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  1. mrsmac

    Travel Exemption HELP!

    Perhaps they want to know why a Health Practitioner is having to be employed from outside of Australia. Is it because they have been unable to find a suitable employee onshore? Is there a specific set of skills you have that they require? This is only conjecture on my part, but I would suggest these things be covered in the employers letter anyway.
  2. mrsmac

    Visa fraud clogs courts

    They can still jail him, and her too if proven guilty of compliance, but will they? Sadly, I doubt it.
  3. mrsmac

    Perth quarantine

    Latest update is here: https://www.wa.gov.au/government/publications/paying-hotel-quarantine-wa-frequently-asked-questions
  4. mrsmac

    Migration agent recommendations please.

    Good Registered Agents all over Australia and in the United Kingdom will have the same knowledge about visa requirements for each state, so there is no benefit is using a local one. It is more important to find one that is MARA registered, has a solid reputation, and that you feel comfortable with. Some prefer to use one based in the UK because of local time considerations for accessibility, while others prefer to use an agent in Australia. There are a lot of very good agents in both countries. Choose a couple that you are happy with, then get a quote and service agreement to compare.
  5. If you are invited to a ceremony, then you do need to attend in person to deliver your pledge. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/citizenship/ceremony#:~:text=A citizenship ceremony,Overview
  6. mrsmac

    UK to Adelaide Flights

    Chances are the flight you booked may have been cancelled anyway. This has been happening on a regular basis. I am not sure of the current situation between certain states - it's quite hard to keep up with it all. There seems to be no end of exemptions for celebrities, footballers and their WAGS, FIFO workers and government ministers though, if you can manage to fit into any of those categories. It pays to have a good Travel Agent on the case though.
  7. mrsmac

    UK to Adelaide Flights

    I think it would be best to stick with Adelaide as you will have to hotel quarantine for 14 days wherever you land. If you arrive in another state and then fly on to Adelaide, you will be required to self-quarantine for a further 14 days, so unless you have a residence there in which to isolate, you will have to pay all over again. The airfares are insane, but hopefully with the lifting of the international caps in each state, more seats will mean lower fares. With Christmas looming, the airfares are likely to increase even further around that time. There are so many desperate Australia citizens and cashed up PR's wanting/needing tickets that it may take some time for fares to return to any kind of normal. It is an awful situation just now.
  8. mrsmac

    Flights to Perth

    Our flight is British Airways Edinburgh to London to Hong Kong, then Cathay Pacific on to Perth. About 10 days ago they changed the departure date by 24 hours, but otherwise it is flying out as scheduled. Mind you, it could change again at any moment, and another refund that we will have to wait 12-16 weeks for.
  9. mrsmac

    Is this a dangerous spider?

    If it has a little white tip on the end of it's tail, it is a White Tail Spider. A very nasty piece of work. Kill it immediately. (The body shape is right, but I cannot see the end of it's tail.)
  10. mrsmac

    Flights to Perth

    I think that's a good idea Aussiebird. The flight with Singapore Airlines was actually Business Class because we felt they would honour it if they resorted to the upgrade pricing system the other airlines were introducing at the time. The BA flight is in Economy but the money saved will cover the cost of hotel quarantine in Perth. And if they're limiting numbers up the back, it may turn out OK anyway.
  11. mrsmac

    Flights to Perth

    Due to fly out on 02 September and it was cancelled 2 weeks ago. Yes, it is possible that the BA one will also be cancelled. As you say Aussiebird, it is scandalous the way some airlines are cancelling flights and then re-instating them days later at inflated prices. With Perth allowing only 575 passenger arrivals each week, they cannot all be flying in. The Qatar A380 from Doha into Perth can seat 517, although perhaps that are separating passengers. There is limited information in this regard. Nightmare.
  12. mrsmac

    Flights to Perth

    I would suggest going through a Travel Agent to sort out your flights. At least if they are cancelled and need re-booking, you have someone to deal with it and find you alternative flights at the best price. After two cancelled flights - one with QANTAS and the other with Singapore Airlines, we have scored a BA flight from Scotland to Perth for under £700 one way, and the flight times are good. We used Blixen Travel - Travel Experts (Gorebridge) and they have been incredible. You also need to consider the cost of mandatory hotel quarantine on arrival in Perth - AUD$2520 single and AUD$3360 double for the 14 days. And you pay exactly the same whether you score a 5* hotel or get dumped in a 2* one. https://www.wa.gov.au/government/publications/paying-hotel-quarantine-wa-frequently-asked-questions https://www.g2gpass.com.au/
  13. mrsmac

    Which airlines?

    I know that Singapore Airlines is still flying into Perth, but they are restricting arrival numbers. Our Premier is having a wee stooshie over border control with a Queensland based mining magnate just now, so everything could change. Be aware that WA is charging upwards of $2,500 for 14 days enforced hotel isolation on arrival. Of the three airlines you mention, personally I would fly with Singapore every time, if only to visit the beautiful Changi Airport. Make sure you have a few hours there to enjoy the experience.
  14. mrsmac

    Westpac banking

    Address: 23 Camomile Street Camomile Court, London EC3A 7LL, United Kingdom Phone: +44 20 7621 7000
  15. mrsmac

    Westpac banking

    Are you calling the London office? They have a local number so it should really be charged at the local call rate. 020 7621 7000.