three was the perfect number. It gave me too HARD a decision so i sent them all away and phoned Miss Roberts instead.
  13. brooksey

    famous friends--just another day

    :rolleyes: You had Joanne Lumley pestering you and sent her away:shocked:. Are you Gay:swoon: :biglaugh::biglaugh:
  14. brooksey


    G'day and good luck with the move. A good way to find answers is to use the search function above. Or just ask away.
  15. brooksey


    Double bugger.