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    Leaving Sydney Everything for sale

    Link does not work
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    Had enough of them now.

    Get some of this
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    Buying a motorbike

    I would not mind having one of these in my garage but will settle for Honda CTX1300, just got to find a job first
  4. knsc

    Holden Barina 1.6

    Got any pictures?
  5. knsc

    Furnished accommodation Brisbane area?

    Hi Jim. Take a look at http://www.brisbanegateway.com.au/index.html in Rochedale. They have two and three bed cabins for short term rent http://www.brisbanegateway.com.au/short-term-accommodation.html. It is right next to the M1 and M3 motorways so easy drive to Brisbane or to the Gold Coast. Make sure you get the short term rate as it is much cheaper than the holiday rate. Nigel
  6. knsc

    Varsity College

    Is there anyone on here who has kids at Varsity College and is willing to give a honest account of the school, can do it by PM if necessary as I know not everyone wants to write on a open forum. We have looked at the schools website and my school site and searched this site and are looking for more up to date information. Thanks Nigel
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    Hi Is Scarborough a safe area, we are looking at a short term rental apartment on Landsborough Ave for when we first arrive. Thanks Nigel.
  8. Hi Do you have list of what you are selling and prices Thanks Nigel.
  9. Hi Do you have a list of what you are selling and prices. We will be there in a couple of weeks. thanks Nigel.
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    Yes that sounds like the same place. Not sure if it is the same apartment. how did you find getting a long term rental? Was it hard, lots of competition.
  11. knsc

    Car rental

    Which is the best car rental company to use. Have looked at Apex, they seem to have the best deals ect, is there any others that I should check. We will have alot of bags so will need something large.
  12. knsc

    Car rental

    Ok this I do not understand?
  13. knsc

    gas barbecue

    http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/household/111305-uk-gas-bbq-can-you-convert.html http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/transport-shipping/112140-brining-u-k-gas-bbq-oz.html
  14. Are you planing on having one these meet ups in December ?
  15. knsc

    Cane Toad Issues

    CANE TOAD STIR FRY Mar 12, 2013 , 4:56 PM by Lyrella Trainer What do you do with a cane toad once you've cornered it in the garden and shoved it into a container? Most of us wait until its frozen stiff and pop in the bin. Instead of letting the carcass rot in the rubbish try stir frying the legs and creating a seriously tasty Territory dish. I kid you not. Local gardening guru and recycling buff Leonie Norrington is an advocate for making more of her cane toads. Leonie is in fact quite partial to serving cane toad legs as an appetizer at parties. Leonie shares her finger licking cane toad legs recipe with Anne-Marie Ingredients 10 cane toad legs Corn oil 1/2 Cup (16 tbs) Cilantro/Coriander 2 Bunch (100gm), chopped Lemon juice 3/4 Water 1 Cup (16 tbs) Garlic 5 Clove (5gm), minced Salt To Taste Directions In a large, heavy skillet, fry the frog or chicken legs in the heated corn oil until browned. In a separate saucepan combine the remaining ingredients. Simmer over low heat, stirring occasionally, for five to ten minutes. Pour the sauce over the cane toad legs. Transfer to a lightly oiled baking pan or casserole and bake at 350 degrees of fifteen minutes.
  16. knsc

    Agate Creek Fossicking

    Thanks. I think it went well, very nice people and seem willing to help with our journey, would have got the job had I been there, but they want me to stay in touch and see them when we arrive so all is good. Now back to talking about were all the gold and jewels are hiding :jimlad:
  17. knsc

    Agate Creek Fossicking

    Ok thanks Still all going crazy , but do have a job interview tonight so things are looking up.
  18. knsc

    Agate Creek Fossicking

    whats the going rate in jelly babies for information?:laugh: thanks Bobj will make note of these
  19. knsc

    Help with Passport details update after visa grant

    you send the form back to the same embassy/office that you sent your original application to or to the nearest one if you have moved.
  20. knsc

    Agate Creek Fossicking

    Hi Pom Queen. Sorry have not answered you have been busy trying to get house and things sorted out. We are heading for Brisbane not sure what part as that will depend on Schools. My Son will be 14 when we arrive. Nigel
  21. knsc


    Does anybody live in Indooroopilly? Am looking for information, how safe, quite, etc. Information about Indooroopilly State High School Thanks
  22. knsc

    Mountain Creek - Let?

    http://raywhitemountaincreek.com.au/qld/mountain-creek/1036633/ has a pool.
  23. knsc

    Agate Creek Fossicking

    Are there places were you can learn what to look for? I know my son will love this and would come home well loaded up with stuff, daughter does not believe you can find gold and things just lying around. Thanks Nigel
  24. knsc

    Agate Creek Fossicking

    This must be good news. I think will have to give this a try when we arrive. http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/queensland-state-forests-open-for-recreational-fossickers-20131007-2v3mz.html
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    Problem advertising on Gumtree AU