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    Financial advice for Parents already in Oz

    Thanks for your replies. My parents looked into buying a retirement home a while back which is affordable, but we weighed up our pro's and cons and felt it too risky with them not having their visa's granted as yet and like Bridgeman has said, mum may not even pass the medical now after her medical issues, buying anywhere looks out of the question really. They do have the reciprocal healthcare but unfortunately that will only be for minor issues or a medical emergency from my understanding, I may be reading it wrong, please correct me if I am wrong. Mum had a completely blocked artery and her aorta is 80% blocked too, she was in horrific pain because some of her vital organs were not getting enough blood flow, she underwent surgery and now has to change her lifestyle, but no one knows if she will be ok in 3 months let alone 3 years. Its very upsetting seeing your mum in pain and not knowing what the future will hold for her and I guess I am just clutching at straws in the hope we can get them settled even if it was only for a few years. 100% of their children and grandchildren are here and they don't really have anyone back home, their family are all here. My children are 16 and 13 and do not want to go back to the UK. Thanks for replying and I guess we'll just have to think a little more and decide one way or another what we should do. But if anyone does think of anything, please let me know. Rache
  2. Hi All, Just hoping someone could shed any light or give any advice. Mum and dad applied for an Aged Parent subclass 804 in 2010 and are still awaiting for an outcome which I believe could be a few more years yet, they are currently living here in Brisbane with myself, husband and 2 children on a Bridging Visa B. Mum has had some serious health issues this past few months and they are thinking of moving back to the UK as she doesn't want to be a burden (which she isn't) they cannot afford to buy a house over here as they have increased in price so much since we started all of this, their UK pensions are frozen at the rate as it was when they left the UK and the exchange gives them next to nothing after mums medical problems and prescriptions, it wipes them out. Dad is 79 and mum is 70yrs old, so they are not allowed to work. I have searched and searched as much info from the Centrelink website and googled heaps but it all seems to be conflicting information and none of it seems to be in our favour. In reality I still they think they will go back home to the UK so they can buy a house they can afford and feel more secure :'( I'm completely gutted as my partner and children have really settled here and don't want to move back. If anyone can advise if they know of anything such as financial assistance, I have even tried to look up housing association but again it gives little information especially for 'non permanent residents' Any help would be so appreciated:sad:
  3. Hi everyone, My sister in law is a surgical nurse in the uk, she would love to emigrate to Brisbane, Australia. We have heard of agents that help you find a job and for the employer to sponsor her. Has anyone tried this? Has anyone got any views on if a permanent visa maybe a better choice for her? i appreciate any help or views you all may have :wub::wub:cute: Rachel
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    advice on nursing applications

    Hi all, Can anyone help? My sister in law has been a surgical nurse for 7 years and been in the same job since qualifying, she is a single parent and is looking to come to Oz permanently. We have been reading about different visa's and are now very confused. Can anyone offer any advice? Has anyone been sponsored by the state or an employer? Thanks Rache :wacko:
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    Hi, Just letting you all know not to use Parcelforce!!!!!! I have read some threads about other DHL and other couriers and they seem fantastic compared to the traumas we are having with Parcel force. We where advised by the post office that parcel force would get our TRA there in 7-10 working days, we were given a tracking number to track if it got there, unfortunatley, 30 days later and numerous phonecalls later they cannot trace it, it was a meesely £25.25 for International standard, i now wish i had paid £125.25 just to make sure it got there. By the way, the customer services treat it like i have sent a christmas card, saying they will compensate the value of the paper, NOT VERY HAPPY!!!!!!!! Regards Rache76
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    In need of some advice!

    Hi I am hopefully going to be sponsoring my parents to come and live with us permanently in Aus. My parents meet the B o F and all the other criteria. I have been searching immi.gov and centrelink for information on sponsoring and them and about the Assurance of Support but the information I have found is pretty sketchy. Can anyone shed a little light on the criteria I would have to meet to sponsor them and be their AoS. Thanks anyone for any help. Rache
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    In need of some advice!

