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  1. Ellie 2

    Central coast

    Umina is very family orientated. Beach is on Brisbane Water ,so no surf. If you want a surf beach you would go farther up to places like Wameral, Forresters, Bateau Bay, Blue Bay, Toowoon Bay etc. How ever, you would have to consider where your partner would be working.
  2. 43.2 here just now. Been that since just after midday.
  3. Ellie 2

    Sore loser or is he correct?

    Australia has had some world class boxers. e.g. Jimmy Carruthers, Lester Ellis, Jeff Harding, Kostya Tszyu,Lionel Rose. Have been others but I think those are the only World Champions.
  4. Ellie 2

    Best family suburb ?

    There are rentals in the Baulkham Hills. Northmead, Winston Hills area that have rentals around your budget. These are older, but very good, suburbs which have excellent schools, sporting facilities, restaurants and shops.They are close to Parramatta and not far from Pennant Hills. Westmead, Norwest and Baulkham Hills rehab hospitals are nearby. The rehab is for people who have undergone major surgery . Hope this helps. There isn't really a bad suburb in the Hills District, it's simply where a person feels best.
  5. Ellie 2

    H o t

    This makes me so angry. I have brought up four sons and had six grandchildren in my house with a pool in the yard with no fence and never the hint of an accident. Why? It's simple adult supervision and rules. My home has key locks on all windows and door so small children cannot get outside on their own and when they are there has always been an adult there to supervise them. All pool fences have done is make many adults complacent. If a toddler wants to do something they will find a way as has been so dreadfully shown this summer . PLEASE never allow your toddler to get anywhere near water without supervision. Legislation is not helpful.
  6. Ellie 2

    H o t

    Shudder to think what the electricity bill is going to be like. So many days, in the last fortnight, aircon has been on 24 hours a day.
  7. Ellie 2

    H o t

    10.18 am and 38.4C
  8. Ellie 2

    Where to buy?

    Didn't it occur to you that as you were going to live in a different country that the food available could well be different also. You could make your own fruit juice if you can't find any to your liking, there is plenty of fresh fruit available. However, if you intend to stay, it might be a good idea if you try to get used to Australian food,
  9. Ellie 2

    Sydney superiority

    I've had a quick flick though this thread and I was wondering if the "little green eye" was at work as the posters who dislike Sydney don't live there. I've lived here for over 50 years and I have never heard a Sydney sider say that it is the best city in the World - best in Australia yes, Australia is the best country in the World - yes, but most people think that the country they were born in is the best, even if they don't live there. The only thing that is really expensive in Sydney is real estate. Food is more expensive that it used to be, wages/salaries have risen dramatically but if you shop smart you can still eat very well on comparatively little. I have seen many changes, not all good, but Sydney is not as bad as is being made out, as I said in the beginning, maybe the little green eye is showing itself.
  10. Ellie 2

    trump takes britain

    The EU have just signed a trade deal with New Zealand.
  11. Ellie 2

    Parramatta & Penrith

    I very much doubt it.
  12. Ellie 2

    Parramatta & Penrith

    Funny I haven't noticed that in 45 years of frequenting Parramatta.
  13. Ellie 2

    Parramatta & Penrith

    There is a tremendous amount of redevelopment going on in Parra at the minute, which is good for your boyfriend. Apart from the transport aspect,which has been already mentioned, there are plenty of top class restaurants etc that would suit a couple with no children. Parramatta is definitely on the up. I would agree that if you had children it would not be the best place to live. Some of the best schools in the Sydney area are to be found north of Parramatta.
  14. You don't have to go as far as Coffs for nice affordable beaches. Have a look at the Central Coast and up as far as Newcastle. Not that far from Richmond or Sydney.
  15. Ellie 2

    So Brexit now needs parliamentary approval?

    An independent Scotland could join the EU. That has already been stated by the EU and Spain has said that they would not oppose it.