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  1. This may answer you question.




    If you buy new then the garage does the paper work. If you can get a Queensland licence it is much easier to register a car. We used our short term accommodation to get our licences and register the car to then switched it on line when we got our long term rental, maybe one of the people you are staying with will let you use their address.

  2. Hi

    The Gold Coast http://www.visitgoldcoast.com/things-to-do/is a big area it would help if you could supply more information as to what you are looking for in a good suburb, do you want new houses or older , how many bed rooms , water views, play grounds, parks, what type of schools do you need .

    We live in Oxenford near the theme parks, in a three bed two level house nice quite area, Helensvale mall http://www.westfield.com.au/helensvale/ 15 min drive away, all major supermarkets an easy drive, short drive onto the motorway, Movie World , Dream World and Wet and Wild water park all in the area. 15 to 20 minutes to Gold coast beaches, Southport and Surfers Paradise or go the other way into the hinterland and rain forests. The drive to and from Brisbane can be a real pain one road that can become a parking lot very quickly, also found when I was looking for work living in the Gold Coast worked against me when applying for jobs near Brisbane.

    Anyway happy to try to answer any questions you have.

    Do you have Facebook as there are a couple of Gold Coast expat groups on there.



  3. I think these lines are why you do not see this being used.

    The annual NHS bill for treating ulcers alone is estimated at nearly £700 million. The market for wound dressings, ointments and gels is said to be worth around £5 billion.


    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2715979/Introducing-new-wonder-cure-SUGAR-Its-demonised-diet-But-thanks-Mail-reader-banish-leg-ulcers.html#ixzz39VrQyRDM

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    He says the reason sugar is not used more in developed nations is simply that it is so cheap, there isn't enough profit to justify investing in large-scale randomised trials. These provide the proof necessary to win endorsement from bodies such as the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).


    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2715979/Introducing-new-wonder-cure-SUGAR-Its-demonised-diet-But-thanks-Mail-reader-banish-leg-ulcers.html#ixzz39VresbKJ

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  4. Got this from http://www.deir.qld.gov.au/workplace/licensingregistrations/licences/dontneed/index.htm#.U-CvGOOSxbK

    Licences no longer required

    Several types of licences previously issued by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland are now discontinued. These are:



    • building maintenance unit
    • bulkloader or shiploader
    • internal combustion locomotive
    • refrigeration plant
    • trencher
    • crane chaser
    • dragline
    • straddle carrier
    • cable way
    • explosive power tool
    • front-end loader/backhoe
    • front-end loader
    • skid steer loader
    • excavator
    • dozer
    • bridge or gantry crane with 3 or less powered operations
    • road roller
    • scraper
    • grader


    Although these licences are no longer required, persons conducting a business or undertaking still have a duty to provide information, training, instruction and/or supervision necessary to ensure the health and safety of all persons.



    But you do need a High Risk Work ticket to operate a Fork Lift, Crane, ect.


    I think your biggest problem would be lack of experience (if you do not have any) operating any plant as most jobs require you to have some for safety reasons and to meet the productivity that's wanted. Have seen a few guys with experience looking for work on Facebook and Gum tree.

  5. Tracked the place down independently after we saw it used by a family on Wanted Down Under. It was the ideal location. We booked it and paid 50% in February and she waited over a week after we paid the balance before telling us. Claimed that she had put us in her diary for 2015 in error. :no:Apparently the people there now are looking for a house but not found one. We believe that she has allowed them an open-ended rental and hoped that they would have bought and gone by the time we arrived but that didn't happen. Would explain why she left it until just a few days before we were due to arrive to tell us.


    Worst thing was that we had the episode of WDW recorded and was showing it to our 10 year old daughter this morning saying this is where we are going to be staying next week when the phone rang so had to tell her that we will not be there after all.



    Had exactly the same thing happen to us when we came here last November, agent would not answer phone or emails then told us at last minute the person in short term rental was staying. Real pain had to search internet and make phone calls to find a new place to stay a few days before we flew while packing bags and all the other last minute things you have to do, found a better place in the end.

  6. Maybe it is because you do not have any Australian experience, where as other applicants do and you will not get a call if you do not meet the job requirements. Two months is not a long time looking for a job and it can take a lot longer than this. Also you may want to find some one to look over you resume there are plenty around (look on Google or if on Facebook join a local page where you are and ask) that will do it some may give you free pointers as to what if any thing may need to be changed.

  7. white van parked in the paddock near the dam, two backpackers got thier litle fire lit and settling in for the night, cheeky little bastards, Only realised they were there when I went out to shut chooks away and could smell cigarette smoke. Be interesting in the morning as I have parked tractor and slasher across only gate in and out, haha, Gonna have some fun with this as they have been moved on before.



    Ok so what happened?

  8. did anyone try this ? I installed it on my boys hudls and they love it, works fine, latest movies (not just cartoons) latest crown of thrones..


    it should work in oz too

    Did look at it but can not find it on App Store and it seems to downloads direct from them so do not think it is approved by Apple so will hold off from downloading it until i can find more information on it, but it does look like a great idea.

  9. Hi all, we have finally made the decision to move to Perth and are after advice about being a self employed gardener in WA. What is the process for registering as self-employed? I read about getting an ABN, but is there anything else I need to do? Any advice on shipping tools (mowers, hedge cutter, chainsaw, strimmer, general hand tool- spades, rakes etc)? Is it is best to sell them here in the UK or ship them over- how easy is it to get them serviced and replacement parts? Any advice gratefully received!

    What make of tools you got? if they are not sold here you may have problems getting parts for them. A good commercial mower is going to cost you upwards of $1500. all your tools would have to be spotless i.e. no mud grass or seeds to pass customs. getting them serviced would be easy just a matter of finding a good shop. I think most landscapers use reel mowers in Perth if I remember rightly.

  10. Mr Hockey added that he wanted to encourage businesses to employ people who were "restarting" their careers at the age of 50 or 60, particularly those switching from jobs in manual labour.

    Would like to know how he is going to do this. I am 51 and cannot find a job. So how is someone who is 60-70 going to get one?