    Thanks to you both, Gill that was just the link I needed, I think I understand it, I'm pretty sure my hubby will be okay to be their Assurer. One last quick question, if I sponsor them is their much other evidence I would need to show them other than that we are 'settled' We have lived in the same area since we arrived and OH has had the same job since arriving, kids are at the same school etc. Rache
  8. rache76

    In need of some advice!

    Thanks for replying, I have been looking everywhere, the most I can find is that they ask the sponsor to prove they are 'settled' that part shouldn't be a problem. I know the amount we have to put up for the Assurance of Support. I just cant find any solid criteria that we have to meet. I think I am going to go crazy soon. Good idea, I'll try to PM a migration agent later today. Rache
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    12 month 676 tourist visa?

    Hi Gill, Both myself and my sister are the only of children and we are both here in Australia with out own little families on permanent visa's (skilled visa 136) I will have been here 2 years in Novemeber and my sister will have been here 2 years in September. Mum and dad are 66 and 73. Rache
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    12 month 676 tourist visa?

    Hi Les, My parents are from the UK and had never been to Australia before, it was their first visa, no criminal background etc... I guess it's just one of those things and they were unlucky, i wish we could have seen it coming though, it was a bit of a shock. Rache
  11. rache76

    12 month 676 tourist visa?

    My parents applied for a 676 tourist visa and asked for a 12 month stay, unfortunately we have no idea why, but they had the condition 8503 attached to it and had to sign a declaration that they would leave Australia on or before the date it ran out. My parents only stayed in Aus for 8 weeks and hoped to return again after a few months, but on leaving the country they stamped the visa with "VOID NO FURTHER TRAVEL" I don't know why they imposed the condition, but i thought i would warn you that it can happen. Good luck Rache
  12. rache76

    Medical and Police Checks. How long do they take?

    Hi We waited until we were asked by email to get out police checks and medicals. It took about 3 weeks for the police checks to come back. For the medicals we rang up the one in Manchester (UK) and we couldn't get an appointment for 2/3 weeks, but we went for it and they sent them off. It was only about 5 weeks later that we received conformation of our visa grant. Personally I would wait until you are asked, just incase! Good luck Rache
  13. Hi All, I am hopefully going to be sponsoring my parents to come out to Oz. I'm really confused about it all, after reading about the Assurance of Support too. I have been in Oz for almost 2 years, so by the time they apply I will have been here for 2 years. Is their any financial criteria that I have to meet, if their is, would my husband be able to sponsor my parents? It's just all so mind boggling and I have confused myself big time. Thanks to anyone who replies. Rachel :arghh:
  14. rache76

    Plz help! parent migration and sponsorship

    Thanks for your replies, Mum and dad have two children, (me and my sister) we are both residing in Oz on a permenant visa (skilled visa) mum and dad are currently in the UK. They do not have means of affording the CPV, so we are looking at the choices of the other visas. I am a little concerned about the sponsorship as I do not work, I am at home with the children, but my husband earns a relatively good wage, so i was wondering if I had to show any financial proof or if it would be ok for to use the income from my hubby. Thanks again for your help Rachel
  15. rache76

    ETA or eVisitor

    Hi all Can anyone shed some light on the difference between an ETA and an eVisitor? I know it has something to do with an eVisitor being used for people in the EU and ETA is for people in the UK????? I am a little lost and confused!! Rache
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    ETA and 8503

    Hey all, My parents came out to Australia last year on a 12 month tourist visa with the condition 8503 imposed on it, unfortunately due to circumstances beyond their control they only stayed here for 8 weeks. They are hoping to come back to Australia for Christmas, only this time they will be applying for the ETA visa, as my mum thinks it will be too hot to stay any longer I am hoping once they arrive here we can get them to want to stay for a little longer. Does anyone know if the condition 8503 is likely to be on their new visa????:confused::confused: Any info would be brill...... thanks Rache x
  17. rache76

