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  1. mrsmac

    Overseas UK Work Experience

    Your agent will probably have some further advice about what documents will be suitable, but for starters, what about bank statements that show your pay going in to your bank account. Also, you can probably contact the HMRC and request back dated tax records. As far as your employer goes, is there not someone in management who has been there long enough to know you worked there and provide either a reference or a statutory declaration? It needs to have the dates of employment (months/years) and the duties that you performed. The ANZSCO description will give you a good idea of the duties. That may be enough but check with your agent first - they may have a draft reference that you could provide your previous employer with, so that they have an idea of what is expected.
  2. mrsmac

    HELP! Advice needed for career (Perth)

    Try Hays Globalink for job opportunities in Perth (and the rest of Australia). Once you have determined that you are eligible for a visa, you will at least have an idea what jobs are available to you, and where. https://www.hays.com.au/coming-to-australia Good luck. Diane Boyce Construction Management, Architecture, Planning and Trades T: +44 203 465 0158 E: diane.boyce@hays.com
  3. Hello Hannah. I live just south of Bunbury, although I'm more your mothers age! Perhaps you can give some more information about your work and preferred weekend activities so that I can make some suggestions for meeting like-minded girls. Which area of Bunbury do you live in?
  4. mrsmac

    Extended Working Holiday visas - Fire relief 2020

    Yes, I think it is a great idea. Much better to have qualified tradespeople helping with construction and renovation work on a long term basis, and not having to take off for three months to pick fruit. There is so much to be gained from this initiative, both for those in need of support and for the young working holiday makers wanting a life changing experience. Win-win for everyone indeed. I hope it is properly monitored though, so the help needed is actually received. It must not be an open invitation for all, enabling 12 months employment in city pubs, etc.
  5. mrsmac

    Migration agent

    You should consider whether an airline will let you fly that distance in your latter stage of pregnancy. And will you be covered by Medicare for the birth of your baby if your visa is not lodged in time? Do you have all the support you will need, both financial and emotional, in Australia? There are many things to think about before booking your tickets, regardless of what anyone advises you. Don't be too eager to rush the process without first being fully informed of your options and any possible complications.
  6. mrsmac

    190 visa state change from SA to NSW

    I cannot but wonder why you chose South Australia as your sponsorship state in the first place. Was it your only choice (as it has been for many people in the past) or did you genuinely want to live and work here? South Australia has always been proactive in encouraging migrants by offering sponsorship, however over the years their support has been abused. I am not saying for one moment that this is the case with yourself, but it is the reason why they are now putting tighter conditions in place. In recent years South Australia has invested heavily in their schools and universities. Last years budget saw almost $700 million set aside for the upgrading of facilities and infrastructure, so their commitment to education is evident. If your son is bright, as I suspect he is, he can thrive and achieve in any good school. Alternatively, could he not be a resident/boarder at the NSW school during term time? This would enable you to fulfill your moral obligation to the State that gave you sponsorship and hence the opportunity to live and work in Australia. There must have been a need for your skills at the time of application, otherwise they would not have awarded you the sponsorship, so once you are on the ground permanently, finding a job should be possible. South Australia is a wonderful place to live - don't underestimate the opportunities that await you and your family here.
  7. mrsmac

    Vetassess Electrician Exam

    Sorry, i did not realise. If you are using an agent, could they perhaps give you some advice about what to expect? They are likely to have had feedback from other clients.
  8. mrsmac

    Vetassess Electrician Exam

    Have a look on the VETASSESS website - Guides and Fact Sheets, here: https://www.vetassess.com.au/skills-assessment-for-migration/trade-occupations/guides-and-fact-sheets
  9. mrsmac

    Bricklayer skills assessment

    Have a look at the VETASSESS Fact Sheets. They are very helpful. https://www.vetassess.com.au/skills-assessment-for-migration/trade-occupations/guides-and-fact-sheets
  10. mrsmac

    Migration Agent?

    Good point. I need to be more PC.
  11. mrsmac

    Migration Agent?

    You can do any number of FREE online assessments that will let you know which visa(s) you might be eligible for, but a MARA Registered Agent will likely charge a nominal fee for a professional consultation. £50-80 would be reasonable and personally I think it is a good investment. You can run through every aspect of your application, receive accurate advice relevant to your own situation and get answers to your questions. The Australian visa application process is expensive, so being clear about your path is paramount to it's success. There are many reputable Registered Agents around, including those who post here. If you are wanting to speak to someone in the UK time zone, you might consider Concept Australia and Immigration2oz - both have been around for a long time and have solid reputations. I am not sure what they charge for a consultation, but do the online assessment first anyway. Always make sure that the person giving you advice is a MARA Registered Agent - ask the question - there are companies around who sprout the MARA logo but do not actually have a Registered Agent in the office. In Australia it is law to be registered if giving advice, but not so in the UK. Don't take life changing advice from a salesman.
  12. mrsmac

    Government Sites

    A previous post by Martynd says that the agent is dealing with it. I think he may just be wanting to find out if anyone else has had the same issue.
  13. mrsmac

    Fitter interview

  14. mrsmac


    VETASSESS will be in London on 07 September - may be helpful for you both.
  15. mrsmac

    Electrician moving to Oz

    It is not possible to get a full licence in the UK - it has to be completed in Australia. Each state has different requirements as well and you can find these online. For example, in Western Australia: https://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/publications/electricians-licence-application-overseas-otsr and other states through the TRA website here: https://www.tradesrecognitionaustralia.gov.au/programs/electrician-general-and-electrician-special-class I have attached a pdf with general information. How to obtain a full qualification - Electrical Licensing[72832].pdf