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  1. mrsmac

    Electrician in need of guidance.

    I believe TRA are the assessing body for UK Electricians and contract the assessment out to VETASSESS and FutureSkills. The information in the VETASSESS Fact Sheets is certainly the easiest to understand:
  2. mrsmac

    Electrician in need of guidance.

    Are they not Westly? Regardless, there are some very informative Fact Sheets on their website, and so I suspect they will be able to offer reliable advice in respect of the applicants skills and certification requirements.
  3. mrsmac

    Electrician in need of guidance.

    Contact VETASSESS - https://www.vetassess.com.au/ They are an assessing authority for Electricians and will give you a definitive answer to your question. Without a positive skills assessment, you will not be able to proceed with a skilled visa application, so best to be certain of your chances of succeeding with the qualifications that you have.
  4. mrsmac

    Getting OUT of England

    Thank you for your comments. I understand the validity of being able to leave, however I’m not certain which box to tick. None of the reasons for departing seem to fit with ‘migrating’.
  5. mrsmac

    Getting OUT of England

    The latest directive from the Home Office regarding international travel does not appear to include 'Migrating' as a valid reason for departure. Has anyone found a way through this?
  6. mrsmac

    Vasse - info please

    Vasse is a lovely area, with all the amenities you need, including a great little primary school and early learning centre. There is a Coles supermarket, weekend community market, cafes and restaurants, etc, and Busselton and Dunsborough are both just 10 minutes away. Vasse is preferable to Dunsborough in that it doesn't get over run with tourists every weekend, and 'Schoolies' championing their 'right of passage' every November/December. It is very much the gateway to the many wonderful wineries, breweries, art galleries, beaches, etc that are in abundance in the South West. I think you would be hard-pressed to find a nicer area to bring up your young children.
  7. mrsmac

    withdraw and resubmit Vic 190 ROI

    Do you mean an EOI - Expression of Interest?
  8. mrsmac

    Motor Mechanics Needed

    Add to this the demand for tradesmen, and the prediction is one of a skills shortage. With so much free money being handed out under building grant schemes, the new home industry is going to stall unless more qualified tradesmen are found. Prices have already increased substantially. In Western Australia, some builders have signed up more contracts than they can supply labour for, with the most recent signings expected to take 2 years for completion. Many tradies are already booked up for the next six months and will not quote a job before May. This is not sustainable and I expect our government is going to have to add trades to the priority list in the near future. I certainly hope so anyway.
  9. mrsmac

    Looking for agent

    Paul Hand at Suncoast Migration is the most regular contributor to this forum and he would be a good start - www.suncoastmigration.com Others that come highly recommended are Grahame Igglesden of Concept Migration - www.concept.co.uk and John Adams of Immigration2Oz - www.immigration2oz.com.
  10. mrsmac


    With the exception of Perth, you may get a room with a balcony or opening window, or an hour a day in an outside area for some much needed fresh air and walking space. The quality of the hotels chosen for quarantine varies, in room size, food quality, cleanliness and function. Everyone pays the same price and there is no fair system in regards to allocation. A returning backpacker who is happy to binge watch Netflix for the entire 14 days can end up in the 5* Intercontinental with its 42m2 of luxury space, while the professional businessman who needs to continue working will end up at the Sheraton in a 24m2 room with no opening window and no air conditioning. You would not manage with your wife and child in such an environment, especially without much needed fresh air/oxygen and direct sunlight. Getting into any type of routine will be incredibly difficult because jet lag is delayed in such conditions. If you are planning on coming to Perth, consider quarantining in another state first. They may even be allowing self-quarantine in a couple of months if things keep going well. Sorry to paint a gloomy picture of WA, but under Major General McGowan, this is the reality.
  11. mrsmac

    Would you move to the UK now?

    I think, at this stage, it might be quite difficult and certainly very costly to get flights back to the UK in time for Christmas. Perhaps consider the option you have of enjoying one last Christmas and summer here in Oz whilst sorting out your exit for Easter in the UK. At least you will not be going back to the cold winter months where you are more susceptible to viruses. Another benefit is that the children can go into the last term of school to be connected with friends before the summer holidays. I don't know how long you have lived in Australia, but I imagine the children might settle better if they have a couple of weeks holiday at Easter time before heading to their new school. It also gives you time for a break, to re-adjust and settle in. From this end, you will have time to sort out your house, to prepare and pack for your departure. Time also to enjoy the company of your friends here, to visit those few places you haven't yet got to, and to prepare your children for the next adventure. It would be a lot of pressure on you to pack up your life here and be back in the UK in time for Christmas.
  12. mrsmac

    Singapore or Qatar

    From past experiences, Singapore. Every time. Better in every aspect and Changi Airport is incredible.
  13. mrsmac

    Travel Exemption HELP!

    Perhaps they want to know why a Health Practitioner is having to be employed from outside of Australia. Is it because they have been unable to find a suitable employee onshore? Is there a specific set of skills you have that they require? This is only conjecture on my part, but I would suggest these things be covered in the employers letter anyway.
  14. mrsmac

    Visa fraud clogs courts

    They can still jail him, and her too if proven guilty of compliance, but will they? Sadly, I doubt it.
  15. mrsmac

    Perth quarantine

    Latest update is here: https://www.wa.gov.au/government/publications/paying-hotel-quarantine-wa-frequently-asked-questions