    tourist visa help

    Hi any advice would be great!! Both myself and my sister are permenant residents in Australia, but we have only been here for 6 months, my parents are wanting to come and live here too, we have looked into the parent visa's in depth..... They would like to come here on a 12 month visitors visa, just to help the time go by quicker and help with their grandchildren who they miss terriably, while we wait till we have been here long enough in order to sponsor them. We thought everything was going well until they were told by an agent from "Four Corner's Emigration' that if they got a 12 month visa, they would have to return to the UK for 12 months, before applying for any other visa, or if they got a visa for 6 months, they would have to be in the UK for 6 months. I have never heard of this and i am really confused and hoping they have been mislead!!!! Any advice pleeeeeease:arghh:
  18. rache76

    tourist visa help

    Hi Gill, My parents would have liked to sell their house, but they have decided to rent it out so they still have an income for while they are out here and incase things don't work out. In an ideal world they would like to not have to return back to the UK. They are more or less ready to come here, as soon as they know which way to turn, they have all the forms for the 676 tourist visa and they are waiting for the doctor to fill out his form, so all being well we/they are hoping for early August. Thanks for all your help Rache
  19. rache76

    tourist visa help

    Hi Gill, thankyou very much for your reply!! Myself and my children have been permanent residents for just over 6 months, my sister and her children have been permanent resodents for 9 months, we are 100% of thier children and 100% of their grandchildren are here. My parents are aged 65 and 72, and are financially able to apply for the CP. They were hoping to spend as much of their time as possible here with us, although we realise it may not be possible. We feel we are 'settled', we have lived in the same house since just after we arrived, OH is still in the job he got after a week of being here, the children still go to the same school! My sister and OH are the same, apart from they have bought a business 3 months ago, not sure if this information is helped in being classed as settled? We would be happy to take short trips to Fiji or Bali if it means we would be able to stay as a family............ Thankyou again for your reply, Would you recommend that they use an agent in our case? Rache
  20. rache76

    tourist visa help

    has anyone heard of the rule 12 month visa in Australia then you have stay outside of Australia for 12 months, or if you get a granted a 3 month visa, you have to then stay outside of Australia for 3 months????? I'm wondering if my parents have been given the wrong info Anyone ever heard of these rules? Cheers Rache
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    HELP!!! 47SK APP.

    Hiya, I am getting on with 47SK application and i am struggling with just a couple of the things they are asking for, any help would be greatly appreciated. Up to now i've got all the evidence, joint bank accounts, bills, statements from friends, copy of our marriage certificate etc. Can anyone help with the evidence of JOINT responsibility of our children!!!!! We have been married 2 and a half years and have lived together for 10 years, we have two children and i am at a loss as to what sort of evidence that could be....... Thanks for any help again, Rachel :idea:
  22. rache76

    Got It!!!!!!!!!

    :biglaugh:Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that we received our visas last Tuesday. We couldn't have done it without all the advice and help we have had from pominosinoz. We are hoping to go mid/end August!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to everyone rache76
  23. rache76

    Help I'm a scrambled egg head!!

    Hiya, When we filled in our TRA we know we made a few mistakes with the dates, things like a couple of months out on jobs start and finish dates, time of visiting australia on holiday was out by a few months, his training/apprenticeship dates were only given by approx months not actual dates. We passed the TRA no problem and we have had a co and been requested for police and med checks, using the same information. We have not lied on the forms but we could only guess some of the dates. Hope this helps and goodluck rache
  24. Thankyou Gill for your reply, I will be hopefullt receiving the 136 skilled independant visa very soon, we have a co and was requested for our pc's and meds a few weeks ago, these have all been done and sent we are just waiting. I think i am going to stop looking at the CAP, CP visas for now and concentrate on getting them to Australia as a tourist for as long possible during the 2 year settlement period in order for us to sponsor them, and of course to make sure they do want to live there permanently. The longstay tourist visa says up to 12 unbroken months, hopefully this will be granted, if they have condition 8503 then i would assume there is no way of lifting this as my dad is over 70. When they got back to the UK, how long would you expect they would have to stay in the UK before they could apply again, or is this not possible? Is any of the visa's likely to be changed in the near future that could help my situation? Thankyou for all your help, you are a star!!!!!!!! rache
  25. Just a thought, it says 'usually the child'. Would somebody else who is a pr and also settled be able to sponsor and be AoS, in these circumstances??? for example a friend or maybe another family member?